Quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City just need ID card / CCCD 0% most prestigious interest rate 2022

Every information Quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City detailed in this article. Readers can refer to the selection of the most prestigious loan unit in 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Summary of information about fast money loans in Ho Chi Minh City

Registration Quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City
Level From 500 VND – 15, 20 million VND
Tenor From 1 month to 12 months
Range Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon area
File Just have ID/CCCD
Interest rate From 14%/year - 19%/year
Endow 0% interest for the first loan

The list of the easiest apps to borrow money in Ho Chi Minh City

The online loan apps below have been screened and chosen by many customers. You can easily borrow money with super-fast procedure, attractive interest rate of 0% for the first loan.

  • DoctorDong – A reputable loan unit in Ho Chi Minh City

  • Tamo – Borrow money online, attractive interest rates

  • MoneyCat - Prestigious, fast approval Ho Chi Minh City loan

  • Crezu – Simple loan, just ID/CCCD

  • Jeff App – 0% interest rate for the first time, loan is approved immediately

  • Senmo – Super fast loan, same day disbursement

Unit Borrowing limit
Doctor Dong 1 million to 15-20 million dong
Tamo 500K to 10 million VND
MoneyCat 1 million VND to 15 million VND
Crezu 1 million VND to 15-20 million VND
Jeff App 500K to 15 million VND
Senmo1 million VND to 15 million VND

How to get a quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City?

Quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City is a form of online same-day loan without meeting. Borrowers only need a smartphone with an Internet connection. You provide your ID/CCCD number to apply for a quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City without proof of income.

All procedures and documents are easily done online and are accepted for customers in Saigon area. In addition, this form also allows customers with bad debt to borrow money when needed.

App for Online Loans Without Appraisal, Bad Loans

Review of Ho Chi Minh City fast loan service

Modern technology, increasing material demand and want to use fast loan service. Therefore, the demand for quick loans in big cities like Saigon is used by many customers.

Super fast online loan transaction form to solve urgent problems in a short time, optimally support borrowers. Therefore, this way of borrowing in Ho Chi Minh City has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantage Defect
Quick online loan from 1 million to 15-20 million easily Borrow money quickly, so the interest rate is higher than borrowing money at a bank
Just ID/CCCD is enough to qualify for a loan Customers who have a high loan limit cannot meet it
Super fast loan time with only 15 minutes
Fast automatic approval system, attractive interest rates
No appraisal, proof of assets, or any guarantee is required
Many loan applications have 0% interest on the first loan

Conditions for borrowing money in Ho Chi Minh City

Support fast money loans in Ho Chi Minh City for all customers in need. You can easily borrow money when you need it, just meet a few simple conditions such as:

New reputable online loan app for quick loans with low interest rates 0%

  • Meet the age range from 18 to 60 years old.

  • Have ID/CCCD, make sure not to fade, not tear, unknown serial number

  • Have the main bank account card number

  • Studying, living or working in Ho Chi Minh City

Instructions to borrow money quickly in Ho Chi Minh City, just need ID card/CCCD

To get a quick loan of the day, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Find out and choose a super fast, low interest loan app/web

Customers who want to borrow money quickly in Ho Chi Minh City should choose a reputable application that is suitable for them. You need to consider, carefully review the information and clear loan procedures. Information on interest rates, loan terms, loan documents, etc. to ensure that they are suitable or not? This way, you will be able to borrow money right away and not face problems later.

Step 2: Register and provide information

Choose the appropriate loan app, you access the app and provide full information:

  • Personal information including full name, age, ID number / CCCD

  • Temporary address: where you live

  • Workplace address, business model, etc.

  • Bank account number for disbursement

  • Choose the appropriate loan amount

Note: The information needs to be declared correctly and checked again when deciding to choose to apply for a loan!

Step 3: Browse successfully, receive money disbursed via bank account

All information about the application is completed, you just need to wait for the loan partner to approve the application and receive the results. After about 5 - 15 minutes, the borrower will respond to the customer to confirm by texting or calling directly to advise on the status of the application.

Finally, the application is approved successfully. Disbursement will be immediately transferred to your bank account.

The most popular Ho Chi Minh City loan packages today

Online loan packages, installments support customers with different limits and interest rates. You can see details below:

Quick loan package according to online unsecured loan

  • Borrow online with ID card/CCCD and household book

  • Borrowing online Only with ID card/CCCD

  • Borrow online ID card / CCCD and car match

  • Installment loan by sim phone monthly

  • Online consumer loans via electricity, water and internet bills

  • Consumer loan with payroll

Online installment loan package with corresponding interest rate

  • Installment loan by day (interest rate is calculated per loan day)

  • Weekly installment loan (interest rate is calculated on a weekly basis)

  • Monthly installment loan (monthly interest rate)

  • Quarterly installment loans (interest rate calculated on a quarterly basis)

  • Installment loan by year (interest rate is calculated each year)

Fast online loan interest rate in Ho Chi Minh City

Interest rates for quick loans online is an important issue that every customer is interested in. In the form of urgent loans, the interest rate will be higher than borrowing at banks.

However, currently, hot money lenders all support loans ranging from 15% - 20%/year. Many loan apps/wen in Saigon have 0% interest rate for the first loan.

If you really need a loan for business and reasonable spending, choose a quick loan. This is the easiest way to help you solve difficult financial problems.

Types of unsecured loans in Ho Chi Minh City

In addition to quick loans in Ho Chi Minh City, you can use unsecured loan packages with high limits such as:

Unsecured loan by bank statement

  • Financing units such as MCredit, FE Credit, etc.

  • Loan limit up to 70 million VND

  • Term of installment from 6 to 36 months

Unsecured loan according to salary and income

  • Supporting banks such as TPBank, VPBank, ShinhanBank, etc.

  • Borrow 100% of capital needs

  • Just have an official labor contract, latest 3 months salary statement

Unsecured loans based on life insurance

  • Loan support units such as TPBank, Shinhan Finance, etc.

  • Loan limit up to 100 million VND, low interest

  • Conditions of having valid life insurance, participating for more than 1 year

Locations of districts to support fast installment loans in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is a big city with thousands of workers, students and residents. Therefore, installment loan units operate extensively. Especially with the online form, it is easier for borrowers including the following districts:

  • District 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

  • Binh thanh district

  • Binh Tan District

  • Hoc Mon province

  • Cu Chi District

  • Binh Chanh district

How to pay fast loans HCMC/Saigon

Currently, customers have many channels for quick loan payment in Ho Chi Minh City such as:

  • Online payment via bank transfer

  • Payment by Post

  • Payment through affiliates such as Dien May Xanh, Viettel Post, etc.

  • Use payment via E-wallet Momo, ZaloPay, ...

Fast and easy loan experience in Ho Chi Minh City

With many customers who have had the experience of borrowing money from Ho Chi Minh City, they have shared the following tips and experiences:

  • Choose a reputable loan partner, suitable for the condition that the loan procedure has been completed

  • Prepare documents in advance for quick completion and approval such as ID/CCCD, bank card, etc.

  • Borrowing money online needs to fill in accurate information, check carefully to increase the success rate of approval

  • Financial considerations, ability to repay loans on time

  • Consider carefully what the purpose of the loan is to do, avoid borrowing for unnecessary purchases

Some notes when borrowing hot money in Ho Chi Minh City

Many hot money lenders, super fast disbursing within the day, but not necessarily safe. Borrowers need to consider the correct option. Especially avoid getting into bad forms of credit.

The information about the loan applications introduced above has been appreciated and appreciated by many customers. You can consider and choose a loan if it is guaranteed to be the most suitable for you.

Frequently asked questions when applying for a quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City

What do I need to apply for a quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City?

Borrow money quickly by online form, so it does not require cumbersome documents and documents. Borrowers only need to prepare the following documents:

  • Valid ID/CCCD

  • Original bank card or ATM account

  • Provide 2 reference numbers

  • Proof of a stable income is better, the faster the application is approved

Who are the beneficiaries of urgent loans in Ho Chi Minh City?

Customers, no matter what job they do, are still supported to borrow money when needed. Lenders are affiliated with many reputable financial companies and banks. Borrowers only need to have ID card/CCCD in Ho Chi Minh City to be able to borrow money immediately.

Objects supported for loans in Ho Chi Minh City:

  • Business: Customers operating in retail, trading,…

  • Civil servants, the state, etc. can still borrow in many forms with low interest rates

  • Freelance: Even if the client can't prove his income, stable job, etc. Don't worry, there are loan support partners suitable for these subjects as long as you have a valid ID/CCCD.

Are bad debts supported for quick loans?

Online loans in Ho Chi Minh City still accept bad debt customers to borrow money. But the loan limit may be limited by regulations. Borrowers will not be able to borrow at high rates.

Here is a detailed summary of information about Quick loan in Ho Chi Minh City. Hopefully readers will gain a lot of useful knowledge about this form of online loan between Saigon. Any questions you can leave a review and comment below. Wish you quickly get to choose the most suitable loan unit.

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