[Mẹo] Earn money by linking ZaloPay to receive 100k simply

ZaloPay application is currently one of the most popular e-wallets in Vietnam. In particular, the reason why ZaloPay users increased quickly and widely is thanks to the program ZaloPay link receive 100K.

So how to immediately receive 100K for free into your account? Is making money through ZaloPay not really safe? Let's find out with Lamchutaichinh.vn right away in the article below to freely receive super attractive offers from ZaloPay!

About ZaloPay wallet

ZaloPay – National e-wallet right in Zalo is a mobile payment platform that allows users to make online money transactions on Android and iOS phones and tablets through the Zalo social networking application. .

About ZaloPay wallet
About ZaloPay wallet

This application is owned by Zion Joint Stock Company and developed by Vietnam's VNG technology group. Although born late after giving birth compared to other e-wallets, ZaloPay has always been strongly received due to its many convenient and practical features for life.

Convenient features such as money transfer and direct payment by QR code, payment of electricity and water bills, phone top-up, 3G / 4G registration, VISA / MasterCard credit card payment ... with many advantages Other attractive offers such as ZaloPay link to receive 100K…

Is making money through Zalo Pay a scam?

Making money through ZaloPay with a huge offer always makes customers overwhelmed and hesitates whether to link ZaloPay to receive 100K because customers fear this is just a trick to entice customers to fall into a terrible trap. there.

However, the short answer to this question is “no”. But why "no", let's go through the following information and analysis.

  • According to a recently published report, ZaloPay is the largest e-wallet after Momo with more than 100 million Zalo users because this platform allows users to pay online quickly, integrated with bank accounts to withdraw money or make a purchase. Therefore, ZaloPay is very "playable", ready to suffer losses to launch a series of attractive gift programs to attract users, so customers can rest assured that ZaloPay links to receive 100K.
  • ZaloPay is an absolutely reputable e-wallet deployed by Zion Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of the large VNG corporation). Therefore, with just one click, customers can join the program and get paid.

Making money through ZaloPay is absolutely true
Making money through ZaloPay is absolutely true

However, in recent times, many criminals have appeared to fake brand messages (SMS brandname) of many banks, e-wallets, etc., to send to customers in order to commit fraud. Specifically, many fake messages with malicious links require user/password/OTP input, inadvertently allowing criminals to infiltrate customers' information as well as assets.

Or scammers can also create application screens, login screens with an interface similar to real websites by sending impersonated emails with fake links to trick customers into logging in and performing malicious acts. .

Therefore, customers should be absolutely vigilant, do not follow any messages, but carefully read the instructions of ZaloPay to immediately receive attractive gifts.

Can money earned through ZaloPay be withdrawn?

First of all, the customer's ZaloPay wallet must be linked to a bank account listed in the application. Then, at the main interface of ZaloPay, customers enter the amount, select the linked bank and confirm the transaction, the money in ZaloPay account from Zalo's promotions will be immediately added to the bank account. .

Finally, customers can simply withdraw by ATM card with no fee for the first 3 transactions of the month and only lose a little money from the 4th transaction depending on the amount withdrawn.

Conditions to make money via Zalo Pay

To make money through ZaloPay, the most important condition is that customers need to have a Zalo account. If you already have a Zalo application, you can search for the keyword "ZaloPay" in the search bar and select the ZaloPay wallet. As a result, the wallet will automatically be created based on the Zalo account and the customer phone number used to register Zalo.

After successful wallet registration, customers can link to a bank account on the list of ZaloPay, immediately participate in incentive programs such as ZaloPay link to receive 100K to quickly put money in their pocket.

The most detailed way to make money through Zalo Pay

Do you want to make money simply through promotions, special preferential policies? With attractive gift packages received from ZaloPay, you can shop and pay as much as you want at any place. And to earn money from ZaloPay, you can follow the simple steps below.

The most detailed way to make money through Zalo Pay
The most detailed way to make money through Zalo Pay

ZaloPay link get 100k free

The ZaloPay Affiliate Program to receive 100K is happening regularly and is one of the reasons why Zalo Pay users have increased rapidly and widely. However, this program does not apply to users who have just created an account, so the target audience is customers who have linked a bank account with a valid new ZaloPay wallet.

First, customers access ZaloPay and click on the ZaloPay link to receive 100K. If eligible to participate, customers will be added 50K by ZaloPay system to their account, otherwise, if they are not eligible, they will not receive money.

After receiving 50K, customers are required to complete the following list of tasks required by ZaloPay to accumulate the full amount of 100K.

  • Share the invitation via the customer's referral link to 10 friends (The condition is that the invitee has never participated in this program or accessed the official page of the program). Thus, when inviting all 10 friends, the customer will receive an additional 25K.
  • Linking a card/bank account successfully with ZaloPay provided that the bank account has never participated in the program. Customers only need to enter the correct account card number, CCCD number and then enter the OTP code sent to the phone number to complete.
  • The last step is to recharge the phone or top up data successfully after the customer has completed the above 2 stages.

After completing all the above steps, customers will receive 100K to ZaloPay wallet and can use or withdraw cash at their discretion.

Receive a gift of VND 1,000,000 from Zalo Pay

In contrast to the program to receive 100k, the program to link banks and receive gifts of 1 million dong from Zalo Pay is a gift ZaloPay gives back to customers who meet Zalo Pay for the first time and have never linked a bank account. before the show time.

Specifically, currently the program "Introduce ZaloPay, immediately win 1,000,000 VND" (End on 31/05/2022). Just invite friends to use ZaloPay, customers will immediately receive a cash gift of up to VND 1,000,000 and at the same time give friends a gift package of VND 1,000,000 to experience payment, money transfer and countless other utilities. from ZaloPay. In order for both to receive gifts, customers follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Access the program's banner on the application or in the "Offers" section of ZaloPay.

Step 2: Click “Send link invite friends” to share with friends. Customers will receive 20K when the invitee links their bank, another 30K and gift wrapping of 50K when they make their first payment during the program.

Step 3: Instruct your friends to join by:

  • Click on the link received.
  • Click “Link now” to link your bank and receive a voucher package of VND 1,000,000.
  • Make your first transaction.

In addition, there is also the program "Give a New Friend a Gift Package of VND 1,000,000" (End on May 31, 2022). With just one touch, customers can immediately receive a voucher package of VND 1,000,000 to enjoy the experience of charging phones, top up data, pay electricity bills, etc.

  • Step 1: Select “Banking link” on ZaloPay application.
  • Step 2: Select the registered customer bank account and link the bank card. Customers should note that their card must be able to pay online and be able to transact.
  • Step 3: If the link is successful, the customer should make any transaction such as buying a phone card, depositing money into the wallet, paying the bill... to experience the wallet's services and after completing the first transaction, the customer will Customers will immediately receive a voucher package of VND 1,000,000 from ZaloPay.

The program to link banks and receive gifts of 1 million VND from ZaloPay wallet will always innovate the way it happens, customers can see more information about the upcoming new program at ZaloPay.

Get 500k from Zalo Pay by referring your relatives

After completing receiving 1 million VND from linking a bank account with ZaloPay, customers can earn 500K from ZaloPay wallet with just a few simple steps of inviting friends or relatives to participate in receiving gifts. from ZaloPay.

For each friend or relative of the customer who makes at least one transaction, the customer will receive 50K and a maximum of 10 people is equivalent to 500K.

The most detailed way to make money through Zalo Pay
Get 500k from Zalo Pay by referring your relatives

Why not receive money from ZaloPay?

Most of the time, if you follow the correct steps as required by promotions from ZaloPay, the amount will be added immediately to the customer's wallet. If customers try forever and still do not receive immediately or successfully receive money from ZaloPay, let's find out a few reasons below:

  • Customer linked by bank account but this account has not been registered for online payment or expired, so it can't transact, leading to unsuccessful registration.
  • Customers do not carefully look at the time of the program, so the referral code customers send to friends cannot be used or the program ends earlier because the spending limit set by Zalo has been reached.
  • The customer's friends or relatives do not agree to participate in the program or do not understand how to participate, leading to no money in the customer's wallet.
  • After participating in the program, the client does not make at least one transaction, so it is not eligible to receive the full bonus amount.
  • The fact that customers receive money late may also be due to a system error on ZaloPay, so when the system is adjusted, customers can rest assured that the money will be returned as usual.

Besides, there are many other cases in order to successfully receive money from ZaloPay, customers please carefully read the instructions as well as the conditions to join the ZaloPay affiliate program to receive 100K.

Is making money on ZaloPay wallet safe?

ZaloPay is Vietnam's leading electronic wallet, so in terms of safety and security, ZaloPay can ensure that customers meet international security standards PCI DSS (security standards established by the Security Standards Council). including 5 international payment organizations such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB).

Therefore, in all transactions, OTP confirmation codes are used, and a 6-digit payment password is set up to protect the information and the amount of money in the customer's account absolutely.


ZaloPay link to receive 100K CZK ZaloPay's attractive incentive program has attracted many users interested in this application. Hopefully this article can help customers understand how to make simple money from ZaloPay e-wallet and successfully implement it for free payment and shopping.

The article was edited by: Lamchutaichinh.vn