VPS Hosting, features and usage

What is VPS? Features and how to use VPS Hosting?

As the information technology industry develops. Surely the name VPS hosting - virtual server, is no longer strange to us.

So what is VPS? And how to use VPS? Let BKNS Answer for you right below this article!!

1. Introduction to VPS Hosting


VPS ( Virtual Private Server) – Virtual server:

is a form of virtual server, virtual server is created by the method of dividing a physical server into many different servers. It has the same features as a dedicated server. And it runs as a resource share of that original physical server.

Each VPS Hosting is a completely separate system,

has its own CPU section,

private amount of RAM,

separate HDD capacity,

private IP address and private operating system,

The user has full root control and can restart at any time

2. Characteristics


  • Quick installation (5 – 10 minutes)

  • Working independently like a physical server, it has its own hard drive, capacity, IP address and operating system.

  • Easily upgrade virtual servers when needed

  • Helping businesses save costs compared to having to rent a separate server

  • Can support web access, download, upload bittorent with high speed, ...

  • More resources can be upgraded when there is a shortage of resources without restarting the system

3. Distinguishing types of virtual servers


  • Cloud VPS SSD: located on a separate server and storage cluster system consisting of many servers, many hard disks that are redundant for each other, rather than depending on a single server. For Cloud VPS, the system will balance itself and switch the VPS to run on another physical server in the cluster, ensuring that the virtual server always works even if 1 or several physical servers fail.

  • Cloud VPS SSD – SEO: Set up to maximize the web SEO process to the top of search engines. There are two common factors that are optimizing access speed and managing multiple IPs on the same virtual server

  • VPS MMO: used to support Facebook, Amazon, Google ADS, Zalo, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 accounts of Forex..., used to make offers to install apps, or software

  • Cloud VPN: VPN (English name for Virtual Private Network), is a private network on top of a public network, and allows users to send and receive data over a shared or public network like their computing devices. connected directly to the private network. VPNs can be used to access geo-restricted websites, protecting browsing activity.