[Trả lời] Is Viet Capital Bank deceiving customers?

Now the story Vietnamese bank scam Users are flooded on social networks today. Making many customers who are using the service and those who intend to use the services of Ban Viet bank feel worried. So how true is this story? Does Viet Capital Bank scam customers to use or not? We invite you to take a look at the following.

Find out information about what is Ban Viet bank?

Viet Capital Bank (Viet Capital Bank) with its full name is Ban Viet Commercial Joint Stock Bank, established in 1992. Since its establishment and development up to now, Viet Capital Bank has always tried and constantly developed. self. Currently, it has created a solid position in the domestic banking and financial markets.Vietnamese bank scam

Bring satisfaction to customers using services at the bank. With persistent efforts, the bank always complies with the regulations of the state and Vietnamese law. Ban Vien Bank is aiming to be a multi-purpose retail bank serving customers in a special way in its strategic period 2021-2023.

Some information of Ban Viet bank

Here we will provide you with some summary information of Ban Viet bank. Information about the address as well as the method of contacting Ban Viet bank as quickly as possible when needed. Please take a look at the table below for details:

Vietnamese version (Viet Capital Bank)Viet Capital Commercial Joint Stock Bank
International nameVietcapital Commercial Joint Stock Bank.
Phone number1900 555 596
Address412 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 5, District 3, HCMC

Achievements of Ban Viet Bank

From the time of establishment until now, Ban Viet Bank has always strived for excellence. So there have been many different achievements. Here we will introduce to you the achievements that this bank has achieved over the years of development. The following:Vietnamese bank scam

  • In 2015, Viet Capital Bank was voted as the strongest bank in Vietnam.

  • Is the unit that won the title of leading safety and security in Vietnam.

  • For many consecutive years, the company has entered the top 500 strongest banks in Vietnam. And is in the Top 200 largest private enterprises in the country.

  • In 2020, Viet Capital Bank received the award "Bank with typical innovative products and services"

The truth about Ban Viet bank fraud?

Viet Capital Bank has a relatively limited branch system. Therefore, it is difficult for this bank to reach a large number of customers. And this is also one of the reasons leading to rumors about a fraudulent Vietnamese bank. But in fact, according to our research and information, customers are using the bank's services.

We have received feedback that customers are still building the best banking services. And do not see the bank's fraud in the process of using the service. So the rumors about Vietnamese banks are completely fraudulent and baseless. Since its establishment until now, Viet Capital Bank has always performed well the tasks of a bank.Vietnamese bank scam

So, before you want to use the services of a certain bank, people need to find out the real information. Only then can we make an evaluation through the process of using the service of that bank. Thus, the conclusion is that Ban Viet bank does not deceive customers to use. And still receive good reviews from customers who have used the service for a long time.

Should I use the deposit service at Ban Viet bank?

So everyone knows that Ban Viet bank really does not scam customers to use. And during its operation, the bank has also won many different awards. Therefore, Ban Viet bank deserves to be a good and reputable bank in Vietnam. So people can be completely assured when using this bank's deposit service.

When sending money to Ban Viet's bank account. There will be a decent contract and will be used in the presence of both parties. To ensure that customers are aware of their rights and benefits when using the bank's services. Not only that, at Viet Capital Bank, the interest rate when customers deposit money together is considered to be higher than some other domestic banks.

» Reasons to send money to Ban Viet bank


Through the information we have provided to everyone above. Help those who are and are about to use the bank's services know Vietnamese bank scam customer or not. Hope the above information will be beneficial to everyone. If you have any questions, please leave your feedback below in the comment section thongtinbank.com will support and advise you completely free of charge.

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