Answer which bank can withdraw from MBBank ATM card today?

Currently, there are many customers using the ATM card service of MBBank. But there are still many customers who still don't know the card Which bank can MBBank withdraw?? If you do not know about this information. This will greatly affect the customer's transaction process. So with the following article, we will answer this question.

Which bank can MBBank ATM card withdraw?

Currently, major banks have linked together so that customers can use the bank's services quickly and easily. Once connected, you can conduct transactions at that bank's ATM. No need to go to the right location of the MBBank ATM anymore.Which bank can MBBank withdraw?

Linking together also makes it easier for customers to make online money transfers. And hereafter, we will also provide you with information about banks that are affiliated with MBBank. For detailed information, please refer to us below:

  1. Lien Viet Bank.

  2. Dai Tin Trust Bank.

  3. Nam A Bank.

  4. Vietcombank bank.

  5. Central People's Bank CCF.

  6. Techcombank.

  7. Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank SCB.

  8. Nam Viet Navibank.

  9. Tien Phong Bank TPBank.

  10. Southern Bank Suthern Bank.

  11. VietA Bank.

  12. Dong a Bank.

  13. Saigon Commercial Bank credits Sacombank.

  14. OceanBank.

  15. Western Bank Western Bank.

  16. Petroleum Bank PG Bank.

  17. Vietnam Russia Joint Venture Bank VRB.

  18. VIB International Bank.

  19. VPBank Bank.

  20. Export-Import Bank EIB.

  21. MSB Maritime Bank.

  22. HD Bank.

  23. Indo Bank Vina Bank IVB.

  24. Saigon Industrial and Commercial Bank SaigonBank.

  25. An Binh Bank ABBank.

  26. Hanoi House Commercial Joint Stock Bank Habubank.

  27. SHB Bank.

  28. Bac A Bank Nasbank.

  29. Dai A Bank.

  30. Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Agribank.

  31. BIDV Bank.

  32. Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of BIDV

  33. Asia Bank ACB.

  34. SeABank.

  35. Oriental Bank OCB.

  36. Standard Chartered Bank SCVN.

  37. MTV Hong Leong Bank VN HLBVN.

  38. GPBank Global One Member Oil Commercial Bank Limited.

How to withdraw money at the ATM of the associated bank

Above we will provide everyone with information about the list. Banks you can use your MBBank card to withdraw money. If people do not know how to withdraw money with MBBank ATM card at ATMs of other banks. Following are instructions for withdrawing money with MBBank card at the linked ATM:Which bank can MBBank withdraw?

  • Step 1: Look at the list above, then go to that bank's ATM.

  • Step 2: At that bank's ATM, please proceed to insert your ATM card into the tree. (Each ATM will have a different card slot.)

  • Step 3: Select the language then enter your ATM card PIN to log in to the ATM.

  • Step 4: At the tree screen interface, please select the function "Withdraw money“. Then choose to continue to withdraw money from the default account.

  • Step 5: The screen will show information about a certain amount. To withdraw fish you will choose the equivalent amount. If you do not want to withdraw that amount, you can choose “Other amount”. Then enter the amount you want to withdraw and click confirm.

  • Step 6: The ATM will display a message that you want to print the bill or not. People can choose yes or no. Then get the card back first and wait for the money to be released by the ATM.

MBBank withdrawal fee at affiliated bank's ATM

Many customers are wondering when withdrawing money at another bank's ATM. Will the ATM card withdrawal fee change? To the above question, we will answer everyone yes. Withdrawal fees at other banks' ATMs will be higher. And the following will be the fee for withdrawing money from MBBank cards at ATMs of other banks.

  • Withdraw money at MBBank's ATM: 1,100 VND/ transaction.

  • Withdraw money at the ATM of the associated bank: 3,300 VND / 1 transaction.

MBBank withdrawal limit at the linked ATM

And one more thing that many customers are interested in is what is the maximum amount a customer can withdraw at the associated ATM? And according to our research, the withdrawal limit at the bank's ATM will be less. When you withdraw money at an ATM of MBBank. And the following will be the withdrawal limit at the affiliated bank's ATM.

  • Maximum withdrawal amount 1 time: 2 million VND/ 1 transaction.

  • Maximum withdrawal amount 1 day: 20 Million VND/ 1 transaction.

Note when withdrawing money with MBBank ATM card

What should you pay attention to when withdrawing money by ATM card? Here are the things customers need to keep in mind when making a withdrawal at the ATM of the associated bank. As follows:Which bank can MBBank withdraw?

  • If you withdraw money at an ATM of an unaffiliated bank. Your ATM card will be locked or swallowed at that bank's ATM.

  • When making a transaction, customers should use their hands to cover them. Avoid the case of bad guys setting up the device secretly.

  • If you want to withdraw a large amount of money, people should go directly to the bank's transaction counter. There conditions and safety are very high.

  • Do not enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times or your ATM card will be temporarily blocked.


The above article answers everyone's card questions Which bank can MBBank withdraw?? Find out about the withdrawal limit and fee at the ATM of the linked bank. With the above information, we hope to help everyone. If you have any more questions, please leave feedback for to answer and support.

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