Update current Vietinbank money transfer limit

Vietinbank is one of the major banks in Vietnam. This bank is one of the banks with a relatively large number of customers. Issues related to Vietinbank money transfer limit is also receiving a lot of attention.

Especially for customers who are using Vietinbank iPay service of the bank. Finding out information about the limit is necessary by. If you don't know the bank's limit, you can make better transactions.

What is the transaction limit of Vietinbank? How does Vietinbank bank transfer money? With today's article, let's find out the article below.

Ways of transferring money to Vietinbank

To be able to learn about the transaction limit of each form. First of all, you need to know what kind of money transfer it is. Only then can the specified bank transfer limit be determined. Here we will introduce you to the methods of money transfer of Viettinbank.

Transfer money from Vietinbank at the counter

This is a traditional and widely used form of money transfer in the past. To be able to transfer money, customers need to go directly to branches and transaction counters to carry out money transfer procedures. After that, you need a confirmation from the bank for your money to be transferred successfully.

Transfer money from Vietinbank via ATM

The same goes for transferring money at a bank's ATM. You need to proceed directly to the location of the ATM. Then follow the on-screen instructions to transfer money quickly. In this way, you will not need to transfer money, but only operate on the ATM.

Transfer money through Vietinbank iPay service

Next is the form of money transfer via Vietinbank iPay service of the bank. This service is currently registered and used by anyone using an account. The utilities that it brings are great to help customers manage their accounts more easily. This service has 24/7 quick money transfer function. And can be used to transfer money at any time.Vietinbank money transfer limit

Method of money transfer by SMS Banking

Finally, a Banking service is provided by the bank to customers to use. With this service, people will proceed with the syntax of money transfer via SMS on your phone.

Vietinbank money transfer limit of each form

As we told you above, each form will be regulated by a different amount of money transfer by the bank. And hereafter, we will update the latest deposit limit prescribed by Vietinbank as follows:

Transaction typeMaximum transfer limit/ 1 timeMaximum money transfer limit/1 day
Transfer money at the counterUnlimitedUnlimited
Transfer money through ATM25,000,000 VND100,000,000 VND
Transfer money by app50,000,000 VND200,000,000 VND
Transfer money via SMS message3,000,000 VND30,000,000 VND

How to change Vietinbank money transfer limit?

To be able to change the money transfer limit of Vietinbank. People can refer to how to increase the transaction limit of Vietinbank on the application as follows:Vietinbank money transfer limit

Step 1: Proceed to log in to Vietinbank iPay App on your phone.

Step 2: Proceed to the Menu and select the "Change payment account package“.

Step 3: The system will display a notification about 3 limit packages for you to choose from. And for each package, there will be a different transaction limit. As follows:

  • Premium Package Priority: Up to 5 billion/time, a maximum of 15 billion per day.

  • Dynamic Smart Package: Up to 500 million / 1 time, a maximum of 3 billion per day.

  • Versatile Plus package: Up to 500 million / 1 time, a maximum of 3 billion per day.

For customers who want to register for a package with a limit of 15 billion, they need to go to the bank to register.

Is there a fee to change Vietinbank money transfer limit?

If you want to register to upgrade your money transfer limit, the bank will support you for free. But everyone will need to pay the management fee of the limit plan you have chosen as follows:

  • Dynamic Smart Package: 15,000 VND/month if the account does not have enough balance.

  • With Premium Premium plan: Fee is 18,000 VND/month if not ranked priority.

  • Versatile Plus Package: 40,000 VND/month if the account does not have enough balance.


Today's post updates about Vietinbank money transfer limit current latest. Find out and how to upgrade Vietinbank bank transfer limit. With the above information we hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free support and answer from bankcuatoi.com.

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