What is Obsidian (Volcanic Rock)? What is the meaning of feng shui?

As one of the most popular and widely used gemstones today with feng shui properties and meanings, Obsidian stone appeared widely on the market, used a lot to make Obsidian bracelets, Obsidian balls. However, not everyone has detailed knowledge about the uses, feng shui meanings of Obsidian stone, how to distinguish real from fake as well as preservation methods.

So, today lamchutaichinh.vn gives you the answers to the question what is Obsidian stone? What is the meaning of feng shui?

What is Obsidian Stone?

Volcanic rock (English name: Obsidian), also known as volcanic glass or obsidian, is a rock composed of amorphous crystallization of silicate group rocks (Obsidian rock accounts for 35-80% minerals), which form when lava solidifies so quickly that the minerals do not have time to grow, undergo geological transformations to form Obsidian rock.

This is the answer to the powerful energy of Obsidian when fully converging the elements of fire, water and earth.

What is Obsidian Stone?
What is Obsidian Stone?

Obsidian volcanic rock occurs mainly at the edge of rhyolite lava flows because of its high silica chemical composition, viscosity, and high degree of polymerization of the lava.
As a type of feng shui stone, Obsidian stone is widely used in making seamless jewelry such as Obsidian stone bracelets, Buddha face of destiny, ...

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Origin of Obsidian Stone

Obsidian was known during the Stone Age. During this period, Obsidian was often used as sharp tools or as arrowheads. Sometimes it is even polished to make a mirror.

Currently, Obsidian is also used to make blades for medical purposes because of the sharpness that this stone brings.

Obsidian rock distribution

Found in volcanic eruptions, Obsidian is found in countries such as Chile, Greece, El Salvador, New Zealand, Peru, Argentina, Armenia, Guatemala, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Canada, Scotland and the United States.

In the mouths of the Newberry and Medicine Lake volcanoes in the Cascade Range of Western North America and in the eastern Inyo Craters of the Sierra Nevada (California) have also been found buried Obsidian flows and then overlaid.

In addition, an obsidian ridge in Yellowstone National Park between Mammoth Hot Springs and Norris Geyser Basin has also been found.

In the western United States such as Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Oregon and Idaho, obsidian quarries are found.

In the Northwest and Central Highlands of Vietnam, Obsidian stone has also been found and exploited.

Chemical properties

Volcanic Glass Rock has the scientific name of Obsidian with the chemical formula SiO2 - Silicon Dioxide containing impurities and chemical composition including over 70% silica, silicon, oxygen, aluminum, sodium and potassium.

Although it contains iron oxides that give it red and brown colors and includes small gas bubbles that can give off a golden sheen, Obsidian is usually jet black in color. However, in fact, there are Obsidian stones that are blue-black, green-black or red-black.

Obsidian stone has 5.5 points on the Mohs hardness scale, making it easy for artisans to craft powerful products or furniture such as feng shui bracelets, pendants, feng shui balls...

Physical properties

Although it looks like a mineral, in fact, Obsidian is not because the rock is not crystalline and has a complex composition, so it cannot create any separate minerals.

Besides, Obsidian rock is not stable on the earth's surface. They will break down into fine mineral crystals over time. At the same time, this rock also contains low water content when not weathered.

The color of Obsidian is usually black but can vary depending on the amount of impurities contained in it. Magnesium and iron will give the stone a dark green color.
In particular, Obsidian is one of the rare stones found in colorless form.

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How to distinguish real and fake Obsidian stone?

Because of the profits Obsidian stone brings, many merchants have used imitation stone made from artificial glass with blue, green color and sold it at a high price. However, in reality, Obsidian stone is only black or extremely dark, completely devoid of such colors.

Because it is a product of nature, Obsidian stone is usually very translucent, very dark, and almost only black, so it is still called a black magic stone. Some other colors of the stone appear only when there is light shining on the stone surface (iridescent, rainbow ...)

How to distinguish real and fake Obsidian stone?
How to distinguish real and fake Obsidian stone?

The rainbow effect occurs due to reflective bubble inclusions, reflecting yellow, blue, silver, purple, green, or mixed colors.

The Feng Shui Meaning of Obsidian Stone

Besides the answers about what is Obsidian stone, lamchutaichinh.vn also provides you with the feng shui meanings of Obsidian stone.

The Feng Shui Meaning of Obsidian Stone
The Feng Shui Meaning of Obsidian Stone

As a powerful spiritual cleanser in feng shui, Obsidian is a psychic protection stone.

With powerful metaphysical properties, Obsidian helps you shield against negative energies during the drought years, the year of the year or the spirits that follow.

At the same time, Obsidian stone is also known for its ability to protect the whole body, helping to increase the strength to protect the user when in danger. Stone helps you attract positive energies, repel negative energies, help protect you from evil spirits.

Thanks to the positive energy, Obsidian protects your mind, calms the spirit to help you stay clear, lucid and strong. Thereby preventing you from wrong actions, avoiding people falling into sin.

Not only that, but stone also helps us to increase our ability to adapt to new living environments without being affected by bad external factors.

In particular, the Obsidian volcanic stone bracelet is an indispensable item for business people because they have the effect of attracting fortune, helping customers to always have abundant money, and sell expensive clothes.

It can be seen that Obsidian stone brings positive effects on both the spiritual and physical aspects of people. So, choose for yourself a suitable Obsidian stone product!

Applications of Obsidian stone in medicine and health

In addition to the use of feng shui, Obsidian stone also brings other health benefits to the user.

People see the use of psychological treatment, positive spirit, reduce pressure, stress and bring comfort to the mind when combining Obsidian stone and quartz crystal.

For a better and deeper sleep, less nightmares, you can put ice directly under your pillow.

At the same time, people have found the positive effects of Obsidian stone on the 6th chakra, helping you to cure digestive and stomach ailments, improving the function of eating and drinking, and good absorption.

Applications of Obsidian stone in medicine and health
Applications of Obsidian stone in medicine and health

Besides, for people with unstable blood pressure, Obsidian stone is also a suitable solution worth considering, not only to help stabilize blood pressure but also to help strengthen the immune system.

In India, by using this stone, people reduce the magnetic field, reduce the harm caused by environmental pollution, improve and better protect health.

At the same time, in the medical field, Obsidian stone is also made as a scalpel because its sharpness makes the incisions more beautiful, reducing the danger to the patient.

Finally, ice also has an effective pain reliever effect for people with diseases related to bones and joints.

In general, Obsidian stone brings positive effects in both feng shui and health for the user, is a feng shui stone worthy of your investment.

Is Obsidian Stone Expensive?

Because it is a natural product only found in volcanic lava regions, Obsidian stone is quite rare and has a high price. With a bracelet with the size of 8-12 cups, the price will fluctuate between 200-300 thousand VND.

At the same time, due to the high cost, many stores either intentionally or because they do not have the correct understanding of Obsidian stone, but used a glass product called Obsidian volcanic glass to sell to many people, in order to earn money. Big profit from selling fake and imitation goods.

Is Obsidian Stone Expensive?
Is Obsidian Stone Expensive?

Besides, many customers also confuse Obsidian with Morion Quartz, which is very rare on the market.

To be sure, you should go to reputable sales addresses, seek advice from experienced people to avoid buying fake goods.

How to Use and Maintain Obsidian Stone (Volcanic Stone)

The most common use of Obsidian is for jewelry. Using a bracelet, necklace or earring is a powerful method of connecting with the energy of the stone throughout the day, bringing awareness of any negative energy you wish to release.

In addition, if you do not want to wear jewelry, you can also carry Obsidian stones in your pocket or purse, bringing a protective layer of energy around you.

How to use and preserve volcanic rock
How to use and preserve volcanic rock

Finally, you can introduce the stone into your living environment. Placing an Obsidian feng shui ball in space helps not only to protect your environment, but also everyone in it.

To preserve this stone, you can clean it and let the surface dry naturally.

To restore stone energy, you should disinfect the stone periodically, helping the stone to have an abundant energy source to help balance, bring health and luck to you.


It can be said that Obsidian stone brings countless positive aspects not only physically, but also mentally to the user. With its benefits and rarity, the stone is always sold at a high value, bringing great benefits.

With this post, lamchutaichinh.vn Hope to bring you knowledge about Obsidian stone, if you have any questions please leave a comment below.