How to borrow cash at the Post Office?

Borrow cash at the Post Office It is one of the most commonly used forms. Because this loan package brings a lot of benefits and quick registration process. But at present, many customers still do not understand and know about what to do to get a cash loan at the Post Office. Like conditions, procedures like, how interest rates.

Know the psychology of customers when taking loans. So with today's article, we will answer and guide some information about this issue. The information that we provide to everyone below will be useful for those who are looking to register and learn about the cash loan package at the Post Office.

What is a cash loan at the Post Office?

Cash loans at the Post Office are a popular form of unsecured loans today. With this form, customers do not need collateral when borrowing. And this is also a loan package that is favored by many customers because the application is resolved very quickly. And in accordance with the financial capacity of the borrower.Borrow cash at the Post Office

Borrowing cash at the Post Office is considered a solution for those who are having their financial problems. This loan package is similar to a fast loan, people just need to register online and then they can receive the money disbursed at home. Cash loans at the Post Office are similar to unsecured loans

Advantages of getting a cash loan at the Post Office

The form of a cash loan at the Post Office has many different advantages. The benefits of this loan package are diverse and attractive to customers. The following are the advantages of getting a cash loan at the Post Office:

  • The limit of this loan is very high to suit your needs.

  • Flexible loan time with many times for customers to repay.

  • With this loan package, no collateral is required.

  • Quick disbursement directly at the Post Office.

  • When borrowing with interest rates will be suitable for each type of customer.

  • Flexible repayment method for each customer.

What is the interest rate and loan limit at the Post Office?

So that everyone can show more about this loan package. Here we will introduce to you about interest rates and loan limits at the Post Office. For details, please refer to the section below.

Borrow cash at the Post Office
Borrow cash at the post office

Post office loan interest rate

The interest rate of the Post Office is not too high, suitable for many people who want to borrow cash here. The Post Office's interest rate ranges from 15 to 20%/ 1 year. And is calculated according to the reducing balance and is considered a form of unsecured loans with low interest rates.

Post office loan limit

The loan limit at the Post Office is very flexible, from 10 to 200 million VND. If people use salary-based loans, the limit can be up to 350 million VND.

Conditions and procedures for borrowing cash at the Post Office

To be able to borrow money at the Post Office, people need to learn about the conditions and procedures that the Post Office has regulated for customers who want to borrow money. Later, we will introduce to you the conditions and procedures for loans at the Post Office.

Loan convenience

  • Borrowers are Vietnamese public servants aged 20 and over.

  • Be aware of your own experience and civil behavior when borrowing capital.

  • Not in the subjects restricted from borrowing at the Post Office.

  • Customers who have work and work on-site are 3 or more saints.

  • Customers with stable income ensure the ability to repay debts to the Post Office.

Procedures for borrowing money

When applying for a loan at the Post Office, you will need to prepare the following documents;

  • 2 Personal portraits 3×4.

  • ID/CCCD photo and notarization.

  • By car interest or notarized photocopy of household registration book.

  • Salary slips for the last 3 months.

  • Contract, working papers of at least 1 year or more.

  • Loan contract and loan application form according to the form of the Post Office.

Cash loan process at the Post Office

The cash disbursement process at the Post Office will be as follows:Borrow cash at the Post Office

  • Step 1: Customers prepare full documents and then go to VNPost locations.

  • Step 2: Then meet with a counselor about the loan you want at the Post Office.

  • Step 3: Staff will advise and support customers on the procedure to apply for a loan there.

  • Step 4: Your application will be assessed and approved by the financial company FE Credit and Lien Viet PostBank.

  • Step 5: After the appraisal period, people go to the old location so that they can sign the contract and receive the money disbursed.

The unit that supports loans at the Post Office with good interest rates

Currently, there are 2 customer support units that can quickly apply for loans at the Post Office. That is the financial company FE Credit and Lien Viet bank. The following are the characteristics when applying for a loan here.

FE Credit Finance Company

Currently, FE Credit has a set of support for customers to get quick loans at the Post Office. With the following outstanding features and advantages:

  • Loan limit is very flexible from 10 - 70 million VND.

  • Register your profile and disburse the same day.

  • When borrowing, no appraisal is required.

  • With different types of loans to meet a wide range of customers.

Dossier to apply for a loan at FE Credit:

  • Loan application form according to the company's form.

  • Personal documents such as ID card/CCCD still have expiry date.

  • Passport of the borrower.

  • And some other documents that the company requires while borrowing.

Lien Viet Bank Postbank

This loan package is supported by Lien Viet bank for everyone who wants to apply for a loan. With many different advantages such as:

  • Loan limit can be up to 1 billion VND.

  • With flexible repayment period up to 48 months.

  • Register for a simple profile, quick disbursement.

  • The special interest rate for vat is extremely low.

Application for loan registration at Lien Viet bank:

  • Loan application documents according to the form of the bank.

  • ID card/CCCD is still valid.

  • Household registration book / KT3.

  • Proof of your own income.

  • If you have an insurance policy, you will be able to increase the ability to approve the application.

Some questions when borrowing cash at the Post Office

When applying for a cash loan at the Post Office, many customers have raised a number of questions. Here we will answer some of those questions. Specifically, we invite you to consult with us below.

Borrowing money at the Post Office should pay attention to what?

  • When applying for a loan, people should choose reputable units.

  • Take note and learn about your interest rates when applying for a loan.

  • Prepare the required documents. If you do not, your application will not be considered.

Can I get a loan with bad debt at the Post Office?

Many customers wonder if bad debt can get a loan. With this question, currently, FE Credit and Lien Viet bank do not support loans for bad debt.

How long does it take to disburse the bank?

The time for each person to register, complete the application and disburse will be from 1 to 3 days.


The above article answers everyone about how Borrow cash at the Post Office how. What is the loan limit and interest rate? Answer questions surrounding the loan process of customers. If you have any further questions, please leave feedback so that can answer and support you for free.