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Having 200 million should buy gold or save it for stable profit?

I have 200 million, should I buy gold or save it? – What would be the most reasonable investment idea at the moment? In a time of complicated economic changes like 2022 today, there are quite a few investors wondering whether to choose gold or save money to make a profit. To know if you should save money or buy gold, please read the article below for details!

In 2022, should you save money or buy gold?

Gold investment option - 200 million to buy gold or save?

Gold investment is a form of investment based on the fluctuation of gold price to gain profit through the difference in price when buying and selling. In fact, the form of gold investment is no longer strange to Vietnamese people. To know "If you have 200 million to buy gold or save it", let's analyze the pros and cons of gold investment!

Pros and cons of buying gold

Gold investment options - 200 million to buy gold or save?
Gold investment option - 200 million to buy gold or save?
  • It is a safe investment.
  • Gold is a rare metal, so it will always retain its value over time.
  • The price of gold is always publicly available and will be subject to slight adjustments when there are fluctuations.
  • Gold is easily controlled buying and selling time.
  • Gold investment will not worry when the currency inflation market.
  • Market fluctuations in supply - demand will affect the price of gold in a moment.
  • Keeping gold at home may not be safe and there may be a risk of theft at any time.
  • You need to regularly update the gold market situation in order to invest well.


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Ways of saving money

Bank savings is a form of investment where you will receive monthly interest at a fixed rate according to each bank and package that you invest. This depends on each need as well as capital, customers can choose the appropriate deposit term. And on your due date, you will receive the interest from the bank returning. Similar to buying gold, to know "Should I buy gold or save 200 million?" then we will also go to learn the pros and cons of this investment channel!

Advantages and disadvantages of the form of savings

  200 million to buy gold or save
200 million to buy gold or save
  • Similar to buying gold, this is also a safe form of profitable investment.
  • There are a variety of investment packages that can make it easy for you to choose.
  • The advantage is to enjoy monthly interest.
  • Receive advice and guidance to solve problems 24/24 from the bank.
  • The interest rate received is quite low, only 6-8%/year.
  • Currencies will depreciate when inflation is increased.

[Góc giải đáp] – So, should you buy gold or save 200 million?

In 2022, 200 million should buy gold or save? The best way for you to solve this problem is to allocate assets and diversify your investment portfolio. One advice is that you should not "pour" all 200 million into buying gold or depositing it in savings. This will make you lose opportunities and profits when you put all your capital into a profitable channel, while the situation in the market is different every day.

Should you save money or buy gold?
Should you save money or buy gold?

Accordingly, you can divide equally between two investment channels of 100 million each. Regarding gold investment, long-term investment should definitely be profitable, while saving money is not very profitable. But on the due date, you will withdraw a good amount.

If based on economic statistics in February this year and intend to invest more in gold. Then you can use 150 million to invest in buying gold and the remaining 50 million will be deposited in the bank to receive monthly interest. Although only receiving not too much interest from banks, this is a smart financial investment that experts encourage and prioritize to apply.

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Above is a summary of answers to the question "Should I buy gold or save 200 million?". In general, both are safe investment channels and have the lowest risk of occurrence. Hope through this post Market hot news brought useful information for you!


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