Can 19 years old get a bank loan? Where are you?

Can 19 years old get a bank loan?? This is one of the many questions asked by customers who intend to borrow money at the bank. So where should a 19-year-old customer get a loan without collateral? And there is a reasonable interest rate between the two parties.

Currently, most banks support unsecured loans for customers over 21 years old. As for customers at the age of 19, most still do not have a stable job. But students can still borrow money from some banks and companies. Just need ID card/CCCD or Driver's License, you can apply for a loan quickly.

Can a 19-year-old customer get a bank loan?

Getting a loan from a bank is not difficult at all. However, customers who want to borrow money need to meet a number of conditions that the bank has specified. According to the regulations, people aged 15 and over have been granted ID cards and have experienced their own civil acts.Can 19 years old get a bank loan?

But you don't have to have an ID card to get a bank loan. According to the bank's letter, the person who can borrow money is from 18 years of age or older. And as you have seen, 19 years old can already apply for a loan at a bank. But it requires customers to show proof of personal income or collateral. Because this is what the bank will evaluate whether you are able to repay the bank or not.

Summary: 19 years old can borrow money at the bank. But it depends on the bank and the customer in each case.

In which banks can 19-year-olds borrow money?

And below we will introduce to you some banks that allow 19-year-old customers to borrow money. But the banks below will ask you to prove collateral or personal income. Everyone should take note of this.

Vietcombank bank

Currently, Vietcombank has a program to support students and students with loans at the bank. For students who are having financial difficulties, this bank can be consulted. Some documents students should prepare to be able to borrow at Vietcombank are as follows:

  • Papers proving that students are studying at the school.

  • Notarized copy of permanent residence book.

  • Poor household book or some papers certifying that relatives are no longer able to work.

  • If you currently have a job and earn money, you can apply for an unsecured loan package. Customers are required to prove their income.


TPBank is also currently supporting loans for those 18 years of age and older. The following will be some information when borrowing money at this bank. As follows:

  • Require borrowers to have ID card and household registration.

  • Have a stable income to ensure the ability to repay the debt.

  • There is no history of bad debt to any bank or institution.

  • The amount customers can borrow from 8 to 70 million VND.


At BIDV, customers need to have a stable job. It will be eligible to apply for an unsecured loan package at a bank. When applying for an unsecured loan at BIDV, customers need to prepare the following things:

  • ID card/CCCD and Household registration.

  • Proof of your salary for the last 3 months.

  • Labor contract or proof of having worked at the establishment for 12 months or more.

  • Have a stable job with a minimum salary of 3 million or more.


Loan interest rates at SHBC bank are very favorable, so customers can completely choose this bank to borrow money. Some information about conditions when borrowing at this bank.

  • The customer is a Vietnamese water conduit.

  • There are ages 18 to 60 for women and 18 to 65 for men.

  • Have a stable income.

  • And your salary is paid through SHBC's bank account.

Where can I borrow money at 19 years old without proof of income?

As you can see, the banks above need to prove their personal income. So where can those who can't prove themselves but still want to borrow? Currently, there are many ways to help you get a loan without having to prove your income.Can 19 years old get a bank loan?

The most convenient thing is that you need to have ID card/CCCD and household registration. Thus, you can proceed to apply for a loan package. Moreover, you can also register online at home without having to go anywhere. Quick branch procedures, same day disbursement. Specifically, everyone can refer to the details below.

Senmo – Quick Loan

This is a financial service for short-term loans. People can borrow with the lowest limit of 1 million and maximum of 20 million. Here is some information about this type of loan:

  • Bad debt can still get a loan.

  • Loan term up to 90 days.

  • Automatic review and automatic online disbursement.

  • Bank disbursement will be automatically transferred to everyone's account.

  • Attractive loan interest rate 1.85%.

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Some information when customers register via MoneyCat is as follows:

  • Limit from 500,000 VND to 10 million VND.

  • Borrowing age is from 19 to 55 years old.

  • Maximum loan term is up to 91 days.

  • No proof of income or collateral is required.

  • The first loan is entitled to a preferential interest rate of 0%.

  • Support online registration and receive money quickly in 15 minutes.

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Tamo is a platform that provides online finance to customers wishing to apply for an online loan. Aimed at people who are having financial difficulties. Tamo wants to bring the simplest and fastest financial solutions. The following will be some information about loans at Tamo:

  • The loan amount will be from 1 to 10 million VND.

  • Age between 19 and 65 years old.

  • Loan term from 90 to 180 days.

  • No appraisal or calling required.

  • Apply for a loan online and disburse via bank account.

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Oh money

With the online loan service "oh money", people can quickly apply for a loan on the phone. Information about the loan service “My Money” is as follows:

  • Loan limit from 500k to 15 million VND.

  • With a loan term of 3 months.

  • No need to prove income, mortgage assets.

  • No meeting, 100% online registration.

  • ID/CCCD required.

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What should a 19-year-old customer pay attention to when borrowing money?

Not only 19-year-old customers, but also customers of all ages when applying for a loan. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Customers should choose reputable reputable banks to make loans.

  • Borrowing money online is like borrowing money at a bank. Everyone just needs to pay the debt on time.

  • Pay attention to interest rates when taking out a loan.

  • You should read and sign the terms of the loan contract and use a low limit that suits you.

  • Find out more about family members.


Here is an article to answer customers' questions Can 19 years old get a bank loan?? Hope the above article will be useful for customers in the process of applying for a loan. If you have any questions, please leave feedback so that can support and answer them.

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