Ways to unlock Sacombank ATM cards online on mobile phones

Sacombank ATM card is locked, how to unlock the card. Surely when your card is locked we will be very confused. In order not to interrupt the transaction, you need to refer to the way Unlock Sacombank card online by texting below.

Currently, Sacombank provides a variety of utilities for customers. Including utilities Unlock Sacombank card online at home. That is, you do not need to move to the transaction office but still activate the card. If you do not know how this feature works. Here, Thongtinbank.com will guide you through the detailed steps.

Why is Sacombank ATM card locked?

There are many reasons that lead to Sacombank ATM card is locked. But I note that when the notification card is temporarily locked, only the card will be locked. The account is still active. And here are some reasons why the card is temporarily locked.

atm sacombank

Enter the wrong PIN 3 times

Many customers come to the ATM but have not used it for a long time. So I entered the wrong PIN more than 3 times. This leads to the ATM card being temporarily locked according to the bank's regulations, when entering the wrong password for the third time, the card will be temporarily locked. This is one of the bank's security features to prevent unauthorized access.

ATM card has not been used for a long time

If your card is not used for a long time and has a transaction within 1 year. At this time, the banking system will automatically lock your account. But rest assured we can completely reopen in just 15 minutes and still keep the same account number.

ATM card has expired

Any bank's ATM card has an expiration date. Usually it takes 5 to 7 years. Issue time and expiry date are embossed on the surface of the ATM card. You can check to see if your card has expired or not. If it expires, the card must be renewed.

Sacombank ATM card is faulty

Cards may be damaged due to warping, warping, scratches or damage during use. When the card is faulty, the ATM will not be able to recognize it, leading to the card being locked.

Locked by cardholder's request

The Sacombank card may also be locked if the cardholder contacts the bank and requests to block the card. At this time, the card will be locked and can no longer be used for transactions. Only when the cardholder reactivates it, it can be used for transactions.

How to check if Sacombank card is locked?

If you are not sure if your Sacombank ATM card is locked or not? Then you can check in the following ways.

Check at the ATM

To know exactly if the card is active or locked. You can go to the nearest ATM system to try the transaction. Here, if the ATM card is still trading normally, it means the card is not locked. But on the contrary, if the card cannot be transacted, it means it has been locked.

Check through Sacombank Pay

Sacombank Pay is Sacombank's electronic banking application that works on mobile phones. You can easily check the operational status of your card by clicking on the Cards section and clicking on the type of card you want to check to see the details. If the card is locked, you will receive a message that it is temporarily locked.

Call the switchboard

Sacombank bank switchboard operates 24/7 to help answer and answer customers' questions.

  • Step 1: Call the switchboard number 1900 5555 88 or 0888 5555 88 voltsthen press key 1.

  • Step 2: Press 9 to meet the operator directly.

  • Step 3: You will be asked for information regarding your card and personal information.

  • Step 4: The operator will help you know if the card is locked or not.

Instructions to unlock Sacombank ATM card

If unfortunately your account is locked. You need Unlock Sacombank card immediately to continue using the card's convenient services. Here are some of the fastest ways to unlock your card.

Unlock Sacombank card by text message

atm sacombank

We can activate and Unlock Sacombank ATM card online at home by texting syntax.

THE MOKHOA to unlock the card

  • THE KICHHOAT to activate the card

  • THE KEY to lock the card

Note that you must compose a message from the phone number associated with Sacombank. If using an unconnected phone number, texting does not work. The fee for sending text messages is 1,500 VND/message.

Unlock Sacombank card via call center

You can call Sacombank's switchboard to directly unlock the card at home.

Sacombank's call center operates 24/7. You should call during business hours to have someone answer the phone.

Cardholders should contact 1900 5555 88 or (028) 3526 6060 to request unlock, activate the card at any time.

Unlock card on Sacombank Pay

Sacombank Pay also supports quick card unlocking online at home. To unlock, follow these steps.

Step 1: Log in to Sacombank Pay on your phone. Please enter the mPass authentication code to use the utility.

Step 2: When your account, card is locked, when making a transaction, there will be a message saying "Your account/Card has been locked, cannot get the balance/HM".

Unlock sacombank pay card

Step 3: Please click on Manage card and account

Unlock sacombank pay card

Step 4: Click on Customize card in the 3rd box, now you will see that the card is locked. Click to perform the unlock.

Unlock sacombank pay card

Step 5: Enter mCode, log in to mSign to get this code. If mSign is not used, the OTP code will be sent to the phone number.

Unlock sacombank pay card

Step 6: Entering the code into the system will notify the update successfully and the card will work normally again.

Unlock ATM card at Sacombank transaction counters

If the job Open a locked Sacombank ATM card with the syntax. So the only common way is to go to Sacombank's transaction office. When you go, remember to bring your ID card along with your ATM card. At the bank counter, inform the staff that your card is locked. The staff will guide you through the procedures to fill in the information. Then when they have confirmed that you are the account holder, they will proceed to unlock it.

After unlocking your ATM card, you need to go to the ATM to change your password. Because your ATM card has been blocked before. We can no longer use the old password of the card.

Go to Sacombank ATM and insert the card and proceed to insert the card into the tree. And enter the PIN provided by the bank staff. Click on change PIN and change the new password as you like.

This is 2 how to unlock Sacombank ATM card the fastest. When encountering this problem, you need to proceed to unlock and reactivate the card immediately.

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