How to change online banking phone number simple and fast

The services you register at the bank such as SMS service, Internet Banking or ATM card making, etc. will certainly be asked by the bank to provide a phone number when completing procedures and registration documents. So what should you do if you want to change your bank phone number when that sim is no longer usable? Together Banktop Find out now!

When to change bank phone number?

Some reasons why you have to change the phone number used at the bank can be mentioned as.

2-way locked phone number

When you use a phone sim but do not recharge or make two-way calls, after a while, your phone sim may be locked. And when the sim is locked, you cannot receive the message or OTP code sent by the bank when making online transactions.

When do I need to change my bank phone number?
When do I need to change my bank phone number?

Change to another phone number

When you change and use a different phone number, you should update it and ask your bank to help you change your phone number. Because this is the information associated with the services at the bank that you register.

In case if there is an error in the transaction or there is a change in the service you are using at the unit, the bank can rely on the phone number information to contact you to notify you as quickly as possible.

Phone number cannot roam while abroad

In case you go on a business trip as far as abroad, some phone sims of the carriers will not be able to roam. This limits and makes it difficult for you to quickly transfer money online and cannot receive SMS OTP from the bank. So you need to choose and change the phone sim that best suits this case.

Lost phone sim

When your phone sim is lost, if that sim phone number you are linking to banking applications, please contact support immediately to request an account lock immediately, then follow the procedure to update new phone number at the bank.

How to change bank phone numbers very quickly

How to change bank phone number very quickly
How to change bank phone number very quickly

You can completely change your bank phone number quickly and simply with 2 ways to change it directly at a bank branch or change it online.

Change your phone number at the bank

The process to change your phone number at your bank is as follows:

  • Step 1: Bring your personal documents such as ID card/CCCD or Passport to the nearest branch/transaction office where you register to use the service.

  • Step 2: You provide information and request that you want to change the phone number your bank is using. The staff will support and provide you with an application form, you proceed to fill in the correct information according to the instructions of the bank staff.

  • Step 3: After completing, the bank staff will check and synchronize your phone number information on the system.

Change phone number online

To change your bank phone number online, you need to meet the following conditions:

to sue:

  • You must register for the Internet Banking service of the bank you are using.

  • The bank you are using must support the change of phone number via Internet Banking application.

To change your phone number at a bank when you want to change your contact information online using the Internet Banking application, do the following:

  • Step 1: Access your bank's Internet Banking application.

  • Step 2: Go to Change information to make changes.

  • Step 3: Here, your old personal information will be displayed in full, including your phone number. To change new information, enter each item of content options you want to change, then confirm to Save and complete.

  • Step 4: Thus, you have successfully changed your bank phone number through the quick online form.

In order to increase security and safety when using services at a bank, changing bank phone number information online is only supported by a few banks. In addition, you can go directly to a bank branch/transaction office to make the conversion of bank phone numbers the most convenient.

Is there a fee to change a bank phone number?

Almost the procedure of changing phone numbers when customers do is supported free of charge at banks. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about the cost of changing information or the case of changing the phone number supported by the bank.

If you want to know more accurate information, you can actively contact the Hotline number that your bank is using to ask for more information that you want to consult about wanting to change the phone number.

Some notes when changing bank phone numbers

Some notes you should know when changing your phone number at a bank:

  • Once you have confirmed the successful change of the new phone number, it means that your old phone number has also been canceled. If SMS Banking and Internet Banking services are linked to the old phone number, you must re-register the service via the new phone number at the bank.

  • In addition, if you are using e-wallet Apps to make deposits and withdrawals, you should also contact the Call Center to ask for assistance in changing the new phone number you are using.


above article, Banktop detailed instructions on how change bank phone number fast now for you to apply. Please choose the most suitable method for you to change your phone number information, avoid affecting your work when you need to make quick and fast online money transfers.

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