6 How to check Vietinbank account balance via SMS

For customers who are using accounts at Vietinbank. Job check Vietinbank account balance is indispensable. When looking up balance information, you can capture information about how much money is left in your account. If you do not know the remaining amount, it will greatly affect your transaction.

If people do not know how to look up their bank account balance information. With the article below, we will guide and answer this question for you. Let's find out in detail below.


What is Vietinbank account balance?

The balance in your Vietinbank account is the amount left in your bank account. After everyone's transaction. After each customer makes any transaction. The amount in your account will change. Therefore, you need to conduct a lookup of your bank account balance information.

If you do not know how much money you have left, it will greatly affect future transactions. If the amount in the account is not enough, you will not be able to conduct such transactions. Money transfer, withdrawal or payment,…. So please continue to refer to the article below to find out the answer.

How to check Vietinbank account balance?

Currently, Vietinbank supports customers to quickly look up their account balances. In many different ways, and here are detailed step-by-step instructions for everyone.

Look up Vietinbank account balance at the counter

The first way we would like to introduce to you is how to check at the bank's counter. This is the traditional way but is still applied by many people when they do not use many transactions at the bank. To proceed, you can prepare your ID/CCCD, then go to the nearest Vietinbank branch.check Vietinbank account balance

Meet the bank staff and ask to look up your account balance information. The staff will proceed to confirm some of your information to confirm you are the account owner. After confirming the necessary information as prescribed. Staff will conduct information search on the system, then notify everyone.

Check Vietinbank account balance at ATM

The bank's ATM helps customers to quickly look up their account balance information. Please refer to the steps below to check your balance at an ATM:check Vietinbank account balance

  • Step 1: Take your ATM card then go to the location of the bank's ATM. Or the ATM of the linked bank is fine.

  • Step 2: At the tree, please put your card in the slot and then enter the PIN to access the bank's system.

  • Step 3: At the interface of the tree, please select the "Information query“.

  • Step 4: Then your account balance information will be displayed on the main screen of the ATM.

Check Vietinbank account balance on phone

For those who are using Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services of Vietinbank. Then to look up account information will become extremely easy. The following are detailed instructions on how to search on the bank's Banking service. check Vietinbank account balance

Step 1: Log in to Vetinbank's banking service:

  • Log in on Vietinbank's website: https://www.vietinbank.vn/web/home/vn/index.html

  • Or log in on Vietinbank iPay application on your phone.

Step 2: Then proceed to log in with the Banking account registered with the bank.

Step 3: At the main interface of the 2 translations, you choose as follows:

  • On the website, you choose the "Payment account“.

  • On the application, you choose "Account“.

Step 4: Then information about everyone's account balance will be displayed right at the main screen. At this point, please proceed to check the information.

Check Vietinbank account balance via text message

In addition to the above two services, we would like to introduce to you another service of the bank which is SMS Banking of Vietinbank. This service will notify your bank account balance action quickly after each transaction. For those who are using this service, they can go to the notification message to look up the account balance.check Vietinbank account balance

For those who have deleted all the messages about the bank's account balance. You can compose a message according to the message syntax below:

  • Check default Vietinbank account balance: CTG SD send 8149

  • Check other Vietinbank account balances: CTG SD SoTaikhoan send 8149

After that, information about your account balance will be sent by the banking system to the service registration phone number.

Look up Vietinbank account balance via call center

The last way is that customers can look up information through Vietinbank's switchboard. To proceed, you call the bank's switchboard at: 1900558868.

Then provide some information related to the customer's account and individual to confirm the information. Then you will know how much is your bank account balance.

Fee for checking Vietinbank account balance

Many customers wonder that when checking the account balance of Vietinbank. Does the bank charge a fee for checking? With this question we will answer for you as follows:

  • Look up at the counter: Free.

  • Look up via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking: Free.

  • Checking by SMS Banking service: 550 VND/time (the last 10 transactions), 1,100 VND when sending a successful message.


Here are the instructions on how check Vietinbank account balance on the phone quickly. With the above information, we hope to help you in the transaction process. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free answers and support.