Gold Price 96 - 98 Today How Much 1 Only? [Câp Nhật Mới]

Gold metal has always been a top choice for many people to hoard assets or invest. Regular updates on gold prices will help you make the right decisions. Let's update gold price 96 today in quickest way.

Learn Gold 96

There are many different types of gold on the market today. The types of gold that are regularly traded such as gold, gold, gold 96, gold 98, etc. To facilitate investment in gold, you need to have an understanding of different types of gold.

Gold What is 96?

Gold 96 is an alloy containing 96% metals and 4% other precious metals such as silver, nickel, etc. Gold 96 is a type of gold with a relatively high content of pure gold. 96 gold, also known as 23k gold.

96 . cap
96 gold is a type of gold containing 96% pure gold

Distinguishing 96 Gold From Our Gold, West Coast

To distinguish our gold and 96 gold people are based on the pure gold composition. Our gold is the kind of gold that contains 99% pure gold. Our gold is also known as 24K CZK gold. Meanwhile, 96 gold contains only 96% pure gold.

Western gold is an alloy of gold including and other metals. In terms of nature, 96 gold can also be considered a type of western gold. However, because the gold content in 96 gold is relatively large, people often consider it a kind of talisman.

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Learn Gold 98

Besides 96 gold, 98 gold is also chosen by many people to invest. So what is 98 gold? Gold 98 is different from gold 96? These are frequently asked questions of new gold investors in the market.

What is Gold 98?

Gold 98 is a type of gold containing 98% pure gold and 2% other precious metals. According to the formula for calculating the number of karat in 98 gold, we will calculate 98 gold but 23.53 karat. However, it is not usually called 23.5K gold. Instead of calling it 98 gold, you can call it 9 year old gold 8.

Distinguishing 98 Gold From Our Gold, West Coast

To distinguish gold 98 and other types of gold we need to base on the content of pure gold. Our gold contains the most pure gold, up to 99%, also known as 24K gold. Gold 98 contains only 98%. Western gold contains less pure gold, depending on the type of gold.

96 every day
Gold 96-98 is graded according to its pure gold content

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Gold Price 96 Today How Much 1 Only?

Gold price 96 today is trending down. The gold price of each gold trading unit in the region may differ by a certain amount. Specifically, the price of 96 gold in some major cities of our country is as follows.

Gold price 96 PNJ

  • Gold 9999 PNJ bought in was 54,400,000 VND/tael and sold out was 54,900,000 VND/tael.
  • SJC gold at PNJ bought in at 55,200,000 VND/tael and sold out at 57,200,000 VND/tael.
  • The 24k gold ring bought in was 54.400.000 VND/tael and sold out was 54.900.000 VND/tael.
  • 24k gold jewelry buying is 53.800.000 VND/tael and selling is 54,600,000 VND/tael.

Gold Price 96 Doji

  • AVPL / SJC HN bought-in was 5.526,000 VND/thread and 5,694,000 VND/piece.
  • VPL / SJC HN retail purchase is 5,525,000 VND/piece and resell is 5,695,000 VND/only.
  • Kim Ty bought in was 5,525,000 VND/thread and sold it was 5,695,000 VND/thread.
  • Raw materials purchased at 99.99 were VND 5,290,000/thread and sold at VND 5,452,000/thread.
  • Raw materials purchased at 999 were VND 5,285,000/thread and sold at VND 5,447,000/thread.
  • The purchase of 99.9 jewelry is VND 5,260,000/piece and the selling price is VND 5,470,000/piece.
  • Jewelery 99 bought in was 5,190,000 VND/piece and sold out at 5,435,000 VND/piece.

Gold price 96 SJC

  • SJC 1L, 10L buy in is 55,900,000 VND/piece and sell out is 57,400,000 VND/piece
  • SJC 5C bought in was 55,900,000 VND/ thread and sold it was 57,420,000 VND/ thread.
  • SJC 2C, 1C, 5 shares bought in at 55,900,000 VND/ thread and sold out at 57,430,000 VND/ thread.
  • SJC 99.99 gold ring 1, 2, 5, buy in is 53,550,000 VND/ thread and sell out is 54,750,000 VND/ thread.
  • SJC 99.99 0.5 gold ring only bought in was 53,550,000 VND/ thread and sold out was 54,850,000 VND/ thread.
  • 99.99% jewelry buying is 53,150,000 VND/ thread and selling is 54,450,000 VND/ thread.

99% jewelry buying is 52,411,000 VND/ thread and selling is 53,911,000 VND/ thread.

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Gold Price 98 Today How Much 1 Only?

Gold price 98 today did not have much change. In general, the price of gold 98 is at a relatively high price.

Gold price 98 Phu Quy

  • The 999.9 round ring is bought at 5,270,000 VND/ thread and sold out at 5,450,000 VND/ thread
  • Fortune god Phu Quy 9999 buying is 5,250,000 VND/ piece and selling is 5,450,000 VND/ thread
  • Gold 9999 buying is 5,250,000 VND/ thread and selling is 5,450,000 VND/ thread
  • 999 gold buying is 5,240,000 VND/ thread and selling is 5,450,000 VND/ thread
  • Gold jewelry 99 buying is 5,200,000 VND/ thread and selling is 5,400,000 VND/ thread

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Mi Hong Gold Price

  • Gold 99.9% bought in was 5,320,000 VND/thread and sold out was 5,400,000 VND/thread.
  • Gold 98.5% bought in was 5,220,000 VND/ thread and sold out was 5,320,000 VND/ thread.
  • 98.0% gold buying is 5,200,000 VND/ thread and selling is 5,300,000 VND/ thread.
  • Gold 95% buy is 5,000,000 VND/only.

Bao Tin Minh Chau gold price

Thang Long dragon gold

  • Gold bar 999.9 buying is 5,323,000 VND/ thread and selling is 5,503,000 VND/ thread.
  • The 999.9 gold version is bought at 5,323,000 VND/ piece and sold at 5,503,000 VND/ thread.
  • 99.9 gold jewelry buying is 5,265,000 VND/ thread and selling is 5,465,000 VND/ thread.
  • The 999.9 smooth ring is bought at 5,323,000 VND/ thread and sold at 5,503,000 VND/ thread.


99.9 gold jewelry buying is 5,265,000 VND/ thread and selling is 5,465,000 VND/ thread.

Conventions in the jewelry industry are as follows:

  • 1 is only equivalent to 3.75 grams.
  • 1 quantity = 1 plant.
  • 1 tree = 10 only.
  • 1 only = 1/10 of the amount = 3.75 grams.
  • 1 inch = 1/10 only = 0.375 grams.
  • 1 cup = 1/10 stool = 0.0375 grams.

Thus, 1 gram of 96.98 gold would be equivalent to 0.27 only.

Buy Gold 96 – 98 Should You Store?

Most types of gold have a storage function. The higher the pure gold content, the more valuable it is for long-term storage. However, depending on the financial situation of each person, you can choose different types of gold.

Gold price 96 today is at a relatively high level but not as high as our gold. Usually 1 gold only 96 difference from 200,000-300,000 compared to our gold. You can completely choose 96 gold and 98 gold to invest and accumulate assets.

Has Gold 96 – 98 Depreciated?

Like other types of gold, gold 96-98 has a relatively stable value. Gold is one of the most stable assets in today's highly inflationary market. The up and down movements of the gold price mainly depend on the market and can be tracked over time gold price chart.

price 96 not broken
The price of 96 gold in general has not been depreciated

You can resell 96-98 gold at gold trading establishments across the country. You don't have to resell the gold at the store you bought it from, because gold is exchangeable across the country, including the world.

The devaluation of gold mainly took place in the short term. The main reason is due to market fluctuations. When you buy gold in the period when the price of gold is at its peak and sell it when the gold has cooled down. Therefore, to avoid devaluation when investing in gold, it is necessary to study gold prices 96-98 regularly.

Is Gold 96 – 98 Black?

Surely, those who buy 96-98 gold as jewelry or for investment are very concerned with whether the gold is black or not. The answer is that there is still a possibility that 96-98 gold is black. Because in the composition of gold 96-98 contains 2-4% other metals that are likely to be blackened.

To better preserve 96-98 gold and limit blackening, you can refer to the following suggestions:

  • Limit exposure to sunlight or high temperature sources.
  • If not in use, store in a jewelry box, in a dry place.
  • When gold shows signs of blackening or wear, it is necessary to bring gold brands to plated the protective gold layer.

Can 96 - 98 Gold Be Resold?

You can resell 96, 98 gold if you no longer need it. Can be sold at any jewelry store near where you live.

Depending on many different factors, the price of 96, 98 gold when reselling has a price or not. In which, the market factor plays a very important role. Sometimes at the time of purchase, the price is high, but at the time of sale, the price is cheap. If so, then the sale will certainly be very lossy.

Notes on Proper Use and Storage of Gold 96 – 98

In order for gold 96, 98 not to be black, you should use and store it properly. Some notes for 96 and 98 gold jewelry are as follows:

  • Not often wearing gold 96, 98 on people. Avoid wearing when doing housework or exercising a lot.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or place near high temperature sources to avoid burning.
  • If not in use, you should clean it and store it in a safe, airy place.
  • When there are signs of wear and tear, you can bring back the protective gold layer over and over to avoid severe damage.

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Selecting gold 96 - 98 is a wise choice of many investors today. Gold price 96 today In general, there is not much change. Investors need to regularly update gold market prices to make informed decisions.

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