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The source: The Fountainhead cover/ 60th Anniversary Edition

(Since I couldn't find the 25th anniversary cover, I had to replace it with the 60th anniversary cover)

In the preface to the 25th anniversary edition, when asked if I wanted to change anything in The Fountainhead (The Fountainhead) No, Ayn Rand replied that she didn't want to change anything on the whole, except for a very small mistake that was the part where Roark was in the courtroom, she wanted to change the word egotist Fort egoist. The reason for this error is that she relied on the Oxford dictionary while writing the book, and the meaning of the word egotist at that time closer to the concept she wanted to express through Roark, never expected the dictionary to incorrectly define that word, but egoist That's exactly what Rand wanted to convey.

I also don't really understand the difference between the two words egoist and egotist, because these two words are actually too confusing, so googled to see what the difference is between them, and found an article comparing the difference between these two words on www.differencebetween.net. Below is a translation of the full comparison egoist and egotist above Difference Between.

Although two words egoist (selfish) and egotist (egotism) look very similar, but they mean different things with different characteristics.

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An egotistical person (egotist) is someone who is self-centered and only likes to talk about himself. This person is always seeing things and trying to steer all stories around him/herself. Meanwhile, a selfish person (egoist) believe that you are better and more important than anyone else.

While a egotist talk only about yourself, even talk too much, then a egoist maybe she doesn't even talk about herself because of you, she thinks she's high class[1] more than others.

In terms of personality, a egoist will be wise or cunning, sophisticated[2] more than one egotist. Unlike egoist, one egotist will try to get what he or she wants at any cost, regardless of tricks or means. For a egotist, it doesn't matter whether the method is righteous or deceitful, as long as it achieves its purpose. He, she will try to get what she wants by any means possible.

Egotist She's a flamboyant, going around bragging about herself even though it would cause him a lot of trouble. While on the contrary, egoist never ostentatious. One egoist would say very little if he, she thought, would be to her detriment. Egotist without considering the consequences, whereas, egoist will evaluate all the pros and cons of all his actions.

Another difference is egoist will be selfish[3] more than one egotist great number of. Although melodramatic, a egotist might not be selfish at all. One egoist considered a selfish person and a egotist is a self-centered person.


  1. One egoist is considered a selfish person, and one egotist a self-centered, self-centered person.

  2. One egotist I just love talking about myself. Also, one egoist Believe him or her she is better and more important than anyone else.

  3. One egoist wiser and more sophisticated than one

  4. Unlike egoist, egotist Will try to get everything he wants at any cost, including bad tricks.

  5. One egoist can't be as pompous as

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Finally, I have this little note. Since writing The Fountainhead and seeing its massive success over the years, Ayn Rand has always said one thing: the words she uses only. asymptotic (closer) with the ideas she wanted to convey. Therefore, I think that there are still no words to accurately describe the idea that Rand is aiming for, but to describe it, we often have to use a set of words. Within the framework of this article and my translation, I have done my best to give the “reader” the clearest picture of the wording used in Rand's work, from which, We can partly understand her thoughts throughout the book, therefore, I hope readers will forgive any errors of mine in the above translation and gladly point out my mistakes (if any). ). Hope this article as well as the above translation help you better understand about Source Stream as well as the ideals that Rand embodied in the work.

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[1] The root of the word is superiorin Vietnamese, there are 2 words that are close in meaning to this word: Supreme and high-classin the case of the lesson, the word high-class seems more appropriate, so I chose to use this word. Readers note that high-class In this case, it implies the class and status of people, not the quality of products and goods.

[2] From delicate The word I use here implies a level of sophistication, ingenuity, and wisdom far above the other three, not a negative word.

[3] Here, the article uses the word selfishhowever I see the word selfishness close to the meaning of selfish here than selfish.

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