How much is 1.20 Thai Baht in Vietnam Dong?

The demand for money transfer from Thailand to Vietnam and vice versa is growing. Therefore, the exchange rate between Baht and VND is very interested. Do you have questions? How much is 1, 20 Thai baht in Vietnamese Dong? Male it? When we know the exchange rate between two currencies, we can easily exchange foreign currencies without having to suffer losses.

Things to know about Thai Baht

The legal currency for transactions in Thailand is Baht (symbol: THB). Thai money comes in two forms: coins and banknotes. Coins are used for small denominations (10 Baht or less). Banknotes are used for coins of larger denominations (THB 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000 THB).

How much is 1 baht in Vietnamese

Thailand is a country with very strict laws on currency exchange. The act of arbitrarily exchanging, buying and selling THB and other foreign currencies is illegal and will be strictly handled. According to the information we have learned, international banks that want to buy THB must have the consent and approval of the Thai government. It is thanks to this strictness that helps Thailand manage its currency better and avoid currency speculation.

1, 20 Thai Baht equal to how much Vietnam Dong?

The rates below are updated according to the latest data of Agribank.

  • 1 THB = 700 VND.

  • 20 THB – 147,000 VND.

How much is 1 baht in Vietnamese

From the above exchange rate, we can easily convert THB to VND and vice versa.

Some examples:

  • 1 THB = 700 VND

  • 2 THB = 700 x 2 = 1,400 VND

  • 3 THB = 700 x 3 = 2,100 VND

  • 20 THB = 14,000 VND

  • 100 THB = 700 x 100 = 70,000 VND

  • 1,000 THB = 700 x 1,000 = 700,000 VND.

Each different bank has a very small exchange rate difference. If you do not want to change THB to VND at the rate of Agribank, you can refer to some other banks to choose the most profitable place to exchange money for you.

How much is 1 Baht in Vietnamese Dong?: 700 VND seven hundred dong and 20 Baht equals 14,000 VND.

Legal places to change baht in Vietnam

Both Vietnam and Thailand are countries with very strict foreign currency exchange laws. So you need to limit personal money exchange or unlicensed private services. It is best to go to the bank to exchange money.

The bank is the legal place to change money and update the most accurate exchange rate. You will not have to worry about losing money while converting Vietnamese currency into baht. In fact, there are still exchange rate differences between different banks. But this difference is completely insignificant.

For example: Vietcombank exchanged 1 THB = 680 VND, Agribank exchanged 1 THB = 700 VND.

In case you do not change money in Vietnam but change money in Thailand. Then you can also go to banks in Thailand. Or exchange money at money exchange counters at Thai airports.

These money changers operate legally under the supervision of the State Bank of Thailand and are accountable to Thai law. Some reputable money changers in Thailand include: Silom, SuperRich 1965, Sukhumvit, Central World Plaza,....

Things to note when changing VND to baht

  • Knowing the exchange rate and place to change Vietnamese money to Baht is very good. But you also need to know that today technology evolves. All banks in Vietnam issue Visa and Master Cards allowing international payments and transactions. Just carry this card with you, you can safely transact anytime, anywhere, whether in Vietnam or Thailand. Do not keep a large amount of cash in your person to prevent the risks of theft, robbery, dropping money...

  • Thailand is a country with very different regulations on the use of cash. Accordingly, people are not allowed to bring more than 5,000 USD in person. If violating, even international guests will still be punished according to the law.

  • The exchange rate between Baht and VND is constantly changing. Maybe today the rate is different, but the next day the rate is different. So you should monitor and update regularly to get the most accurate information.


So you already know 1.20 How much is the Thai baht in Vietnamese Dong? then isn't it? Hope that the information in this article will be helpful to everyone. Follow this article at to update the most accurate and fastest exchange rate.

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