The fastest way to lock Sacombank cards online on the app 2022

Today, the use of ATM cards is widely used by everyone. ATM cards have the function to withdraw money, transfer money, inquire about accounts, etc. Therefore, there are many bad guys taking advantage of this loophole to attack the card to appropriate property.

This article nganhangonline will guide you how to lock Sacombank card online on app Fastest 2022. Follow all the content below to safely lock the card!

How to lock Sacombank card online on app

Card lock is a quick response if your ATM card is lost or suspected of being stolen. Here are some ways to lock your Sacombank card at home on your phone for your reference.

How to lock Sacombank card online on Sacombank Pay app

Self-locking card is not as difficult as you think, instructions on how to lock Sacombank card online on the app are as follows:

  • Step 1: Download Sacombank Pay e-banking application to your phone.

  • Step 2: Access the application > Log in to your account, enter the password of Sacombank Pay.

  • Step 3: Section “Manage Cards and Accounts” > select card lock transaction in “Account Management”.

  • Step 4: Continue to choose “Card/Account to lock the card”.

  • Step 5: Select the card to be locked and swipe across the active card bar to lock.

  • Step 6: Enter the OTP code to confirm the card locking transaction > Complete the card lock operation successfully.

How to lock Sacombank card on website

Just like how to lock Sacombank card on e-banking app, to lock card on website, customers must register for internet banking service in advance. Steps to lock Sacombank card on website are as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit Sacombank's website > Select “online banking services”.

  • Step 2: Enter your username, password, and OP verification code (if any) to log in to the system.

  • Step 3: At the homepage select "My account" > choose “Accounts and Cards” > choose "Card".

  • Step 4: Section “Summary of Card Information”tap the 3 dots on the screen > select "Lock card" > enter the password to confirm the transaction on the system.

  • Step 5: Complete the above operations > enter the OTP code sent from your phone message to verify your account > Complete the card lock and your card will be disabled.

How to lock Sacombank card via SMS

In addition to the above ways to block the card, customers can also block the card via SMS. This way of locking cards helps people be more proactive about their needs. Moreover, the operation is not difficult but just a few simple steps:

  • Step 1: Write the syntax THE_KHOA_ and send it to 8149.

  • Step 2: Wait for a message confirming that the card has been successfully locked.

In there:

  • “_”: White space.

  • The content of the message does not distinguish between uppercase or lowercase.

  • Texting service fee is 1,500 VND/message.

Note, this way of locking the card is only for customers who have registered to use the application. The fee for sending SMS messages requires locking the card 1,500 VND/ message.

How to lock Sacombank card via switchboard

Sacombank Call Center is the place to support customers' queries 24/7. If the card is not locked by the above methods, people can still lock the card through the switchboard. How to lock Sacombank ATM card via switchboard as follows:

  • Step 1: Call Sacombank's hotline 1900 5555 88 or (028) 3526 6060.

  • Step 2: Present the need to temporarily or permanently block the card to the teller > state the reason for card blocking (if any).

  • Step 3: Provide information including: ID card/CCCD, card number, account number, phone number for staff to check and lock the card.

  • Step 4: Wait a few minutes, the staff will lock the card and notify you successfully.

Note, in order to lock the card quickly and smoothly, everyone should prepare the above necessary information in advance. Calling fee to the switchboard is 1,500 VND/minute.

How to lock Sacombank card at bank counters

With the way to lock Sacombank cards at bank counters, everyone should pay attention to the working time. Usually banks will work during office hours from Monday to Friday. Therefore, you should consider going during this time.

The way to lock the card at the bank is chosen by many people because it serves all types of customers, does not require registration for SMS banking and internet banking services. To lock the card at Sacombank's transaction counters, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the nearest Sacombank bank branch > Present the reason and need to lock the ATM card.

  • Step 2: The bank staff will send you the card lock registration form > Fill in the information in the correct form > Return it to the bank staff.

  • Step 3: Provide personal information including: ID card / CCCD / Passport, account number, .... for staff to manipulate ATM card lock.

  • Step 4: After the information is confirmed and the card is locked > Receive a successful card lock request message.

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When should you lock your Sacombank card?

There are two reasons why Sacombank ATM card is locked. One is voluntary card locking requested by the account holder. The second is to lock the card, which is required by the bank to automatically block it due to the suspicion that the card has a strange transaction.

Most customers request to lock their card due to one of the following situations:

✔ ATM card is lost or misplaced, so users ask to lock the card to ensure their financial safety.

✔ Because current users no longer need to use the card for a while, they want to temporarily lock it so as not to incur additional service fees for using ATM cards.

✔ The account holder suspects that the card is hacked, information is leaked when mistakenly clicking on the fake link.

✔ Customers notice fluctuations in account balance while not making any transactions themselves.

In contrast, Sacombank ATM card will be automatically locked when:

✘ The bank notices or suspects that the card has strange transactions, illegal transactions.

✘ The bank noticed that someone was trying to log in to the card to withdraw money because they entered the wrong PIN too many times.

✘ Expired ATM card is also one of the reasons why the card is automatically locked.

✘ Customers transfer and withdraw money at ATMs that are not in the same banking system, are not affiliated with Sacombank, etc.

✘ Sacombank ATM card does not have any transaction during 1 year.

✘ The card is physically damaged, damaged in the magnetic stripe, the chip card on the card during use can also disable the card.

✘ Create a card for users who have not activated the card within 30 days.

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Frequently asked questions about Sacombank card lock

Does Sacombank card lock cost any fee?

Currently, Sacombank supports customers to temporarily lock their cards / permanently lock their ATM cards without any fees. Therefore, if there is an emergency, everyone should contact the bank for support as quickly as possible. Although there is no fee for the card locking service, you still have to pay telecommunications charges when locking the card by calling and sending messages.

  • Texting fee: 1,500 VND/message.

  • Calling fee: 1,500 VND/minute.

  • In case of card loss or card loss, a new card must be renewed with a fee of 50,000 VND/card.

If you lock your Sacombank card, will your Sacombank account be locked?

One thing that people still confuse is ATM card lock and account lock. In fact, these two concepts are completely different. Card locking has almost nothing to do with account locking. If you temporarily lock your card, your Sacombank account will still work normally, just cannot operate on ATMs.

But if Sacombank account is locked, Sacombank ATM card will be locked as well. All transactions involving both accounts and cards are affected.

Does Sacombank card lock receive money?

As explained in the above section, when locking Sacombank card, all transactions on the phone are still used normally. This also means that if you lock your Sacombank ATM card, you will still receive money. Because, ATM card is actually just a means of supporting payment associated with the bank. Therefore, you can completely transfer and receive money through e-banking.

But if your Sacombank account is locked, you will not be able to withdraw money at an ATM and even transfer and receive money at the Sacombank Pay banking app. If you are sure you want to lock your account, you should consider carefully before locking it.

Is it possible to unlock Sacombank card?

If you choose to temporarily lock your Sacombank ATM card, you can unlock it and resume operation as usual. But to use the card again, you should open the card. Customers can unlock ATM cards on the electronic banking system, website, transaction counters, messages, call the switchboard, etc.

How to unlock Sacombank ATM bank card

How to unlock Sacombank card via call center

Instructions on how to unlock Sacombank ATM card via call center as follows:

Step 1: Call Sacombank hotline 1900 5555 88 to ask staff to unlock the card again.

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Step 2: Provide card information for staff to verify the account.

Step 3: Wait for the staff to notify you to unlock your ATM card successfully.

How to unlock Sacombank card via app

Step 1: Log in to Sacombank Pay e-banking application.

Step 2: Complete the required operations to open a card > fill in the required bank information.

Step 3: Choose “Reactivate the card” > Finish unlocking ATM card.

How to unlock the card by SMS

Unlock Sacombank ATM cards quickly with the following syntax: THE MOKHOA send to 8149.

How to unlock card at Sacombank transaction counters

Bank counters are always the place to support maximum customers. If you need to reopen your ATM card for use, go to your local bank to ask to unlock the card. The way to open is similar to the way to lock the card at the counter.

In case the card is lost or the ATM card is lost, it is the fastest way to get help from the bank. Because you have to ask the bank to reissue the card completely. Don't forget to bring your ID/CCCD for staff to check.

So, here is all the information about how to lock Sacombank card online app on the latest phone 2022. If you notice strange points in the process of using a bank card, everyone should immediately temporarily lock the card to ensure the safety of personal property. Hopefully this article of nganhangonline has helped you answer your long-standing question. I wish you success in locking your ATM Sacombank ATM card.

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