5+ How to look up Vietcombank account number how many numbers? Record where?

Vietcombank is one of the reputable banks in Vietnam with millions of user accounts every year. However, a lot of users do not know the simple ways to look up Vietcombank bank account number. Let's find out through the following article!

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What is Vietcombank Bank Account Number?

Vietcombank account number is a series of unique numbers for each customer provided by Vietcombank when registering to open a card. Vietcombank account number is used in transactions such as transferring money, receiving money, paying for online services...

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Vietcombank Account Number How Many Numbers?

Vietcombank bank account number is a series of numbers including 13 digits issued by the bank to the customer to conduct the transaction. This account number is unique to help distinguish different customers. Thanks to the account number, users can easily transfer and pay for transactions.

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Vietcombank account number consists of 13 digits

Currently with a length of 13 digits with the structure 071100xxxxxxx but Vietcombank's account number has shown all basic information of the account including information about the bank branch, card classification information, currency and customer code.


  • 071: (Vietcombank account number is usually 001, 002, 004, 044, 045, 0491, 030, 007): the first 3 digits represent the branch code for the card.
  • first (4th number in Vietcombank account) Current account of Vietcombank.
  • 00 (next 2 digits): Currency (VND)
  • xxxxxx (last 7 digits): Customer code. Each customer will have their own code. No one matches anyone.

For example, an account number 071 1 00 5863127 shows the following information:

  • 071 is Hanoi branch code
  • 1 is the type of payment account
  • 00 currency expression VND
  • 5863127 is the customer code. Each customer code is unique to a customer representative. Vietcombank allows customers to open multiple accounts in the bank with the same customer code.

Where is Vietcombank Account Number Recorded?

Customers can know Vietcombank's bank account number when opening a card at the bank. However, if you are a new customer, Vietcombank will simultaneously open a bank account for you, then the bank account number will be in your card payment envelope with a secured pin code.

When making an ATM card, customers will receive an envelope containing the ATM card, a piece of paper with a pin code (password) and ATM card account number. Currently, the bank's account number also appears above:

  • Receipts when you make transactions at the ATM
  • Types of bills to pay for your services
  • Automated SMS sent by the bank
  • On the interface when customers log in to Vietcombank's electronic banking services.

However, if you do not need to open a card, just open an account, the account number will be notified by the teller immediately after registering to open a card at Vietcombank. Account numbers need to be absolutely confidential, to avoid exposing them to unexpected financial risks.

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5 Fastest Ways To Look Up Vietcombank Account Numbers

Sometimes you may forget your account number or not carry your bank account number delivery note with you. However, you can still easily look up your account number in many different ways. Here are the 5 most popular and easiest ways for you.

Look Up Vietcombank Account Number At ATM

To be able to look up Vietcombank bank account number at an ATM, you just need to enter the card's pin code, then select the inquiry function and select print invoice. At that time, the ATM will automatically print a statement of account information including account number, current account balance.

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You can look up your bank account number through an ATM

Search steps:

  • Step 1: Insert the card into the ATM slot and select the language.
  • Step 2: Enter PIN of the account and select Continue.
  • Step 3: After successfully logging into the system, you select the item View balance.
  • Step 4: When performing this function, the system will print a statement including bank account number information. Then you choose End of transaction and get the card back.

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Check Vietcombank Account Number Via SMS

If you have registered to use VCB-SMS [email protected], you can check your account number by this form. When the balance in your Vietcombank account fluctuates, the bank will send a message to your phone.

Check account number via text message
Check account number via text message

Just check the old messages of Vietcombank, you will see that each message has a mention of Vietcombank bank account number.

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Look Up Vietcombank Account Numbers At Transaction Offices

Another simple way to look up that account number is to go to Vietcombank's transaction office and ask the tellers to check the information. When going to the transaction office, you need to bring your identity card or identification card as a basis for the bank to check account information.

Note Vietcombank's working hours when looking here.

Look Up Account Number Via Vietcombank Call Center

If you do not have time to go to the counter, you can directly contact Vietcombank's switchboard to look up your account number. In order for the operator to provide account number information, you need to provide full information including full name, identification number or identification card, ..

Hotline Vietcombank: 1900 54 54 13

Check Vietcombank Account Number Via Internet Banking

To be able to look up your Vietcombank account number via internet banking, you need to register for the SMS banking feature. Every time the volatility account increases or decreases, the switchboard will automatically send you information via text message, including the volatility amount and your account number.

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Vietcombank launches digital application to help look up information

Currently, Vietcombank has constantly applied digital technology to enhance service quality to customers. VCB Digibank service is a step forward in digital services of Vietcombank. You can easily look up your account via your phone, personal computer, etc.

Checking Through Vietcombank Digibank On Computer

To use VCB Digibank service on your phone, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: Access the address https://vcbdigibank.vietcombank.com.vn/.

Step 2: Enter account information Your username, password, verification code are displayed on the right and then press the button Log in.

Check VCB account number on computer

Step 3: The homepage of Vietcombank displays, information about the account number will be on the left side of the screen.

Check VCB account number on computer

In case you have not registered for VCB Digibank service, the registration procedure is also extremely easy. You just need to go to any Vietcombank transaction office nationwide, present your ID card or ID card to proceed with registration.


  • VCB Digibank service registration fee: Free.
  • Fee for using VCB Digibank service: 10,000 VND/month/phone number (not include VAT).

Checking Through Vietcombank Digibank On Phone

To experience Vietcombank Digibank service on your phone, you need to download the Vietcombank Digital app. This application has been supported on both iOS and Android platforms to facilitate users.

  • Download Vietcombank application for Android.
  • Download Vietcombank app for iOS.

Look up Vietcombank account number on phone

Simply download the app to your smartphone, log in with your personal information, and look up your account number.


Bank accounts in general and Vietcombank bank accounts in particular are becoming more and more popular. Hopefully this article has provided you with many options to look up Vietcombank bank account number quickly and accurately.

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