How to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank via SMS

SMS Banking service of Vietcombank is a convenience. Support customers to manage their bank accounts. But for some reasons, customers have to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank. So how can I cancel this service? We invite you to join us in the article below.

Should I cancel Vietcombank SMS Banking service?

As we said, this service has brought many benefits for customers to use. With this service, customers can receive notifications about account balance information very conveniently. Especially with SMS Banking you will not need to connect to the Internet. But in addition to this service, Vietcombank has also launched similar services such as Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

2 This service will also make it possible for people to look up account information. But there will be more functions. So with the question of whether to cancel Vietcombank's SMS Banking service. Exam with this question depends on each customer's use case. But should you want to cancel to register for other services, we recommend you to try and experience.

Instructions on how to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

Currently, how does Vietcombank support customers to cancel this service? Here we will introduce to everyone the ways to cancel the SMS Banking service of Vietcombank. Specifically, please refer to the detailed instructions below.

How to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank at transaction counters

Vietcombank's transaction counter will support and answer customers' questions. So you can go directly to the branch of the bank's transaction counter to cancel this service. When going, prepare your identification documents such as ID card/CCCD then go to the nearest Vietcombank transaction counter to do so.

When you arrive, you meet the bank staff and ask to cancel the SMS Banking service. Normally, the bank staff will confirm some of your information. To be able to confirm you are the owner of the account you want to cancel the service. Once successfully confirmed, the bank will support you to cancel the service.

How to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank via SMS

Currently, Vietcombank is supporting customers to cancel SMS Banking service at home. Through SMS syntax in your phone. This way you will not need to go directly to the bank. You only need a phone to text. And to proceed, you compose a message with the syntax below:

VCB CD HUY to send 6167cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

After successfully sending the message, the system will send a notification to you. The content of the message notifying you that you have canceled the bank's SMS Banking service is complete.

How to turn off proactive messages on VCB – Digibank application

The last way is to turn off proactive message notifications on VCB - Digibank application. To proceed, please follow the steps below:cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank

  • Step 1: Everyone proceed to log in to VCB - Digibank application on your phone.

  • Step 2: Then at the main interface of the application, select the settings then find and select the item "Manage notifications“.

  • Step 3: The screen will show receiving notifications from the bank. People will dismiss that notification bar. So, everyone has stopped receiving balance change notifications from the bank.

Is there any fee to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank?

There are many customers who have questioned whether there is a fee for canceling SMS Banking service. With this question we will answer everyone as follows. If you do not want to use the bank's SMS Banking service anymore. People can cancel completely free of charge, customers will not need to pay any fees during the cancellation process.

But if you cancel the service by SMS, everyone will have to pay the carrier they are using. The fee for sending text messages is 1,500VND/successful message. This fee will be deducted directly from your phone account.

Can VCB SMS Banking service be re-registered?

Many customers wonder when canceling Vietcombank's SMS Banking service. Can I re-register when I want to use it again? Because this is a convenient service that comes with account management. If you are still using an account at Vietcombank. Then everyone can still register and use this service.

As long as you want to use it, you can re-register. If you have forgotten how to register for this service. We invite you to read the article below.

Refer: How to re-register for SMS Banking Vietcombank


The above article shows you how to cancel SMS Banking Vietcombank. Answering some questions in the process of canceling Vietcombank's SMS Banking service. With the above information, we hope to help everyone. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free answers and support.

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