How much interest is 1 billion in bank deposits per month? Latest interest rate 2022

Anyone who saves at a bank is interested in how much the interest rate is. Especially for those who save large amounts of money. Then we will help you answer deposit 1 billion in bank how much interest 1 month? From there, it is possible to deduce how the interest rate is calculated and applied to other amounts. Let's follow along.

Introduction to bank savings

Along with credit loans, the bank is also a place to provide attractive and prestigious savings packages. Customers deposit their money at the bank and receive monthly interest. Savings will be recapitalized by the bank by lending to other customers or making financial investments. It can be said that saving money in a bank is beneficial for both the depositor and the bank.

How much is the average price of 1 ty and 1 month?

If you have an idle amount of 1 billion dong that you don't use to invest, you can choose a bank savings plan. It's both safe and profitable every month. 1 billion is not small, so the monthly profit is certainly not small. As long as you choose a reputable and reliable bank, you can rest assured to deposit at the bank and at the end of the term to withdraw interest (or both principal and interest).

There are many different savings packages for customers to choose from. In each savings package, there are many different terms such as 1-3-6-12-24-36 months... When saving, the bank staff will advise you to choose the package that suits the customer's conditions. best.

How much interest is 1 billion in bank deposits per month?

Currently, banks have certain policies for customers who save money. In which, the bank interest rate will be given reasonable according to each policy and period. Therefore, the interest rates between banks are different. The average will fall about 5%/year.

How much is the average price of 1 ty and 1 month?

Interest rates also change according to the deposit term. The larger the deposit term, the higher the interest rate. Banks are competing fiercely with each other, so they often offer attractive incentives on interest rates. Private banks usually have higher interest rates than state banks and joint stock commercial banks. However, the level of risk is also higher. Please research and consider carefully before deciding to save money at a certain bank.

How much interest is 1 billion in 1 month? then you need to calculate according to the formula and interest rate of the savings bank. This section below has specific instructions.

Introducing interest rates of some big banks in Vietnam

Interest rates usually change according to the term of the deposit. Usually, the larger the term, the higher the interest rate. But the condition to enjoy this interest rate is that customers must withdraw money on time (cannot withdraw before maturity).

The data below is collected from major banks in Vietnam. Apply with a deposit term of 1 month.

  • An Binh Bank (ABbank), Asia Bank (ACB), HDbank: Interest rate 5.5%.

  • Techcombank, Sacombank: Interest rate 5.0%.

  • GPbank: 5.3% interest rate.

  • BIDV Bank: 4.5% interest rate.

If you send a package with a term but withdraw your money before the due date. The interest rate will be calculated according to the demand deposit interest rate. Interest is calculated according to the actual number of days deposited at the bank.

How to calculate interest on savings deposit of 1 billion a month at the bank?

All large and small banks in Vietnam have the same formula for calculating interest based on a fixed interest rate. As follows:

  • 1-month interest = principal amount of savings x bank interest rate (in years) / 12 months.

  • Interest calculated on actual number of days = principal amount of savings x bank interest x number of days of deposit at the bank / 365 days.

Interest rates on term savings are usually fixed and do not change during the deposit process at the bank. So you can easily calculate how much interest you actually receive every month. In case of early withdrawal, the interest rate specified from the beginning is not applicable. Which will be converted to an unlimited savings plan. So you should not withdraw money early if it is not really necessary.

Specific examples:

Customer A deposits 1 billion at the bank with an interest rate of 6%/year. So the monthly interest received by Customer A is: 1 billion x 6%/12 months = 5 million.

Learn about the rules for accruing interest

In the process of saving money at a bank, you will certainly hear about the concept of interest accrual. So what is real interest compounding?

Interest accrual is applied when the term contract expires but the customer does not go to the bank to receive interest. At this time, the bank will automatically add the total interest to the principal. Then manually renew a new savings package with a term with another savings package for customers.

Note: Term savings packages are strictly regulated by banks. You have to be on time to withdraw your money to receive a fixed interest rate. If you withdraw your money early even 1 day, you will also have your interest reduced to demand interest rate.

Some things to know to save money in the bank to make a profit

As you can see, the form of savings deposit is a very safe form of profitable investment. But if you want your money to be profitable. You should refer to the following:

  • Choose a bank with a high interest rate: Each bank will have a different deposit interest rate, so with the same amount of money that you save. Choose for yourself a bank with the best interest rate for savings.

  • Deposit deadline: This is also an issue that savings customers need to pay attention to. Because this is a long-term investment, if you deposit money in a short time, the interest will not be much. Everyone should choose a suitable deposit term.

  • Form of receiving interest at the end of the period: In the form of savings deposit, you will receive monthly interest with higher interest at the end of the period. You should consider between the form of receiving interest to increase benefits.

  • Divide into many savings numbers: For the same amount, customers can divide into many different numbers. This is also a very good and smart way to save money. With different limits, customers can ensure their profits.


Above, I have shared with you how to calculate bank interest. And answer the question How much interest is 1 billion in bank deposits per month? Please share with your friends if you find this knowledge useful!