Media trends that will dominate 2016

Advancement in technology and media is increasing faster each year, so does that mean 2016 will be the craziest year in media and marketing yet? For the sake of our podcast, we certainly hope so.

Last week, Shane Snow and I sat down to tackle all the BIG QUESTIONS facing our industry. Brands are expected to spend more money on content this year, but will they succeed? With traffic growth and venture capital stagnating at a number of popular new media companies, are some of our favorite pubs struggling? And as a result, do we see more journalists going through the “dark side”?

In our latest podcast, we answer these questions and break down the prospects of today's biggest social media platforms by playing our favorite game: Buy, Sell, Hold. Things were really interesting when we got to Peach.

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Featured content:

(0: 15) Shane revealed that he hasn't eaten anything but ice cream in the past 10 days. And he is miserable.

(1: 58) There is a huge irrationality in content marketing right now. Seventy-six percent of marketers plan to create more content this year, but only about a third Have a documented content strategy. We discuss how brands can avoid sabotaging their content marketing efforts — namely by coming up with strong KPIs and a methodology for continuous improvement.

(11:38) Live in a world where BuzzFeed's traffic remains the same year over year? Did the promise lead to the sudden death of the media wave?

Shane puts on her entrepreneur hat and explains how there is so much hype and nasty reactions to what's going on, but the reality is that the new media companies haven't lived up to their promise of sales and profits even though that promise is miles ahead. their reality. At any high-growth startup, you have to show that the business is sustainable. The markets are the same but there's more competition for attention, a challenge that BuzzFeed, Business Insider, Gawker, and other agencies are facing right now.

(19: 30) Will more journalists take content marketing jobs? Shane thinks content marketing is an acceptable career path for journalists since the job becomes more respectable. (Also, double the payoff.) In the end, however, you have to know the brand you're going for and what the goal is. Do they just want you to write press releases or will you have real creative freedom and editorial independence?

(24:45) Joe and Shane play Buy, Sell, Capture the Prospects of today's biggest social media platforms: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and, heck, Peach .