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Binh Tien

Travel to Nha Trang maybe you are too familiar with the name Binh Lap island,Island of Yen… But with Binh Tien, only once to this place, you will have a different feeling. Unspoiled beaches, fresh nature, peaceful and gentle life will make visitors come and not leave.

1. Some information about Binh Tien beach

1.1. Where is Binh Tien beach?

  • Address: Binh Tien hamlet, Cong Hai commune, Thuan Bac district, Ninh Thuan province

Binh Tien beach is located far from the city. Phan Rang is about 30km, between the boundary of the two seas Ninh Thuan - Khanh Hoa, three sides are surrounded by forests and rocky mountains. The other side is located next to Nui Chua National Park. The terrain is bordered by mountains and forests, so Binh Tien sea is quite quiet, the air is fresh and cool with the blue water in the fantasy. Because of its rare and hard-to-find wild beauty, Binh Tien beach has become one of the most beautiful beaches in the world tourist attractions Khanh Hoa - Nha Trang attract.

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Binh Tien

1.2. When should you go to Binh Tien beach?

Binh Tien beach Ninh Thuan has quite pleasant weather, so you can travel at any time of the year. But with the experiences of going to Binh Tien beach of many tourists, you should come around mid-April to June. This time is very sunny, convenient for fun activities, swimming.

Binh Tien

1.3. The way to Binh Tien beach Ninh Thuan

  • Plane to Binh Tien beach: You can take a plane to Cam Ranh airport, Nha Trang. Then take a bus or taxi to Binh Tien beach. The beach is about 40km from the airport, about 55 minutes by car. Refer LATEST flights to Nha Trang.

  • Bus to Binh Tien beach: If in the city. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a bus to Ninh Thuan by reputable bus operators such as Thanh Van, Hoang Nhan... with a fare of about 140,000 VND/person/way. Then you can rent a motorbike or a taxi to go to Binh Tien beach.

  • Motorbike to Binh Tien beach: From City. From Ho Chi Minh City, you drive to Phan Rang and then go along National Highway 1A about 30km to Cam Ranh. 100m from My Thanh bridge you will meet a small road, go further 10km to Binh Tien beach.

Binh Tien

2. What's interesting about Binh Tien beach tourism?

2.1. Swimming - Diving to see the corals of Binh Tien beach

One of the most favorite activities when coming to Binh Tien is swimming and snorkeling. Immerse yourself in the cool, clear blue water or take a walk on Binh Tien beach in Cam Ranh watching the sunrise and sunset gradually fall, nothing is more wonderful. The vibrant, colorful coral reefs swaying with the waves will bring excitement to visitors who love this recreational activity.

Binh Tien

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2.2. Explore the cool green stream on Chua mountain

In Binh Tien tourist area, there is a famous stream, clear and cool water, flowing from Chua mountain. Take the time to explore this stream, listen and feel the lively sound rhythms as well as try freshwater fishing here for an attractive barbecue right on the beach of Binh Tien.

Binh Tien

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2.3. Experience the life of fishermen in Binh Tien sea

Another recreational activity that is very attractive to tourists when coming to Binh Tien beach is catching fish on a boat with fishermen. The friendly, hospitable people will guide you on how to catch seafood near the shore. After that, visitors can also directly grill fresh fish and squid right at the boat or ask the fishermen to process it.

If you like to explore around Binh Tien beach, you can also rent a boat to do a private tour with the rental price from 60,000 - 150,000 VND depending on the number of people.

Binh Tien

2.4. Camping on the beach of Binh Tien watching the "sea" of shimmering stars

Coming to Binh Tien beach, you probably won't want to miss the most interesting activity that is camping overnight here. Prepare a tent, camp and warm clothes to have a night of exploring the sparkling, extremely romantic starry sky on the beach of Binh Tien.

Binh Tien

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3. What to eat in Binh Tien?

Specialties in Binh Tien must include seafood. This place has a lot of delicious seafood, worth you to explore such as grilled snail, squid, shrimp, crab, crab... You can also easily find dishes Nha Trang specialties nice Khanh Hoa specialties for sale here.

Binh Tien

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4. Notes and experiences going to Binh Tien beach

Binh Tien

  • Please prepare sunscreen, glasses, hats to protect your body and skin.

  • When going swimming and diving, always bring a life jacket and follow the instructions of the person in charge if any. Pay special attention to the whirlpools.

  • Should choose a compact personal vehicle when going to Binh Tien because the entrance is quite small and narrow.

  • Pay attention to bring your own medicines and medical supplies if needed because it will be difficult to find them in Binh Tien beach.

Because the beach is still quite wild, the accommodation services around Binh Tien have not developed much, visitors should book a room in the center of Nha Trang city to easily combine the schedule with many famous entertainment places. other like: Vinpearl Golf Nha Trang, Van Phong Bay, Diep Son Island

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Binh Tien

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With wild beauty, mystery and ideal weather, Binh Tien beach is increasingly chosen by many young people in their travels. Not only has a beautiful and fresh beach, but the winding pass to reach this place is also an interesting challenge for those who love the feeling of challenge and adventure.

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