[HKD To VND] How much is 1 Hong Kong Dollar in Vietnamese Dong?

Hong Kong dollar is a fairly common currency in the Vietnamese market, used by foreigners or by Vietnamese living and working in Hong Kong. So the exchange rate from Hong Kong to Vietnam Dong (HKD to VND) how much is it and where is the best place to change it?

Hong Kong Currency Information

  • Chinese: 港元;
  • Cantonese transliteration: Gong yùn; Sino-Vietnamese: port of origin;
  • Symbol: HK$;
  • ISO 4217 code: HKD).

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Hong Kong Dollar

Learn About the Hong Kong Dollar

Back in 1841, when Hong Kong became a free trade area, there was still no official currency in circulation. The currencies commonly used for each transaction at the moment are the Indian Rupee, the Spanish and Mexican 8 reales, and the use of Chinese coins.

In the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, people will exchange and buy through 2 main currencies, paper money and coins. In which, the currency is in Hong Kong Dollar (currency symbol HKD, international code ISO 4217) is regulated by the monetary authority.

The Hong Kong dollar was introduced in 1895 and officially circulated in 1937. HKD is currently the 13th most popular currency in the foreign exchange market.

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Denominations

Currently, Hong Kong dollars have 2 types of currency in circulation: coins and banknotes. The HKD denominations being issued are:

  • Coins: 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 1 HKD, 2 HKD, 5 HKD, 10 HKD.
  • Banknotes: 10 HKD, 20 HKD, 50 HKD, 100 HKD, 150 HKD, 500 HKD, 1000 HKD.

1 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) How Much Vietnam Dong (VND)?

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Convert Hong Kong Dollar to Vietnamese Dong

According to the latest update, today's Hong Kong Dollar exchange rate is as follows:

Today's Hong Kong Dollar exchange rate:

1HKD = 2,971.23 VND

From there you will have a specific number 1 Hong Kong Dollar = 2,971.23 ( ~ 2 thousand nine hundred 72 dong )

  • 2 Hong Kong Dollars (2 HKD) = 5,942.46 VND.
  • 5 Hong Kong Dollars (5 HKD) = 14,856.15 VND.
  • 10 Hong Kong Dollars (10 HKD) = 29,712.3 VND.
  • 50 Hong Kong Dollars (50 HKD) = 148,561.5 VND.
  • 100 Hong Kong Dollars (100 HKD) = 297,123.0 VND.
  • 1,000 Hong Kong Dollars (1000 HKD) = 2,971,230.0 VND.
  • 1,680 Hong Kong Dollars (1,680HKD) = 4,991,662.51 VND.
  • 8,980 Hong Kong Dollars (8,980 HKD to VND) = 26,681,624.60 VND.
  • 16800 Hong Kong Dollars (16,800 HKD to VND) = 49. 916. 625.09 VND.
  • 50,000 Hong Kong dollars (50,000 HKD) = 148,561,500.0 VND.
  • 100,000 Hong Kong Dollars (100,000 HKD) = 297,123,000,0 VND.
  • 1,000,000 Hong Kong Dollars (1 million HKD) = 2,971,230,000.00 VND.
  • 1,000 Hong Kong Dollars (1000 HKD) = 2,970.447.59 VND.
  • 50,000 Hong Kong dollars (50,000 HKD) = 148,522,379.50 VND.
  • 100,000 Hong Kong Dollars (100,000 HKD) = 297,044,759.00 VND.
  • 1,000,000 Hong Kong Dollars (1 million HKD) = 2,970.447,590.00 VND.

Hong Kong Rates With Other Currencies

1 Hong Kong Dollar Equals How Much USD?

Latest exchange rate for 1 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) = 0.12874 United States Dollar (USD). From there it can be calculated:

  • 100 HKD = 12.8744 USD.
  • 10,000 HKD = 1,287.44 USD.
  • 1,000,000 HKD = 128,744.19 USD.

Hong Kong Dollar Rates With Mainland Chinese Currency

1 HKD = 0.89431 CNY or 1 CNY = 1.1182 HKD


  • 5 HKD = 4.4 CNY
  • 10 HKD = 8.9 CNY
  • 50 HKD = 44.7 CNY
  • 100 HKD = 89.4 CNY

Exchange rate of Hong Kong currency to Taiwan currency

1 HKD = 3.7818 TWD


  • 5 HKD = 18.9 TWD
  • 10 HKD = 37.8 TWD
  • 50 HKD = 189.1 TWD
  • 100 HKD = 378.2 TWD

How does the Hong Kong Dollar compare to developed countries?

Below is a table comparing Hong Kong currency exchange rates with developed countries to assess the position of Hong Kong Dollar on the world currency market.

Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) or (HK$)

Hong Kong Dollar / US Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar / British Pound

Hong Kong Dollar / Chinese Yuan

Hong Kong Dollar / Malaysian Ringgit

Hong Kong Dollar / Japanese Yen

Hong Kong Dollar / Korean Won

Hong Kong Dollar / Australian Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar / Canadian Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar / Russian Rup

Hong Kong Dollar / Singapore Dollar

Where Is Hong Kong Money Safe and Reliable?

To ensure the best credibility and safety, Hong Kong Dollar exchange customers should exchange at state-owned or private commercial banks, which are state-licensed and have clear transactions with full documentation. Do not exchange at unlicensed gold and silver shops or exchange on the black market that is prone to fraud, counterfeit money, low prices or administrative fines if detected.

Refer to the latest updated Hong Kong Dollar exchange rate table at major banks in Vietnam below:

BankBuy cashBuy transferCash saleSell ​​transfer
East Asia2,410.002,900.002,920.003,000.00
Kien Long2,954.003,002.00
South Asia2,887.002,887.003,049.00
Public Bank2,888.002,917.003,015.003,015.00

What to note when changing Hong Kong dollars?

Beside How much is 1 Hong Kong dollar in Vietnamese Dong? When you want to change money, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First of all, to ensure your benefits and safety, you need to find a reputable and reliable money exchange address. Currently, changing Hong Kong dollars is not too difficult, you can change it at many banks, gold and silver shops, gems, but be careful because in unreliable addresses, customers are prone to risks. risk of being exchanged for counterfeit money.
  • Learn about the Hong Kong dollar exchange rates, limits and procedures of many banks to compare to find the best bank.
  • Refer to the currency exchange fee to be proactive and prepare money appropriately.
  • Make a specific plan about the time and amount of money to be exchanged to meet the needs of use.


Hope the above useful information will help you understand the Hong Kong Dollar exchange rate when converting from HKD to VND or USD. Should choose to change money at reputable commercial banks to ensure safety and best price.

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