MSB Call Center – Maritime Bank Customer Care Hotline 24/7

In order to serve customers anytime, anywhere, Maritime Bank has built a team of very professional switchboards who are always ready to solve any problems as well as support issues related to card products. or MSB financial services. When you need support, please contact the number MSB switchboard to be 1800 599 999 for assistance.

Introduction of Maritime Bank

Maritime Bank is Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank with abbreviated name as MSB and is the first joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam to be licensed by the State to operate in the financial sector.

Some basic information about MSB
Some basic information about MSB

MSB . Bank provides a wide range of products and services with good quality that won the hearts of customers. This is also considered as one of the most prestigious and highly appreciated banks in Vietnam.

MSB was officially established and put into operation in 1991 in Hai Phong city and moved its headquarters to Hanoi since 2005.

During the 30-year journey of MSB, all have been aiming for a single goal, which is to become a bank where everyone wants to join and no one wants to give up, with the special mission of " For a more convenient life” for Customers, Employees, Shareholders and the entire Community.

Up to now, Maritime Bank has built a strong foothold in the domestic financial market and achieved many outstanding achievements. The network of transaction offices and branches of this bank is nationwide with a very strong and professional staff with a dedicated service attitude.

Mobile phone number for MSB bank 24/7

MSB switchboard is considered as the closest bridge between Maritime Bank and customers. Therefore, this bank always focuses on building and training a team of professional switchboards who are always ready to solve all customer's problems to fully use the bank's products and services. this item.

Customers who have questions about Maritime Bank's services, procedures and policies, please contact the hotline number 0243945566 or 1900599999 Completely free for quick service.

Mobile phone number for MSB bank 24/7
Mobile phone number for MSB bank 24/7

This is MSB's customer care hotline working 24/7 to improve service quality and optimize customer support in the most timely and thoughtful manner.

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List of Maritime Bank (MSB) Customer Service Hotline numbers at the branch

In order to directly contact a branch of Maritime bank via the customer service hotline number, customers need to know the phone numbers of MSB branches in each specific area as follows.

Hotline MSB HCM

Hotlines of MSB bank branches in HCM area are as follows:

Ho Chi Minh City branchPhone number
Thu Duc (028) 3729 4940
Tan Phu (028) 3 8160 491
Tan Binh (028) 39485886
Phu Nhuan (028) 35511617
Go Vap (028) 3989 7944
Binh Thanh (028) 35144 803
Average front(028) 37628896
District 9(028) 7306 8880
District 7(028) 54105957
District 6(028) 3960 8092
District 5(028) 39244 074
District 4(028) 3 9413 936
District 3(028) 3823 3377
District 2(028) 3 7402 4797
12 district(028) 3 7040 085
District 11(028) 3 9625 938
District 10(028) 3 9574 551
Binh Chanh(028) 6269 0101
District 1(028) 39251613

Hotline MSB Hanoi

When you encounter any problems related to the products or services you are using at Maritime bank in Hanoi, please immediately contact the switchboard number of the branch where you registered your account as follows:

The Hanoi branchPhone number
Nam Tu Liem (024) 62872954
Bac Tu Liem (024) 3 7632 432
Soc Son (024) 3 5876 559
Gia Lam (024) 36983 373
Dong Anh (024) 3 9656 138
Son Tay (024) 3 3618 457
Youth(024) 3557 4123
West Lake(024) 3715 2940
Long Bien0243 8736 172
Hoang Mai(024) 3641 7644
Hoan Kiem(024) 39291616
Hai Ba Trung(024) 3 9448 050
ha Dong(024) 3 3115 899
Cau Giay(024) 3 7918 352

Maritime Bank (MSB) phone numbers in provinces and cities

Outside the city. In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi capital, you can also contact Maritime Bank's branches in other provinces through the following numbers:

Branches of provinces Phone number
Quang Ninh (0203) 3826 174
Nam Dinh (0228) 3832 119
Thanh Hoa (0237) 3728 555
Binh Duong (0274) 2220 270
Thai Nguyen (0280) 365 1678
Bac Ninh (0222) 3894 898
Ninh Binh(0229) 3899 130
Hue(0234) 3981 111
Ca Mau(0290) 3 699 888
Lam Dong(0263) 3582 888
Quang Ngai(0255) 730 5566
Danang(0236) 3825804 – 825837
Hai Phong(0225) 3823 076
Hai Duong(0220) 3852 222
Vinh Phuc(0211) 3710558
peaceful(0227) 3644999
Phu-Tho(021) 03818234

Instructions on how to use the MSB Bank Hotline

Using the hotline of MSB is very simple, you just need to pick up the phone and dial 1800 599 999 (toll free), then press the "Call" button. You will be guided by instructions and when you successfully connect with the operator, you can state the problem you are facing so that the MSB operator can directly assist you.

In addition, customers can also contact MSB switchboard to get information about promotions or exchange rates and interest rates at Maritime bank from any phone number, not necessarily a phone number. linked to a bank account.

For matters that need to provide personal information, customers must use the phone number registered with MSB to call the MSB switchboard number to ensure safety.

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Other contact channels of Maritime Bank (MSB)

If you have a problem and need to contact MSB but don't want to call, you can refer to other channels as follows:

  • Website:

  • Support email: [email protected] (Supporting individual customers) or [email protected] (Supporting corporate customers)

  • Fax Number: 024 3771 8899 VND

  • Facebook:

  • YouTube: MSB Bank

  • LinkedIn:

  • MSB's head office address: At 54A Nguyen Chi Thanh, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi City.

Functions of the MSB . PBX

Customer care call center to solve problems and questions about MSB financial services is the most perfect way without having to spend too much time and effort to transfer to the bank's transaction office.

Functions of the MSB . PBX
Functions of the MSB . PBX

The basic functions that MSB's switchboard will solve are as follows:

  • Support the customers ATM card lock automatically in case ATM card swallowed or lose card, etc. Avoid being abused by bad guys to appropriate property.

  • Activate ATM card and MSB bank account automatically, look up card balance and account transaction history from time to time.

  • Look up information about personal and business accounts related to e-banking; Update information, passwords and the latest promotions,…

  • Consulting on banking products and financial services.

  • Look up information about the network of branches of MSB banks across the country, working hours of MSB as well as information on exchange rates, interest rates, loan payment methods, etc.

  • Receiving complaints and complaints from customers about the bank's financial services or products.

Is Maritime Bank (MSB) Customer Care Center any good? What are the advantages?

Maritime Bank's Customer Care Center (MSB) is highly appreciated by many customers for its excellent service quality and the enthusiasm of its agents to help customers solve their problems quickly and efficiently. best.

Is Maritime Bank (MSB) Customer Care Center any good?  What are the advantages?
Is Maritime Bank (MSB) Customer Care Center any good? What are the advantages?

The outstanding advantages of the MSB Customer Care Center are:

  • The operator is very professional and customer-friendly.

  • Always support customers 24/7.

  • MSB has applied the most modern technology to be able to support customers quickly and thoughtfully.

  • Thanks to the customer care service through the switchboard, customers do not have to spend time and effort moving to the transaction counter.

What to keep in mind when calling MSB's switchboard number

What to keep in mind when calling MSB's switchboard number
What to keep in mind when calling MSB's switchboard number

In order to make a call to MSB's switchboard number with high efficiency and solve the problem quickly, when doing so, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • MSB has provided a specific switchboard phone number for each transaction office and branch of MSB nationwide, so when you want to solve your problem most accurately, please contact the branch's phone number. that you have registered to use the service of MSB.

  • MSB's branches and transaction offices are spread all over the country, so wherever you are, you can get support very quickly and conveniently.

  • When calling MSB's hotline, you need to prepare an ATM card or remember the card number, ID card/CCCD, date of issue, date of birth, etc. to provide information for the operator to confirm the correct user to help you. lock card

  • Predetermine questions to ask in order to be answered most effectively by MSB's switchboard staff.


Above are the sharing about MSB switchboard, we hope to have brought readers useful information to solve the problems that we are facing. In addition, if you have any further questions, please leave a comment below this article.

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