Distinguish Sacombank Pay and mBanking. Fee schedule of Sacombank Pay and mBanking 2022

Sacombank Pay and mBanking are two outstanding utilities of Sacombank. However, to date many customers still have difficulty distinguishing these two applications. The following article, nganhangnonthon will guide you how to distinguish Sacombank Pay and mBanking as well as update the fee schedule of Sacombank Pay and mBanking 2022. Follow all the content below!

What is Sacombank Pay?

Sacombank Pay is an electronic application developed by Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Sacombank. This application has many outstanding features to help customers do banking effectively. It is almost like an e-wallet, customers can transfer, withdraw money or shop online at any time. As long as you own an iOS/Android device, you can register right away.

Main features of Sacombank Pay

The application was developed with the aim of supporting users to the maximum, taking the initiative to operate instead of going to a traditional bank. Hence it has the following main features:

  • Integrate card management and Sacombank bank accounts easily. Users can actively perform operations such as: activating the card, creating a PIN code, looking up balance, viewing transaction history, ....

  • Transfer money, and receive money online quickly and flexibly. In addition, Sacombank also has many preferential programs for transactions on the application that will be refunded to the monthly account.

  • Convenient bill payment, Sacombank Pay allows customers to create a payment schedule for consumer bills such as electricity, water, internet, buy phone cards, etc.

  • Payment for shopping, at the store, no need to withdraw cash, no card. You just need to scan the QR code to pay immediately.

  • Instead of carrying an ATM card that is easy to lose, when customers use Sacombank Pay, they can easily withdraw cash at ATMs without having to put the card in like before. Withdrawers need only a few simple steps to withdraw money with their mobile phone within minutes.

  • Support for consumer loans at the application with lower interest rates than loans at banks from 0.65% - 0.84%/month right at home anytime, anywhere.

  • Support to open credit cards right on the app without going to the bank, receive bulk incentives.

What is Sacombank mBanking?

mBanking can be roughly understood as mobile banking. Almost every bank is popular thanks to its preeminent features. Sacombank mBanking service is similar to Sacombank Pay allowing customers to transfer, receive money, etc. at home with just a smartphone. To use this application, customers need to register to use internet banking service.

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Main features of Sacombank mBanking

Sacombank mBanking attracts many users thanks to its outstanding features such as:

  • Help customers easily look up quickly information: balance, account number, card number, transaction history, ... of the account through just a few small steps.

  • Support customers to withdraw money directly at ATMs 24/7 without using a card.

  • Allow opening online savings book with higher interest rate than opening directly at Sacombank. This saves customers time, effort and money.

  • Support to transfer and receive money in the same and different banking systems.

Distinguish Sacombank Pay and mBanking

Although at a glance, we can see that Sacombank Pay and mBanking have similar features, but a closer look, these two applications still have different points.

Comparative CriteriaSacombank Pay Sacombank mBanking
User object

  • Applies to all customers.

  • Accept both Sacombank and other bank customers.

  • Accept people who have never opened a bank account.

  • Only applicable to customers with Sacombank accounts and registered for internet banking service.

Equipment used

  • Mobile phone with Internet connection.

  • Mobile phone with Internet connection.

How to register

  • Register with your phone number and verify your personal information.

  • Register for Mobile banking service at the bank.

main feature

  • Top up or transfer money to the app with your phone number or personal QR code.

  • The function is similar to that of an e-wallet.

  • Support withdrawing money by QR code without using ATM card.

  • Quick payment by QR code.

  • Actively manage cards and accounts without going to the bank.

  • Easily find food and fashion stores that accept payments.

  • Fast money transfer to banks of the same system, different systems.

  • Actively look up account numbers, balances, loans and savings deposits quickly

  • Support withdrawal 24/7 at ATM and can withdraw money by QR code.

  • Deposit online with preferential interest rates.

Fee schedule of Sacombank Pay and mBanking

Transaction fee schedule on Sacombank Pay application

The following is the transaction fee schedule on Sacombank Pay application (applicable from March 1, 2022)

Transaction typeSourceArrive Service charge

  • Sacombank Pay account

  • Payment account

  • Sacombank card

  • Sacombank Pay account

  • Sacombank card

  • Sacombank account

  • Other Bank Napas Cards

  • Other bank accounts

  • Visa/Mastercard number

other bank

Deposit (select funds Sacombank has link)

  • Payment account

  • Sacombank card

  • Sacombank Pay account

Deposit (select source of money from Bank card other)

  • International card

  • Napas . Domestic Card

  • Sacombank Pay account

  • International card: 2% * transaction value + 2,000 yen

  • Domestic card: 0.9% * transaction value + 1,100

Withdraw QR money at ATM

  • Sacombank Pay account

  • Free

  • According to the current card fee schedule


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  • The above service charges are inclusive of VAT.

  • Types of money transfer transactions include money transfer, giving love, QR money transfer, agreeing transaction prompting money transfer/bill split.

Transaction fee schedule on Sacombank mBanking application

The following is the transaction fee schedule on the e-banking application Sacombank mBanking. People can refer to more.

Type of service Charges
Register Service Free
Service maintenance fee (month/user)15,000 (Excluding customers who have used less than a month)
Fee for using SMS OTP authentication (/month/user)Free
Fee for using OTP authentication via Advanced Token/Token (/device)200,000 VND
Transfer fee, paymentFree
Authentication with transaction passwordFree
Pay the billFree
Transfer money within the same system

  • Same city: Free

  • Other cities: 8,000 VND/time

Transfer money outside the system

  • Same city: 0.018% * Transfer amount (minimum VND 15,000, maximum VND 900,000)

  • Other city: 0.041% * Transfer amount (minimum VND 25,000, maximum VND 900,000)

Frequently asked questions about Sacombank Pay and mBanking

Should I use Sacombank Pay or Sacombank mBanking?

With almost similar features, many people are still wondering whether to open the Sacombank Pay application or Sacombank mBanking. In fact, both applications will have different purposes. If you download both applications, it is very heavy and easy to cause confusion during use. Therefore, depending on your needs, you should choose to download and use one of the two applications above.

Customers should use Sacombank Pay application when you do not have a bank account, or have not registered for a Sacombank account. Because it has a similar function to an electronic wallet, anyone who regularly transfers money, purchases, or pays bills can download it and use it. In short, Saccombank Pay is suitable for those who do not intend to open a Sacombank account and want free transactions at home.

Conversely, customers should use the mBanking application when you already own a Sacombank bank account and have registered for the bank's internet banking service. Although there are many outstanding advantages mentioned above, but using mBanking, users will incur a lot of associated service costs such as service fees, service cancellations, management fees, etc. However, if you want to open a passbook, should use mBanking because they will enjoy higher interest rates.

Forgot my login password Sacombank mBanking how to do?

If you accidentally forget your Sacombank mBanking login password, please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: At the login screen to Sacombank mBanking>click on “Forgot Password”.

  • Step 2: At the screen “User details” > enter ID card/CCCD/Passport, then click “Continue”.

  • Step 3: At the next screen, enter the Authentication Code (OTP code from mSign, SMS or Token) > click “Continue”.

  • Step 4: At the "Change password" screen > create a new password according to the system's required criteria.

What should I do to protect my Sacombank mBanking login account?

Currently, there are many thieves who use sophisticated tricks to steal user information to buy and sell information or steal property. People should follow the following recommendations of Sacombank to protect their accounts:

  • Protect your own username and password information, do not disclose information to others.

  • Regularly change passwords.

  • After making a transaction, you should exit the website by pressing the “Log Out” button on the screen.

  • Do not perform the function to automatically save login information on the machine.

How to register for Sacombank Pay application?

Sacombank Pay is a financial application that helps you conveniently transact, manage your cards securely 24/7, register for an account/card/consumer loan, browse super-fast transactions with smart OTP and many other indispensable utilities. . As long as you own an iOS/Android device, you can immediately register for this application.

Instructions for registering Sacombank Pay are as follows:

  • Step 1: Download Sacombank Pay app > Register information.

  • Step 2: Enter the OTP verification code sent to your mobile number to complete.

  • Step 3: To log in, select any transaction feature on the application (eg: Manage cards and accounts...).

*Note: Sacombank Pay application supports iOS 10.0 and Android 5.0 and above operating systems.

How to open a payment account on Sacombank Pay?

  • Step 1: Access Sacombank Pay application.

  • Step 2: At the main screen > select “Open a payment account”. Or select "Transaction" > select "Open a payment account".

  • Step 3: Fill in all the information including: Open unit, choose a nice number, ...

  • Step 4: Read the terms and conditions of use, then select “I have read and agree” > select “Continue”.

  • Step 5: Enter the OTP for authentication > Finish opening a payment account.

How to register for internet banking?

Sacombank eBanking is an online banking transaction channel, including: Internet Banking (iBanking) and Mobile Banking (Sacombank mBanking).

To use both services above, you must register for internet banking. Currently, Sacombank does not support online registration for eBanking. If there is a need, please bring your ID/CCCD/Passport to the nearest transaction point to request service registration.

What is the transaction limit of Internet Banking?

Information on transaction limits of Internet Banking is as follows: Maximum transaction of 5 billion VND/day. In which, mBanking can be applied up to 1 billion VND/transaction & 4 billion VND/day.

*Note: In addition, you should go to the nearest transaction point for advice/appropriate limit adjustment.

Notes when using Sacombank Pay and mBanking services

Important notes people need to read and watch out for when using both these services are as follows:

  • Be careful with public computers, always log out of all accounts immediately after use.

  • Always protect your login password carefully, do not disclose it to anyone else.

  • Absolutely do not click on strange links, spam links, do not visit strange websites that may have viruses.

  • Sign up for a security service with an OTP code to protect your account.

Above is all information about Sacombank Pay and mBanking services. Hopefully through the article "Distinguish Sacombank Pay and mBanking” of the above Nganhangnongthon has helped you distinguish the two concepts above more easily. Happy trading everyone!

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