Revealing how to extend Doctor Dong loan quickly and simply

You are having an online Doctor Dong loan that is about to be due for payment. However, you currently do not have enough money to pay the debt. You want to extend the loan period to have time to prepare the money. The following article Banktop will guide you how to Doctor Dong loan extension fastest and simplest.

About Doctor Dong

Doctor Dong is a website/application that supports online money lending. This is the platform for connecting borrowers and lenders. Van An Phat Company is currently the main partner of Doctor Dong, supporting customers with online loans up to 10,000,000 VND. LCG Financial Consulting Company is the management organization of Doctor Dong.

Doctor Dong will support customers over 18 years old who have ID/CCCD and need an urgent amount of money. Because the loan conditions are quite simple and easy, Doctor Dong will lend to customers with a limit of VND 500,000 - 10,000,000, with a fairly short term from 3 months to 12 months. Quick disbursement time only takes about 1 hour after the application is approved.

What is Doctor Dong loan extension?

Doctor Dong loan extension is when the loan is due, but the borrower does not have enough finance to repay the loan. At that time, the borrower will ask Doctor Dong to extend the time to repay the loan.

You can renew the principal or the interest, or both. If you only renew the principal, you still have to pay interest in full every month. If you extend the interest, you still have to pay the full principal.

For example: You have a loan with a repayment period of May 31, you extend it for another 10 days to pay the principal and interest. Then you will have to pay this principal and interest until June 10.

How to extend Doctor Dong loan?
How to extend Doctor Dong loan?

Conditions for extending the payment of Doctor Dong

Of course not everyone can extend the Doctor Dong payment. To be extended, customers need to meet the following conditions:

  • Always pay your loans on time.

  • Borrowers can prove that they are facing financial difficulties and have a clear repayment plan.

  • Commit to a standard repayment period.

  • Have a stable source of income and work to ensure debt repayment.

How to extend Doctor Dong loan?

In fact, Doctor Dong is not a loan provider, but a partner of Van An Phat company. Therefore, when you want to extend a Doctor Dong loan, customers need to contact the debt settlement department of Van An Phat Company at hotline 02873 007 005.

When extended, this period is still counted as late payment and will be included in the bad debt group according to the overdue time. Therefore, arrange to repay the loan as soon as possible to avoid affecting your credit score and loan process later.

How long is the loan extension period for Doctor Dong?

For loans that have not been renewed, the maximum time for the borrower to pay is 30 days. But when registering for late payment, it will only be extended for a maximum of 10 days. According to the provisions of the Law on Credit Institutions, the grace period for a loan is not allowed to exceed 1/3 of the loan period.

Note: Doctor Dong only allows customers to extend their loans once. If after this period, the borrower still does not pay the debt, he will be subject to Doctor Dong's penalty.

Will Doctor Dong payment extension affect CIC or ability to borrow again?

Doctor Dong payment extension
Doctor Dong payment extension

When the borrower is unable to repay the loan and applies for a payment extension, Doctor Dong will have to suffer the following effects:

  • Even though you are recognized and approved for the extension, you are still counted as defaulting on your debt and are counted as bad debt or adjusted for debt grouping. For example, if you are in group 1 bad debt, it will be adjusted to group 2 bad debt on CIC.

  • For customers who have extended their loans, the loan process will be more difficult later on, and it will be more difficult to get a loan approved than customers who always pay their loans on time.

Should I borrow a second time with Doctor Dong or not?

Most people who have borrowed Doctor Dong the first time will not continue to borrow for the second time. Because Doctor Dong's interest rates and fees are very high, the fees and interests are close to the loan amount, sometimes even exceeding if the customer does not pay on time.

The penalty fee for overdue payment is very high, making it possible for borrowers to get stuck in a debt cycle with Doctor Dong.


Above, Banktop has shared with you how Doctor Dong loan extension. It can be seen that extending the Doctor Dong loan will help you have more time to prepare financially for repayment. However, it still leaves many consequences later. Therefore, it is best to try to arrange and pay off your debt on time.

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