How much is 100 Vietnamese Dong? Update the latest exchange rate

If you are going to travel or study in China but do not know how the Chinese Yuan is converted to Vietnamese currency, you can convert it first. Banktop will summarize for you how much is the exchange rate of 1 currency and how to convert How much is 100 yuan in Vietnamese Dong? this article right now.

About the Chinese Yuan

The renminbi is the main currency used in China, and was issued by the People's Bank of China in 1948.

Learn about the Chinese Yuan
Learn about the Chinese Yuan

Renminbi is abbreviated as RMB with the symbol ¥, this is one of the top important currencies in the world after the US dollar. In 2016, China's main currency (¥), Japanese Yen, British Pound Sterling, Euro, and USD officially appeared and belonged to 5 international reserve currencies.

Currencies and denominations in circulation

With Chinese currency, there will be 2 main types of money, paper money and coins.

  • For banknotes, there will be denominations: 1 Yuan, 2 Yuan, 5 Yuan, 20 Yuan, 50 Yuan. 100 Yuan.

  • For coins there will be denominations: 1 dime, 2 dimes, 5 dimes and 1 coin coins.

Through many years of development, we can also see China's economy develop strongly and sustainably. The renminbi has also surpassed the euro to become the second most important currency and is traded around the world.

How much is 1 Chinese Yuan in Vietnamese Dong?

According to the latest updated exchange rate, 1 Yuan will be equivalent to the value of Vietnamese Dong as follows:

1 CNY = 3,520.02 VND

If you have a need to convert from CNY to VND or vice versa, you should monitor the daily exchange rate to get the best and most accurate exchange rate.

How much is 100 Vietnamese Dong?

Based on the exchange rate of 1 CNY = 3,414.90 VND as we mentioned above, converting 100 CNY to Vietnamese dong becomes easy and fast. Specifically:

100 CNY = 352,001.64 VND

And below is the detailed conversion table from 1 CNY to 1,000,000 by how much to VND so you can follow up in general:

Chinese Yuan (CNY)Vietnamese Dong (VND)
1 CNY3,520.02 VND
10 CNY35,200.16 VND
100 CNY352,001.64 VND
1,000 CNY3.520.016.44
10,000 CNY35,200,164.37 VND
100,000 CNY352,001,643.70 VND
1,000,000 CNY3,520,016,437.00 VND

Why should we track the exchange rate of Currency to Vietnamese currency?

Tracking and updating the exchange rate from Currencies to Vietnam Dong makes it easier and more proactive for you to do business and trade between the two countries.

In addition, when you study abroad or travel in China, some shops may only accept cash payments in RMB. At this point, you need to have cash in RMB with you and note that you should convert it first.

Where is the prestige to change currency to Vietnamese currency?

Choose a reputable money changer
Choose a reputable money changer

To change currency to Vietnamese currency, you should go to the following locations when changing money to ensure that you are changing money in accordance with the State's regulations, legally and safely:

  • Exchange currency into Vietnamese currency at big and reputable banks such as BIDV, Vietinbank, Vietcombank, TP Bank, Eximbank, MB Bank.

  • Exchange money at transaction points, near border gates.

  • Change money at large, long-standing gem and gold stores.

Instructions to distinguish real Chinese money from fake

To limit the risk of receiving fake money, here are some basic ways to help you distinguish real or fake Chinese money today:

  • Using Chinese money tilted to the sunlight to observe, if the money is real, the submerged images will appear clear and sharp.

  • See if the bill is blurred or blurred? With new money, the image printed on the facade will be very thin and thin.

  • Touching the collar of Mao Zedong's image on the bill with his hand. If it feels a little rough in the hand, it could be real money.

However, to know exactly if the Chinese currency you own is really real money, you should ask a professional real money checker to be sure and safest.

Some notes when changing currency to Vietnamese currency

Some notes when converting Chinese currency to Vietnamese currency that you should know:

  • Do not change Chinese currency into Vietnamese currency or vice versa at places of unknown origin. Please make money exchange at reputable branches and banks as we mentioned above.

  • Do not conduct transactions at locations or shops operating without the State's license. There are many cases of being scammed into exchanging fake money because it was introduced that the exchange rate here is much higher than other units.

  • Balance and check the spending statistics of the money you need to use so that you can exchange money once quickly, saving time, and limiting costs incurred.

  • Double check that the amount you receive when converting from Chinese currency to VND is correct before leaving the currency exchange support unit.


So, Banktop guided and introduced you in detail about what the renminbi is, How much is 100 yuan in Vietnamese Dong? now so you can refer to the exchange rate. If you have a need to change RMB to Vietnamese currency, remember to update the exact exchange rate, the difference at banks and choose the appropriate unit to convert for large amounts. Good luck!

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