The fastest way of Vietcombank bank account statement

Account statement is a utility that helps customers know all information about payment accounts via ATM cards. All banks now provide the account statement function and of course, including Vietcombank. How to make Vietcombank account statement? below will help you get the correct statement.

The account statement service will help the account holder to know the transaction history of the account. From there, make reasonable spending management. Especially those who want to apply for unsecured loans, they will definitely have to have a Vietcombank bank account statement.

Vietcombank bank account statement for what?

First, if you want to understand Vietcombank bank account statement. Readers need to understand what a bank statement means first.

What is a bank account statement?

Statement means a paper report containing detailed statistics and display of transactions. Expenditures from account, payment, application, application, current amount... Customers use this statement to transact and manage their own spending more effectively.

Vietcombank account statement issued by Vietcombank. There will be information of payment cards, transactions, purchases and other information requested by customers.

How to make Vietcombank bank account statement? There are many different methods. But what if you want to use it to get a loan or open a credit card. Then you need to go to Vietcombank to apply. Only when the statement has the bank's seal of confirmation, it is legally valid.

Ways of Vietcombank bank account statement

As above, I have introduced to you, if you want to use unsecured loans, open credit cards, you must go to the bank to make a statement. In addition, if you want to see the statement to manage expenses, you can make a copy of your Vietcombank account online.

1) Direct statement at Vietcombank branch

To make a statement, it's very simple, just bring your ID to Vietcombank. Here we will ask for a statement from the bank staff. They will proceed to provide the information that the customer wants in a few minutes.

2) Online statement

Customers can Vietcombank online account statement via Internet Banking. Customers only need to log in to Vietcombank's page and then click on the statement. But note that this inventory is only used to check and track the account's activity.

3) Statement at ATM

Beyond 2 How to make Vietcombank account statement? that people still use above. You can also use your card and go to an ATM for quick account statements.

Instructions on how to make Vietcombank account statements

Details on how to do this will be shown below.

Method 1: Bank account statement at Vietcombank branch

If you want to apply for Vietcombank bank statement to prove your income, you can use it to borrow money or open a credit card. You need to bring your identification to Vietcombank to get a statement.

Because only the paper statement with the bank's red seal is legally valid. As for the electronic statements, why at the ATM is not used in this case.

  • Step 1: Go to the nearest Vietcombank branch.

  • Step 2: Take the number and wait your turn.

  • Step 3: Ask the employee for a statement of account.

  • Step 4: Show your ID to confirm your identity.

  • Step 5: Fill in the information sample request form Vietcombank bank account statement given by staff.

  • Step 6: Check the paperwork and get the statement.

Application form for Vietcombank bank account statement

This is the latest Vietcombank bank account statement form.

how to set up vietcombank drill?
Application form for Vietcombank bank account statement

how to set up vietcombank drill?
Vietcombank bank account statement

Option 2: Statement by [email protected]

If you simply want to see Vietcombank account statement to understand the transactions that have occurred. Then it can be viewed on the online banking service.

Step 1: Access the address at

Step 2: Log in to your Internet Banking account.

Step 3: Once logged in, click on "Account/Card information > View details".

Step 4: Select the account statement time and click “View statement”.

how to set up vietcombank drill?

Method 3: Vietcombank transaction history statement at ATM

At the ATM you can check the 10 most recent transactions. And of course, this method is only applicable for the purpose of checking the account's transaction history.

  • Step 1: Go to Vietcombank ATM or affiliated ATM.

  • Step 2: Insert the card into the slot and click select the language, enter the password of the card. Note Enter the wrong PIN 3 times card will be locked.

  • Step 3: On the main screen, click on Inquiry/Statement.

  • Step 4: The ATM tree will display 10 recent transactions of your account, you can click Print invoice to get a paper receipt.

Vietcombank account statement fee

Customers will charge Vietcombank account statement according to regulations, specifically as follows.

Periodic statement:

– Print monthly statement for free.

– Account statements many times in 1 month

+ 5,000 VND/page, minimum 20,000 VND/time.

+ 0.5 USD/page, minimum 1.5 USD/time.

Print unexpected statement at the request of the account holder

- Statement of transactions in 12 months:

+ 5,000 VND/page, the minimum is 30,000 VND/time.

+ 0.5 USD/page minimum is 2 USD/time.

– Statement of transactions arising over 12 months

+ 5,000 VND 1 page, minimum is 50,000 VND/time

+ 0.5 USD/page at least 5 USD 1 time.

With the above fee schedule, we can see that the unexpected account statement will cost more than the periodic statement. So please subscribe to the periodic statement service to get the service for free.


Above is how to make bank account statement Vietcombank most accurate. Please keep in mind that statements used to get a loan or open a credit card must go to the bank. And on the paper, there must be a red seal of the bank for confirmation.

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