What is Ounce (OZ)? 1 ounce of gold is equal to how much, thread, kg?

It can be seen that in Vietnam, Ounce (OZ) is an uncommon and relatively unknown unit of mass measurement. Instead, people usually measure mass in kilograms or grams. Therefore, individuals who conduct international jewelry transactions for the first time will surely be confused when they hear about this unit.

So, today, with this article, lamchutaichinh.vn will help you discover in detail what Ounce is? and 1 ounce of gold is equal to how much, thread, kg?

What is Ounce?

Ounce (symbol: oz) is a unit of mass measurement in the jewelry industry, weighing 28.34 grams (28.3495231 grams to be exact).

It is a unit of mass in a number of different systems including various systems that are part of the British and American customary systems. Depending on the system, the value of the ounce will vary.

What is Ounce?
What is Ounce?

Depending on the place, time, and intended application, the ounce is said to be similar in broad sense, but has distinct standards of mass or weight. Ounces are also sometimes used to measure force, compared to pounds or lbf.

However, today, the ounce is used as the most common unit when measuring the volume and mass of gold.

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Ounces classification

As one of the most used units of measurement in the world, thanks to its superior efficiency, the ounce has become the international standard unit of measurement, replacing the milliliter as the unit of volume.

Currently, there are 5 different Ounces in the world
Currently, there are 5 different Ounces in the world

The first is the international troy ounce. This unit is used for the purpose of measuring the mass of precious metals such as gold, silver, needles, silver... Sometimes, this unit is also called the western tael, which is different from the ta (lang) or quantity (jewelry). ).

Besides, the most commonly used ounce unit in the United States is the international avoirdupois ounce. Defined as 1/16 pound avoirdupois, ounce avoirdupois equals approximately 437.5 gain.

Unlike the US, European people and governments commonly use ounces of Maria Theresa, which is equivalent to the weight of 1 Maria Theresa thaler or 28.0668g.

Once used by apothecaries, however today the apothecary ounce is obsolete and abolished.

Finally, we have the metric ounce, which has been redefined by some countries (e.g. the Netherlands) to be suitable for distance measurement purposes.

Among the above 5 types, in general, international Ounce avoirdupois and international Ounce troy are the two most commonly used forms.

Instruction to convert Ounce to quantity, thread, kg?

Besides the question of what an ounce is, converting ounces into familiar units of measurement in Vietnam such as volume, weight, and kilogram is also a matter of great concern and concern.

Let's lamchutaichinh.vn learn how to convert from ounces to kilograms, just in detail below.

Convert Ounces to Quantities, Threads, kg
Convert Ounces to Quantities, Threads, kg

1 Ounce equals how many kg?

The United States and many countries of the British Commonwealth in 1958 introduced the international definition of the pound avoirdupois as being exactly 0.45359237 kilograms and having 16 ounces.

Accordingly, since 1958, 1 international ounce of avoirdupois (Oz) has been equivalent to 28.349523 grams exactly according to the agreed definition.

Accordingly, we can confirm: 1 ounce = 28.349523 grams = 0.028349523 kilograms

Besides, if calculated according to the Old English system, 1 pound equals 12 troy ounces (ozt), equals 480 grains or 31.103476 grams or 1,09714 ounces avoirdupois.

You can refer to the following conversion table for more specific views on the process of converting 1 ounce by how many kilograms.

1 Ounce equals how many kg?
1 Ounce equals how many kg?

Attention: Grain values ​​for Maria Theresa, Netherlands ounces are made to the nearest thousandth of a grain.

Thus, with the above calculation and reference table, you can accurately convert 1 ounce to kg yourself.

1 ounce equals how much, only?

We need a lot of other information to make the 1 ounce conversion by volume, just gold.
By definition, we have:

  • 1 gold thread = 10 gold stools

  • 1 tael = 10 gold thread

  • 1 gold thread = 3.75 grams of gold

  • 1 amount of gold = 37.5 grams of gold

  • 1 ounce of gold = 31.103476 grams of gold

Note: Numbers that measure ounces, only, and amounts of gold are permanent and do not change over time.

Accordingly, 1 ounce will be equivalent to 8.29426 gold only while 1 ounce is equal to 0.829426 taels of gold.

Thus, the data for converting 1 ounce to gold, only gold will not change and is always exactly as calculated above.

In order to make your first gold transactions go smoothly, you should master the ways to convert from ounces to ounces so that you can accurately convert them to USD. Because the price of gold and the price of USD always change from day to day, even hour to hour, it is important to understand the conversion formula as well as to have the most general and fastest market updates to avoid unnecessary financial losses.

How much is 1 ounce of gold?

Due to the day-to-day variation, each trading session of the USD, it is difficult for us to calculate exactly how much 1 ounce of gold is in USD without relying on other market factors.

Thus, to calculate how much USD is 1 ounce of gold, you need to pay attention to consider a number of important factors such as monetary policies of countries, interest rates on gold savings, inflation, market prices. current gold and USD, gold market demand and some other required factors depending on the time of conversion. After accurately determining the above factors, you can convert the value of 1 ounce of gold to USD at the time of update.

How much is 1 Ounce in USD?
How much is 1 Ounce in USD?

It can be seen that the value of converting 1 ounce of gold to USD will always change depending on the period and period based on changes in the market as well as world politics.

However, this conversion process is quite complex and requires a lot of information to be updated accurately and in a timely manner. Therefore, you should only perform the conversion with the guidance of individuals, professional organizations or professional officials if you want to perform related transactions to ensure accuracy and safety. for your own property.

Note when using the unit Ounce

Because it is a unit of world jewelry, ounce is different from the measurement of feces, only, and the amount is common in our country, so ounces are rarely used to calculate units of gold and precious metals in Vietnam.

If you want to buy or sell gold locally, you should not use ounces as your unit of measure to avoid professional conversions. You should only use ounces in case you want to compare the price difference of precious metals in the domestic and international markets.

Note when using the unit Ounce
Note when using the unit Ounce

While the USD is always fluctuating daily, according to transactions, the domestic gold price also changes according to the impacts of the world gold market. Understanding the ounce unit helps you easily and proactively update the international gold situation, thereby quickly making the right decisions when investing, buying and selling precious metals.

Notes when buying Gold

Gold is a valuable metal that can be used for investment and hoarding without depreciating in value. So if you choose gold as an investment, you should care about issues such as what is an ounce or how to convert ounces.

However, if you just want to use gold as jewelry or as a gift, you don't need to worry too much about the concept of what an ounce is because these are in-depth knowledge in the jewelry business.

Notes when buying Gold
Notes when buying Gold

To buy gold smartly, bring many benefits and avoid unnecessary risks, you should consider some of the following notes.

Due to the influence of the world gold market, the Vietnamese gold rate always has fluctuations that need to be carefully monitored on daily news sites or at reputable gem stores.

At sensitive times, the volatile jewelry market is both an opportunity and a risk for buying gold. Customers need to consider carefully so that buying gold brings as many benefits as possible.

To ensure quality as well as safety, customers should buy gold at large, reputable and stable stores. Besides, customers can also refer to the experience from relatives, friends.. to have the best gold buying experience.

In particular, buyers should also have basic knowledge of gold such as age of gold, friction, hardness, softness, color of gold... to be able to distinguish real/fake gold, buy goods according to their needs, avoid mistakes, unnecessary losses.

Moreover, because gold is a valuable product, customers should also ask the store to present all documents to ensure the origin, own symbols, and quality control documents to purchase safely.

After purchasing, the buyer should keep the receipt carefully in case it needs to be compared, warranty or other problems may arise later.

Finally, to avoid being robbed, you should pay attention to your security and safety as well as other valuable assets in the process of buying gold.


Ounce is a familiar unit of measurement that is commonly used in many fields in many countries around the world but is still quite unfamiliar to Vietnamese people.

With the above information, lamchutaichinh.vn Hopefully, it has helped you have a better overview of Ounce, from which you have solid knowledge in this field and at the same time gain many benefits in buying and investing your gold. Good luck!

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