1 Canadian Dollar [CAD] How Much Vietnam Dong [VND]?

When traveling or working in Canada, you will surely wonder about how to change Canadian currency. When you convert to Canadian currency, it will be more convenient for you to spend and buy and sell in this country. So 1 Canadian Dollar How much Vietnamese Dong? We invite you to follow along.

Introducing Canadian Money

The Canadian Dollar (Canadian Dollar) has the codes CAD and currency symbol is: $, Can$ or $C. This is also a way to distinguish the Canadian Dollar from other currencies. From 2007 to present, the Canadian Dollar ranks 7th in the world in exchangeable currencies.

1 Canadian dollar
What is Canadian currency?

Canadian money is divided into 2 types of money: Banknotes and coins with denominations such as:

  • Canadian coins (coins) issued since 1815 are available in two denominations of $5 and $10. To date, the denominations that have been changed are: 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 50 cents, 25 cents, $1 and $2. This denomination is only used for small transactions.
  • Canadian banknotes were first issued between 1813 and 1815, with denominations ranging from $1 to $400. Today, Canadian banknotes are used in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100.

How much is 1 Canadian Dollar in Vietnamese Dong (VND)?

How much is 1 Canadian dollar in Vietnamese dong, this conversion method is made in two forms, which are refreshed and issued by the State bank of Vietnam every morning. Other banks and credit institutions rely on this rate to apply for their foreign exchange transactions.

Currently, the CAD/VND exchange rate is 18,428.40 VND, which means 18,428.40 VND will buy 1C$. So:

1 Canadian Dollar (CAD) = 18,391.70 VND

Convert 100 CAD to Vietnamese Dong (VND)

How to convert 100 Canadian dollars into Vietnamese currency is very simple. You just need to multiply the amount to be exchanged by the rate of this currency. Specifically:

  • 100 CAD = 1,839,170.00 VND

From this formula, you can also convert the par Canadian dollar price other:

  • 2 CAD = 36,794.00 VND
  • 5 CAD = 91,985.00 VND
  • 10 CAD = 183,970.00 VND
  • 20 CAD = 367,940.00 VND
  • 50 CAD = 919,850.00 VND
  • 200 CAD = 3,679,400.00 VND

Canadian Currency Rate Tables At Banks

Each bank will issue different CAD rates. This is based on several factors such as supply and demand, profit and foreign currency investment.

BankBuy cashBuy transferCash saleSell ​​transfer
Bao Viet18,227.0018,623.00
East Asia18,230.0018,310.0018,560.0018,550.00
Kien Long18,151.0018,297.0018,590.00
Lien Viet18,263.0018,600.00
South Asia18,091.0018,291.0018,694.00
UOB17.868.0018,099.00 won18.755.00

Where is the Best Place to Change Canadian Dollars?

How much is 1 Canadian dollar in Vietnamese Dong besides this question, where is the best place for customers to change this currency?

Exchange In Vietnam

The best place to change 1 Canadian dollar in Vietnam is still banks. Because the exchange rate at the banks all support foreign currency conversion, the most is the Canadian Dollar. The banks you should consult are: Vietcombank, VIB or Techcombank in Ho Chi Minh City and Maritimebank, Viettinbank, Vietcombank in Hanoi.

money in canada in vietnam
Convert Canadian currency in Vietnam.

When performing foreign currency conversion transactions at banks, you need to bring your ID card/identity card, air ticket, visa, etc. to get the fastest money exchange.

In addition, you can also choose financial units or gold shops to perform foreign currency conversion. However, you should choose reputable units to avoid being scammed when exchanging money.

Exchange In Canada

You can also go directly to Canada to exchange money. Here you can change money at banks or you can choose to change money at the airport. You should consider carefully when choosing a money transfer unit. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the working time at banks in Canada is from 8 am to 6 pm daily from Monday to Friday.

Once you have exchanged money, you should bring a credit card or check to withdraw money at an ATM or you can bring USD. Because you can use USD to buy and sell in some places, USD also makes it easier for you to convert to CAD.


So you already know 1 Canadian Dollar How much Vietnamese dong? You can exchange money domestically or abroad, depending on your choice. However, you should choose a reputable place for the most secure money exchange process.

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