3+ Simple way of Vietcombank account statement in just 5 minutes

Anyone using a Vietcombank bank account can get a statement of their old transactions. However, not everyone knows how to extract Vietcombank account statements. Guide Vietcombank account statement The following ways will help you to solve this problem.

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What is Vietcombank Account Statement?

Vietcombank account statement is a list of your transactions. Include details of everything related to the cash in and out of the account. These cash flows can be online payments, cash withdrawals, cash deposits, transfer receipts, etc. In addition, service charges or monthly interest are also shown on the statement.

Vietcombank account statement
Vietcombank account statement

Depending on your bank's activities, this data sheet may be sent to you every month. However, there will be some cards that do not send statements every month. So you will need to find out Vietcombank account statement instructions to get the data.

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What Information Does Vietcombank Account Statement Have?

In Vietcombank statement, customers are provided with information including:

  • Owner information (individual or organization)

  • Opening balance

  • Transactions arising in the period: expenditures, bill payments, withdrawals, service usage fees...

  • Closing balance: the total amount remaining on the account up to the time of statement printing

When do I need Vietcombank Account Statement?

  • Account statement when you are in need of a credit card or loan.

  • Account statements help users manage their finances.

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Ways of Vietcombank Account Statement

The current, Vietcombank bank are using 2 forms of statement. These two forms include "direct bank statement" and "online statement online". Both of these statement types have their own benefits for users.

Online statement (online)

You will need to use an online bank account to get your statement online. For this type of statement, the user can take the initiative at any time. The statement will be extracted as a soft file on your mobile device. In this case, users often get a statement to manage personal expenses. In addition, they can get a statement to confirm the transaction for the partner.

Direct bank statement

Direct statement at the bank means that the user goes to Vietcombank's branches. At that time, the receipt of the statement will be done by the bank staff. Users only need to submit identification documents and fill in the required information to get a statement.

Types of Vietcombank statements
Types of Vietcombank statements

Only with direct user statement type get hard copy. This hard copy is fully certified and stamped by Vietcombank. With a certified bank statement, you can complete many administrative tasks. This is an indispensable component to do jobs such as applying for a visa to go abroad, making complaints, etc.

Note that customers should check Vietcombank working hours to be able to sort to the statement branch.

Procedures for Statements at Vietcombank

The bank statement procedure is also quite simple and fast. If you want a statement of your account, the following documents are required:

  • ID/ID card

  • Application form to open personal account statement service according to the form of Vietcombank

  • Users with Vietcombank bank accounts go to the nearest Vietcombank Transaction Office/Branch and ask the staff to print the bank account statement according to the timeline you need (usually one month or three months).

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Quickest Guide to Vietcombank Account Statement

There are 2 ways to get Vietcombank bank account details. Each method will have different implementation steps. Here are Vietcombank account statement instructions details for you to apply.

Please ask for Vietcombank bank statement at Branch – Transaction office

  • Step 1: You need to prepare your ID/Citizen ID card and go to the nearest branch/transaction office of Vietcombank.

  • Step 2: Take the order number according to the instructions of the bank staff and wait for your turn.

  • Step 3: Ask staff for bank statements and provide identification for staff to check information.

  • Step 4: Fill out all information in the required statement form provided by the bank staff.

  • Step 5: Return the slip to the staff to check the information.

  • Step 6: If the information is valid, the statement will be printed. You pay the statement printing fee and receive a certified copy of the statement.

How to make Vietcombank account statement online on VCB-iBanking

Account statement on VCB-iB@nking
Account statement on [email protected]

Step 1: You access VCB Digibank to look up online by following the link here.

Step 2: Log in to your account and enter the verification code.

Instructions for account statement on VCB-iBanking

Step 3: Section List of accounts/cards > Select the word Detail next to.

Instructions for account statement on VCB-iBanking

Step 4: Click on the number line showing the amount on the screen.

Instructions for account statement on VCB-iBanking

Step 5: Scroll to find Transaction history. Then, select the time period you want to search for transactions > Select Search.

Instructions for account statement on VCB-iBanking

Check your vietcombank statement on your phone via VCB Digibank app

Step 1: Open VCB Digibank application.

Step 2: Log in by entering your phone number when registering for services at the bank, password and confirm OTP.

Statement on VCB Digibank app

Step 3: Choose List of accounts/cards > Select Detail in the middle of the circle.

Statement on VCB Digibank app

Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Transaction history. Here you can see the entire amount of money in, money out before up to a period of 1 month.

Statement on VCB Digibank app

Vietcombank bank account statement at ATM

The statement at Vietcombank ATM only allows printing of statements Last 10 transactions. To proceed with the statement, you in turn perform the following steps:

  • Step 1: You go to the nearest ATM and insert your card into the card slot.

  • Step 2: Enter the PIN to log in.

  • Step 3: You choose PRINT STATEMENTS on the screen and select receive invoice.

Is there any fee for Vietcombank Bank Account Statement?

There are 2 ways to charge Vietcombank statement for customers with periodic statement and extraordinary statement. As follows:

Print periodic statements once a monthFreeFree
Print recurring statements more than once a month5,000 VND/page or by agreement (Minimum 20,000 VND/time)0.5 USD/page or by agreement (Minimum 1.5 USD/time)
Print irregular statements of transactions arising within 12 months from the date of request5,000VND/page or by agreement (Minimum 30,000VND/time)0.5 USD/page or by agreement (Minimum 2 USD/time)
Print irregular statements of transactions arising over 12 months from the date of request5,000VND/page or by agreement (Minimum 50,000VND/time)0.5 USD/page or by agreement (Minimum 5 USD/time)
Unexpectedly at the request of the customerStatement fee at such as unexpected printing fee + electricity feeStatement fee at such as unexpected printing fee + electricity fee
Send supplementary book statement by post (according to customer's request)20,000 VND + actual postage20,000 VND + actual postage

Notes When Vietcombank Account Statement

When making Vietcombank account statements, you should note the following:

  • Depending on your needs and purposes, you should choose how to make your account statement online or at the counter so that it is appropriate for you. Save time and cost print account statement.

  • Absolutely do not arbitrarily ask others to make statements for you and need information security when making account statements at ATMs.

  • If you want your account statement directly at Vietcombank counters, you should go to office hours For the best support, you can see the latest Vietcombank working hours nationwide.

  • Some banks support Fastest online loan need customers to provide Vietcombank statement to complete the profile.


Instructions for Vietcombank account statement online will help users not to spend a lot of time and effort. Plus, you can extract statements whenever you want. Meanwhile, going to the branch will get you a certified hard copy statement. So, depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the most suitable method for you

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