What should 20 billion do? Ways to invest "for money to make money" 2022

Have you ever thought about after a period of time savings. And you're wanting that sizable amount to make money. So What should I do with 20 billion?? Please refer to the investment methods below. To be able to make smart investment decisions.

Why should capital allocation when investing?

Why should capital allocation when investing?

Folks often pass on the saying: "studying is never enough". Because at any age and any field, any profession needs to cultivate knowledge. And so is investment or business. The fact that you bring your own money to invest. Without the slightest knowledge of them. Are you taking too much risk?

In order not to lose money and take risks. You should prepare basic knowledge before investing. In addition, to be able to control how much of your capital you spend to get a return.

Let's apply the 5:3:2 capital allocation method. With safe investment channels and sustainable profits, you spend 50% of your existing capital. Investment channels with high profitability but high risk rate spend 30% of capital. The remaining 20% ​​is for you to accept to face the big risk channels. And there are always high risks.

Therefore, you should allocate capital when investing. It will help you to manage when you have 20 billion what to invest to get the best results.

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What should 20 billion do? High-profit financial investment channels

Profit from bank savings

Of all investment channels, bank savings are considered the safest form of investment. Because banks are always under the supervision of the state. In order to avoid financial problems. Therefore, it never happens that you lose money when the bank goes bankrupt.

If If you have 20 billion, what should be done safely, you should divide the amount into many savings packages. In order not to lose too much profit. Because of Depending on the bank, the interest rate will be around 6-8%/year.

However, if you want the cash flow can spawn in many different directions. Then you should combine spending half to save money in the bank. And half invested in another channel. From there you will get better profits.

Profit from bank savings

What should 20 billion do from investing in the stock market?

Referring to the stock market is no longer strange to everyone. This will be the place to trade securities such as stocks, bonds, etc. Because there are many types of investment, you need to define clearly before putting capital in.

If you think the stock market is easy to invest in. Then that is completely wrong. In all investment channels, securities require each investor to have thorough knowledge. Because stocks always have high risks. Along with frequent fluctuations.

If you have 20 billion, what should you invest from the stock market to make a profit? So always be equipped with knowledge about them. And always monitor the market to be able to catch those fluctuations in time.

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Invest in real estate

Invest in real estate

Currently, real estate is the most interested people. Because real estate is a long-term investment, the value will increase over time. In addition, real estate diversified types. In order for investors to freely choose the type they want.

Types of real estate currently on the market are apartments, land plots, resorts, etc. These types of investments are extremely potential and profitable.

There are 20 billion should do now? To be able to use 20 billion to invest in real estate successfully. You need to be knowledgeable about the real estate market. In addition, you have knowledge of legal documents related to real estate. Will help you avoid the risks related to disputes, scams from land sellers.

What business with large capital?

If the above investment methods are still confusing you about how risky they are. Then please refer to another direction by starting a business with 20 billion.

What should 20 billion do? Spa model business

Spa model business

Beauty seems to have become a trend these days. Therefore, the Spa model is of great interest to many people. In addition to beauty, Spa is also a place for people to relax. After hours of work pressure and fatigue.

There are 20 billion should do now? If you have knowledge and understanding of beauty. You can take advantage of that to do spa business with 20 billion.

However, for the Spa business to be successful and achieve high revenue. In addition to investing in facilities is a quiet area. You should note the following:

  • Diverse many services such as: treatment, beauty, relaxation, ... To be able to meet with many different customer files.

  • Spa business must have professional knowledge that comes with skills.

  • As a service industry, you should invest in human resources. Craftsmanship to keep customers only accounts for one. But keeping customers long-term depends on the attitude of the staff.

For an effective business spa, it will earn a lot of revenue. But getting there is going to take a lot of effort.

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Business mini hotel with 20 billion VND

Currently, people's travel needs are gradually increasing. Therefore, the mini hotel business model attracts many investors.

Job If you have 20 billion, what should be done safely, the mini hotel business is a good choice. Because this is a model with a fast return on investment. Along with not being limited by a single client file. Also, the mini hotel business seems to be risk-free.

However, the competitive market of this model is huge. To be able to do this business successfully, you need to determine the location. And build a marketing strategy for the mini hotel business. And invest in modern facilities and enthusiastic staff. Such an investment will be the point for your mini hotel to attract customers.

Start a technology business with 20 billion VND

We are living in an era where technology 4.0 develops. If you are a lover and curious about technology. So why hesitate to take advantage of them to trade in technology.

Technological items are very diverse such as laptops, phones, watches, etc. In addition, to be able to serve people's lives better and better. In recent years, many companies have released robot vacuums or cameras, toothbrushes, etc.

The highly effective technology business depends on business strategy and marketing strategy. For the technology business to grow more and more. Then you must always be in the mood to learn and cultivate knowledge. From competitors, predecessors and even customers.

For this model requires you to have practical experience. That helps to make your direction and strategy more correct. To easily advise customers on products and solve problems that customers encounter.

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With the sharing above, it will help you somewhat understand the ways to make money. When you have 20 billion, what should you do? Whatever you decide to invest or do business in. Always research them carefully. Let your choice be right. Clbnhadautu40.com Good luck with your investment!