19 terms in love stories you may not understand

1. Female color?

Sac female is the name for girls who read love stories and love handsome handsome men in love stories.

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2. Trach female?

This word refers to girls with eccentric personalities who like to stay at home, hug the computer, read stories, watch movies, online but are lazy to go out.

3. Noodles?

Nuns are girls who are passionate about stories and support same-sex relationships.

4. Lucky?

Grace means grace, favor, for loving couples who care about each other.

19 terms in love stories you may not understand

5. Little tam?

Only the third person.

6. Do you love?


Toys - games.

This phrase means teacher-student love

6. Public?

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Only those who are in the initiative, take control of their actions.

In the love story, the public are those who are "above".

7. Thu?

The receiver is passive, subject to the actions of the public.

In the love story, thu is the people "underneath."

19 terms in love stories you may not understand

8. Reverse?

Indicates suffering torture, physical or mental torture (against mind).

9. Bloody?

Only stories, repetitive situations boring, nothing new.

10. HE?

Happy Ending – happy ending, happy, happy.

11. SE?

Sad Ending – sad, tragic ending.

12. OE?

Open Ending – open ending.

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13. H?

H stands for Hot.

H scenes in love language mean hot scenes: 16+, 18+, 22+… banning children.

14. Bach Hop?

Bach Hop is a genre of stories that is not very popular but also has a large number of readers. Content written about lesbian, revolving around same-sex relationships.

15. Passion?

This type of story is quite popular recently. Passion is a gay story, which is adored by the witches.

16. Black Dao?

This genre is often preferred by both men and women. The content revolves around the gangster world full of dangers. Characters in the story are usually gangsters, experiencing dangerous storms. This fascinating genre has very good readership.

17. Hammock hammock?

This is the kind of story that is true but fake, fake but true. Because often talking about real life and in the game. But mostly talking about the game world, real life is just a secondary factor. The main characters play games, make friends... activities are described in the game.

18. Piercing?

This is a fantasy story genre. Usually the main character will happen to something and disappear from the real world to another space and time. It can be from ancient to modern or vice versa.

19. Myths?

Called fanciful, there are magical elements such as fairy tales, fairy tales, magic, religious practices, and fairy tales.

Also some words like:

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  • School garden youth: student school life

  • Fairytale Cultivation: A story with elements of a spiritual practice.

  • Little secret: mistress.