What is Drama? The meanings of Drama MXH today

What is Drama??, if you do not know, let's follow Diachiamthuc.vn to find out the details. Drama is a popular word on social networking sites and websites used by young people today. The word drama is widely used to refer to movies, anime or those that have become the "hot hit" catchphrases of young people.

However, many people are still confused and do not fully understand the meaning of the word "Drama". So where did the word "Drama" come from?. What is the meaning?. Please read with me to learn all about "Drama" through this article!.

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1. What is Drama?

Drama translated from English into Vietnamese means drama, drama... Currently, Drama is often used to refer to stories and issues that are dramatic, suspenseful, and thrilling.

Drama appeared and became popular in life. Especially for young people, the word drama is spreading on social networking sites. There are also dramas in movies, comics, cartoons, etc.

2. The origin of the word “Drama”

“Drama” is a word of ancient Greek origin with the meaning of a stimulating action or event. It is widely circulated and used today. Before the word "Drama" was used multi-meaningly and popularly as it is today, it was translated into Vietnamese as drama. A type of folk art of Vietnam.

A philosopher in Greece studied and classified poetic forms based on their characteristics. Poems from the past, with a touch of drama and suspense. Epic anecdotes incorporating poetry are also classified as Drama. Later, the word Drama was used more widely, more commonly and understood with many different meanings.

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3. How to understand what is Drama on Facebook?

Many young people nowadays often use the word Drama on Facebook. To refer to ironic, wacky, unexpected situations with humorous elements.

In addition, dramas are often mentioned as stories that expose and expose scandals that spread rapidly. Having an impact on the community and society, making people pay attention to follow and respond.

"What is the drama" or "the drama" means to watch, to watch, to listen to, to enjoy the aforementioned issues.

4. How to understand Modern Drama

Drama is understood to mean "drama" when a story is very real but sounds like fiction. This expression became more and more popular with the development of the Internet. And social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Tiktok...

A classic example that clearly illustrates what this meaning of the word Drama is is the dramatic situations that go into people's hearts in the reality show "Vietnam's Next Top Model".

Anime and Japanese manga also very often use the word Drama as a term to refer to Drama stories that focus on the genre of tragedy, detective, love, ... The genre of anime drama takes the life of a specific character to do. transparent content. Making viewers can have different feelings about the life or experiences of the character.

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Example: Some Japanese Drama comics are adapted into cartoons. Once a whole childhood sky: Pirate King, Naruto, Doraemon, Dragon Ball, ..

  • Drama Multi-series movies:

For movie enthusiasts, Drama is often understood as a movie genre with many episodes.

For example: Some dramas are popular Korean Drama. Ever stormed on the small screen such as: Why brought you here, Descendants of the sun, or most recently, the movie Penthouses, the upper-class war...

5. How to understand drama in its original sense

These are drama works with rather light-hearted, everyday, humorous and amusing content, often with happy endings. Comedy puts characters in funny situations. Forcing the characters to have humorous actions and handling is sometimes satirical about certain characters. This genre brings a lot of laughter to viewers.

Drama genre builds sad stories, tragedy and often unhappy endings for the characters.

  • Drama Comedy exaggerated:

It is a comedy drama genre but the content is exaggerated and fictional.

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Drama genre when film combines with drama and is performed on stage with songs that combine music, dance, and dance songs instead of verbal dialogue. Opera's content can be comedy, tragedy or drama.

In addition, there are some other drama genres such as Docudrama, Melodrama (an exaggerated form of drama).

6. Other Popular Drama Usages

Here are the ways that people use the word Drama. But you need to learn to avoid being backward and not knowing what the meaning of the drama is.

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Web Drama

Dramas are broadcast on the web. Catering to the entertainment needs of an extremely large audience. Especially young people are called Web Drama.

SBS Drama Awards

The SBS Drama Awards are SBS Drama Awards held at an annual awards ceremony by the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). For those who have made excellent achievements in the field of Korean dramas broadcast on SBS.

Drama Club

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Drama Club means gathering people who love activities in this field to form a Drama club.

Bloody Drama

Anger is a slang on social media. In the Vietnamese sense, also known as "dog blood", refers to factors that are too irrational but often occur in life. Bloody drama is a type of story with very tragic, painful, and catastrophic content. Or a bit absurd to follow the old path that makes listeners and viewers tormented, annoyed and do not want to continue to follow.

Drama Queen and Drama King

Drama Queen is called Drama Queen. The king of drama is called Drama King. Drama Queen and Drama King are used to refer to the best actors in the Drama genre.

In addition, Drama Queen and Drama King are also words used to refer to boys or girls who are too delusional. Often exaggerates everything in life. Unable to control his emotions. Loves creating sensational stories that get people's attention.

7. What makes the movie genre, Drama always so attractive to viewers?

In the current era of digital technology 4.0. Audiences increasingly have high and strict requirements for movies or long-running drama stories to be viewed via smart TVs, mobile phones or laptops. Therefore, in order to compete, movies and stories need to ensure the elements that make the audience love them.

Drama movies and stories are loved by the audience because of the convergence of the following factors:

Beautiful characters and actors: The images of characters in stories and actors in Drama movies are increasingly invested in image and beauty, greatly contributing to the success of movies and stories.

Novel and unique plot: Movie plot, Drama story always has innovation to create newness. Bringing excitement to the audience. Movies and stories with boring, too familiar plots will make the audience boring and open.

Beautiful backgrounds: The contexts built in movies, stories are beautiful or epic. Carefully invested will help satisfy viewers, help the film bring attraction and attraction to the audience.

Factors that create the success of a Drama film:

Drama: Drama in movies, Drama stories are always appreciated. While watching movies or reading stories, the drama helps to push viewers' emotions to the climax, creating excitement and anticipation for the next episodes or stories.

Humor: An indispensable element to the success and attraction of the film, Drama story is the humor integrated into the story of the characters. Besides tragic scenes, humorous scenes are like a medicine to help viewers and readers relax. With lots of laughter. Help the film, the story reduce the heaviness.

Good soundtrack: Music is an extremely important element that needs to be carefully invested in Drama. Good, meaningful music helps convey content better. Easy to touch the hearts of viewers and create a good viral effect. Sound becomes an indispensable spice for the success of a Drama film.

Sublime education and humanity: Community education and humanity are always highly valued factors. Humanity and education. Or the core meaning of the film is one of the most important factors. To rank the best movies. Evaluation of prestigious awards for long-running television series in Vietnam and around the world.


Hope for an answer What is Drama? along with other interesting information related to Drama. That I share here will be loved and supported by readers. Help you better understand the meaning of the word "Drama" when used on social networks. Websites in different circumstances. From there, you can confidently use this hot hit "Drama" in the most impressive and reasonable way!.

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