How much is the price of Western gold 10k, 16k, 18k today?

How much is the price of western gold today? What is the price of 18k gold? Those are two of the many questions that customers care about when investing in gold. So what is western gold? Western gold price 10k, 14k, 16k, 18k today how much money 1 only?

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What is Western Gold?

West Bay is made up of an alloy of Gold and some other rare metals such as Silver, Copper, Nickel, Palladium... and is regulated by the percentage of pure Gold content in the Jewelry, also known as "age" yellow".

What is Western Gold?
What is Western Gold?

There are many types of western gold such as 9k gold, 10k gold, 14k gold, 16k gold, 18k gold ... and are classified based on gold age. Western gold is hard because it is an alloy, so it is widely used in jewelry making.

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Western Gold Price Today How Much 1 Only?

Customers update the latest gold price list today here

Compared with our gold (9999 gold has a gold content of up to 99.99%), our gold has a lower value, but is always interested by investors. The latest updated price of western gold today is as follows:

  • The price of 10K western gold: Buy in - Sell out ranging from 1,426,000 VND/only – 1,576,000 VND/only.

  • 14K western gold price: Buy in - Sell out ranging from 3,005,000 VND/only – 3,205,000 VND/only.

  • Price of 16K western gold: Buy in - Sell out ranging from 3,598,000 VND/only – 3,898,000 VND/only.

  • Price of 18K western gold: Buy in - Sell out ranging from 3,995,000 VND/only – 4,195,000 VND/only.

The price of western gold may have a difference based on the jewelry design, the reputation of the place of transaction. Customers can refer to the price list of western gold at major brands below:

TypeBuy intoBuy intoSold outSold out
Today (March 9, 2021)Yesterday (March 8, 2021)Today (March 9, 2021)Yesterday (March 8, 2021)
Gold price SJC
10K HCM West Gold20.04520.04522,04522,045
14K HCM West Gold28,76128,76130,76130,761
Ho Chi Minh City 18K yellow gold37,52937,52939,52939,529
Gold price DOJI
West Gold 10K HN1.4261.4261.5761.576
Western gold 14K HN2.8832.8833.0833.083
Western gold 16K HN3.4543.4543.7543.754
Western gold 18K HN3,8383,8384.0384.038
14K HCM West Gold2.8832.8833.0833.083
Ho Chi Minh City 16K West Gold3.4543.4543.7543.754
Ho Chi Minh City 18K yellow gold3,8383,8384.0384.038
Doji 10K HTV Rings1.4261.4261.5761.576
Doji 14K Ring HTV2.8832.8833.0833.083
Doji 16k HTV rings3.4543.4543.7543.754
Doji 18K Ring HTV3,8383,8384.0384.038
PNJ NT 10K20,49020,49021,89021,890
PNJ NT 14K CZK29,32029,32030,72030,720
PNJ NT 18K37,94037,94039,34039,340
Ngoc Hai 17K Ben Tre36,03036,03040.09040.090
Ngoc Hai 17K HCM36,03036,03040.09040.090
Ngoc Hai 17K Tan Hiep36,03036,03040.09040.090
Ngoc Hai 17K Long An36,03036,03040.09040.090

18k Gold Price 1 Only How Much?

Update the latest 18K gold price list today:

Gold price SJC

March 9, 2021

Change (thousand VND/tael)

Buy into

(million VND/tael)

Sold out

(million VND/tael)

Buy into

Sold out

Gold jewelry

75% (18.K gold)





What Kinds of Western Gold Are There?

Depending on the gold content, it will be divided into many different types of gold such as: 18K gold, 14k gold, 10K CZK gold9K gold.

  • How to calculate gold content: Divide the number K by 24, which will get the gold content and that is also the age of gold.

  • For example: 18K gold => Gold content is 18/24 = 0.75 => Gold age is 7.5 (7 and a half years old gold).

Specifically, some of the gold content in each type are:

Karat signGold content (%)
18K CZK Gold75
14K CZK Gold58.33
10K CZK Gold41.67
9K CZK Gold37.5

How to Calculate Age and Western Gold Content

As analyzed above, western gold is an alloy of gold and rare metals and depending on the gold content, western gold is classified into: 9k gold, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold. How to calculate gold content: Divide the number of K by 24, which will give the gold content and that is also the age of gold.

For example: 18K gold => Gold content is 18/24 = 0.75 => Gold age is 7.5 (7 and a half years old gold).

Below is a table of current levels of western gold:

KaratGold contentGolden ageFollow %
24K (My Gold)99.99%10 years old99.9%
22KZK91.66%9 years old 1791.67%
21KZK87.50%8 years old 7587.5%
18K CZK75.00%7 years old 5
75%16KCK68%6 years old 8
68%14K CZK58.33%5 years old 83
58.33%10K CZK41.67%4 years old 17
41.67%9K CZK37.50%3 years old 75
37.5%8K CZK33.33%3 years old 33


: Gold with 70% gold content (18K - 7 years old) is a non-standard gold, so they often use this gold to make jewelry. Because of this, when buying gold you need to clearly determine the percentage of gold to avoid buying the wrong 18K gold.

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Some Questions About Western Gold

How is Western Gold Different from Our Gold?

Western gold is an alloy between gold and some other metals of different colors, so western gold is sold at a lower price than our gold, this is also a plus point to help many people choose western gold for weddings or parties. .

Is 24k Gold Western Gold? Many people mistakenly believe that “24k gold is western gold”, but this is not true. 24K CZK Gold

has the highest gold content of up to 99.99% and is also known as pure gold, 9999 gold, pure gold or pure gold, not Western gold.

Where to Buy Quality Western Gold?

Gold is a rare metal, so when buying gold, you need to learn carefully about reputable sellers and to avoid risks, you should go to a reputable gold shop and preferably a brand like Bao Tin Minh Chau, SJC, Doji… to buy gold.

Conclusion The update world gold price chart

Today helps customers have the necessary orientation and information about the price of western gold to decide to invest, buy or sell, thereby bringing the highest profit. Hope this article has brought you useful information. See more:

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