Update the latest MBBank money transfer limit today

When using the financial services at MBBank. Then people can not ignore the form of money transfer of the bank. MBBank's money transfer service has brought many different benefits to customers. One of the things customers care about is MBBank money transfer limit how much?

To help customers understand the above information. Here, we will provide you with information about MBBank's money transfer limit. We invite everyone to learn with us through the article below.


What is MBBank money transfer limit?

MBBank money transfer limit is the amount a customer can transfer to another account. Through the money transfer services of MBBank currently providing. With the bank's money transfer limit, people can only transfer money up to the specified limit.want to transfer money to mbbank 3 1

If you conduct a money transfer transaction in excess of the amount specified by the bank. Then the transaction will have an error that cannot be transacted. Therefore, you need to find out about the money transfer limit of MBBank. So that your future transactions will not be affected.

Types of money transfer of MBBank

Many customers still do not know what money transfer services MBBank currently has. Here we will introduce to you the methods of money transfer of MBBank, specifically as follows:

  • Transfer money directly at MBBank's transaction counter.

  • Transfer money from MBBank through the bank's ATM.

  • Transfer money using Baanjking service of MBBank.

  • Transfer money through MBBank Plus service

Update the latest MBBank money transfer limit

Each form of money transfer will be regulated differently by the bank. The following is the specific limit of money transfer of each form. Please refer below.

Money transfer limit at MBBank transaction counters

For direct money transfer at MBBank's transaction counters. With 2 services that are cash transfer and account transfer. MBBank has no transaction limit. That is, customers can conduct transactions at ATMs without worrying about money transfer limits. People can proceed to transfer as much as they want.MBBank money transfer limit

Money transfer limit over MBBank App

As for the form of money transfer via the MBBank App. The bank will regulate the transfer limit on the application. For more information about the limit, please refer to the following:

  • Transfer money to another bank account: Maximum limit is 300 million VND.

  • Transfer money to the bank's ATM card number: 300 million VND.

  • Interbank money transfer: Limit from 500 million to 2 billion VND.

  • Transfer money to MBBank current account: Limit from 500 million to 2 billion VND.

Money transfer limit over MBBank Plus service

To find out details and money transfer limit on MBBank Plus service. Please refer to the table below:

Bankplus Eco Package20 million VND/transaction and 50 million VND/day.
Bankplus Pro package100 million VND/transaction and 200 million VND/day.
Bankplus Agent Package100 million VND/transaction and 500 million VND/day.
Bankplus Online Package5 million VND/transaction and 10 million VND/day
Maximum transaction amount10 thousand VND.

MBBank money transfer limit at ATM

The transaction limit at the ATM will depend on what type of card the customer is using. The following is the transfer limit of each card type at MBBank, specifically as follows:

  • Domestic debit ATM card: Maximum transfer limit per day is: 10 million VND.

  • Gold domestic debit card: Maximum transfer limit per day is: VND 15 million

  • Diamond domestic debit card: Maximum transfer limit per day is: 20 million VND.

  • Visa Debit Platinum Platinum International Debit Card: Maximum 1 day transfer limit at Pos: 100 million VND.

How to change MBBank money transfer limit

If the transfer limit specified by MBBank is not enough. People can proceed directly to the bank to make an unlimited transfer. Or you can proceed to hide everyone's transfer limit in the ways below.

Increase MBBank money transfer limit at transaction counters

To be able to proceed to increase the MBBank transfer limit at the transaction counter. Please refer to the following guide:MBBank money transfer limit

  • Step 1: Everyone, please prepare identification documents and then go directly to the bank's transaction counter.

  • Step 2: Go and meet the bank staff and inform you that you want to increase the transaction limit of the bank.

  • Step 3: The bank officer will give you a form to fill out. And you need to fill in all the information on the form according to the bank's form.

  • Step 4: The bank staff will confirm your information and then increase the transaction limit for everyone.

Change money transfer limit on MBBank App

If you are using MBBank application service to transfer money. To be able to upgrade the transaction limit right on the phone. To change, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to the MBBank app installed on your phone.

  • Step 2: At the interface of the application, please select the "Utilities” below the toolbar.

  • Step 3 : In the utility section, find and select the "Change transfer limit“.

  • Step 4: Select a money transfer package that suits your usage needs. And proceed to confirm okay.


The above article provides information about MBBank money transfer limit Latest. Instructions on how to upgrade MBBank money transfer limit quickly. With the above information, we hope to help everyone. Thank you for following the article of ruttienthetindungonline.com.

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