What is MoneyGuru? Is there a scam? How to play?

MoneyGuru is one of the platforms to make money online through the application that many people are interested in recently. Among the many online money making apps out there, MoneyGuru emerges as a platform to increase income in your free time. But not everyone clearly understands how the MoneyGuru platform works and registers. Let's decipher this emerging platform!

What is MoneyGuru?

MoneyGuru is an application to make money with just a few simple steps on your phone. Today, when technology develops with great benefits, many platforms for making money online on applications have appeared. Among them can be mentioned Moneyguru app - a fast and safe money-making application. The user will be paid to work on the required application.

Make money online with MoneyGuru
Make money online with MoneyGuru

Specifically here is sharing and using your influence to spread the content according to the proposed task from the app or maybe just watching the ad can complete the task. After completing those requirements, the user will receive the corresponding amount in each task.

How to make money on MoneyGuru?

In the midst of a forest of online money making applications, the first thing you have to do is choose a really reputable application to use. And MoneyGuru money-making application that is used and responded by many people has the ability to make money quickly from this app in many simple ways:

Customers only need to successfully register a personal account and send invitations to their friends. For each user who visits your link and registers an account, MoneyGuru will pay you a commission. It can be understood that the amount of money they pay you for spreading their website to more users, increasing their popularity, attracting advertisers.

Users who only need to watch ads according to the request of the MoneyGuru application can also receive money when they have finished watching.

The same person can also get a bonus from MoneyGuru for taking a quick survey in a short time.

How much commission does MoneyGuru pay?

This is an issue that many people who are about to use the MoneyGuru app are very concerned. MoneyGuru's payout will be based on the suggested tasks you complete. The tasks will be accompanied by the corresponding amount for each operation, specifically as follows:

  • Every time you register for a personal account at MoneyGuru app, customers will immediately receive 10$.
  • As for opening MoneyGuru's website and viewing the review content within 5 minutes, you will also receive 1$/video.
  • Users can also get money by referring friends to the MoneyGuru project, for each person who visits your link and registers an account, you will receive 5$ each.
  • Performing Social Media Tasks: that is, users will perform the task of posting video posts on social networking platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook or Instagram, Twitter. The amount you will receive is 10$ for each post.

According to the advertising messages that MoneyGuru brings, for each task that you have completed, you will receive the corresponding amount of money back. And if you can complete all the tasks and requirements that MoneyGuru proposes, then earning 100$ per day is not too difficult anymore.

In addition, when performing tasks and requesting proposals in the MoneyGuru application, the amount that the user can receive will be displayed in the app dashboard so that the user can conveniently track.

It can be said that this is a form of making a small amount of money, increasing your income right in your own leisure activities and free time, helping you kill time effectively. This form has attracted a lot of participants.

How to register an account MoneyGuru

To be able to participate in making money online on MoneyGuru application, customers need to register their personal account.

  • Step 1: Customers access the link: MoneyGurucom and click Sign up to register easily
  • Step 2: At the next display screen, users need to fill in basic personal information such as name, username, email, password, password confirmation. Then click confirm in the box "I accept the terms" and complete account creation
  • Step 3: After successfully creating an account, the main interface of MoneyGuru will display 4 boxes displaying the following content: one box shows your available money account is 10$; The remaining 3 boxes correspond to the actions you can make money with, which are tasks, viewing ads, review and inviting friends to join the application. You can follow the instructions above to be able to complete tasks and receive money.
  • Step 4: Users who complete all the tasks that the application recommends, then you can withdraw money to your account.

It can be seen that registering to make money through the MoneyGuru application is quite simple, users only need to perform basic steps.

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The most detailed guide to playing MoneyGuru to make money

Once you have a personal account at the MoneyGuru app, you can follow the steps below to receive the bonus.

Instructions to play MoneyGuru to make money
Instructions to play MoneyGuru to make money

Watch promotional video

In the section to make money by watching videos, you just need to click on one of the suggested videos that the application recommends. And users who will complete the task by watching the entire video within 5 minutes can be paid the corresponding amount.

Write a review about MoneyGuru

This is a new form for those of you who know how to make money online. Users will see an introductory article about the previous MoneyGuru application and give their opinion about the app or another application by writing. Then the amount will be paid by MoneyGuru corresponding to each completed review.

Invite friends to join the MoneyGuru app

You can make money by inviting your friends and relatives to join MoneyGuru. This action of yours will help the app reach more customers, increase the app's awareness and attract more ads about the company.

For each new member you refer to join the app, you will receive a corresponding commission. Users just need to click the button to invite friends to join and link to social networking platforms such as facebook, instagram, ... select friends and click ok.

How to withdraw MoneyGuru money to Paypal

Customers can fully withdraw funds from the application via PayPal. But the requirement of the MoneyGuru app is that the user has a minimum balance of over 100$. After you have enough money, please proceed to link your MoneyGuru account with Paypal below:

  • Select the top part of the screen that says “you have not added a payment method to receive payment yet”, then select add account.
  • On the main screen will now show the amount that you have earned and the available balance in your account at that time.
  • The user clicks on the item below “Payment Detail” and enters his/her Paypal account information and selects update.
  • After updating, enter the amount you want to withdraw and select “request payment”.
  • The money will be transferred to your Paypal account by MoneyGuru when completing the transaction procedures.

How to withdraw MoneyGuru money to Paypal
How to withdraw MoneyGuru money to Paypal

Why can't I withdraw MoneyGuru?

Many customers when using the MoneyGuru application to make money online have responded that even though they have completed the task in it, they cannot withdraw their money. This is possible because the MoneyGuru side has given the condition that the user who wants to withdraw money must complete all the tasks and the minimum amount in the account must be over 100$ to conduct the transaction.

So, before withdrawing, please carefully check that you have completed all the tasks and have linked your Paypal account to withdraw money or not?

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Is MoneyGuru scam real?

It can be said that when hearing about MoneyGuru's online money making function, many customers will suspect about fraud through the app. Customers may consider the following:

MoneyGuru is a network of apps where companies pay users to get more access to brands or organizations. That promotional connection is shown through videos and surveys suggested on the application. And the prerequisite to attract a large number of customers is paying commissions for the tasks that customers perform.

This is considered a basic form of marketing so that companies can increase their brand awareness quickly and cheaply. Besides, MoneyGuru also has relevant payment documents to prove its legitimacy and the satisfaction and trust of customers who have used it before. Behind the MoneyGuru application is a large reputable company with a strong position in the world.

At the same time, the MoneyGuru application also only requires customers to register without any personal or bank account information to use and perform tasks without pre-loading money. Customers only need to enter their email address and username to easily use the application.


Hopefully through this article you and your friends can have a clearer picture of how to play, how it works, how to make money and withdraw money from the application. MoneyGuru this. The form of making money online through apps is really not too difficult, but you need to choose reputable and quality apps so as not to waste your time and effort.

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