How to cook delicious and nutritious baby corn chicken soup

Today, Bach Khoa XANH will show you how to cook a delicious and nutritious baby corn chicken soup that the whole family will love. Follow the article below.

Young corn chicken soup has long been a familiar family dish in Vietnam. With its frugal sweetness and extremely nutritious taste, the soup is always loved by all ages. Let's start making this delicious corn chicken soup right away, friends!

Young corn chicken soup

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Prepare 15 minutes Processing 20 minutes Intended for 4-5 people

1Ingredients for cooking baby corn chicken soup

  • 300g chicken breast

  • 1 corn

  • 100g cove beans

  • 1 carrot

  • 100g shiitake mushrooms

  • 1 chicken egg

  • Flour

  • Seasoning: Pepper, seasoning powder

Some ingredients for making corn chicken soupSome ingredients for making corn chicken soup

Good tipIf you can't buy corn, you can also buy canned corn very conveniently at stores and supermarket systems currently on the market.How to choose good chicken breastYou should choose chicken breast with elasticity, dark red not too white

2How to make baby corn chicken soup

Step 1 Boil Chicken

When you buy chicken breast, you Wash and marinate the chicken with teaspoon of salt, teaspoon of pepper, then put the pot on the stove to boil. After you see the chicken is cooked, you let Let cool for about 15 minutes and then tear into small pieces.

Boiled chicken breastBoiled chicken breast

Step 2 Prepare vegetables

Break 1 egg into a small bowl and beat the yolk.

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Next, cut the carrots, corn, beans and shiitake mushrooms into small pieces and put them in another plate.

Preliminary processing of vegetablesPreliminary processing of vegetables

Step 3 Cook chicken soup

You take advantage of the chicken broth in the above step, season with more seasoning powder, then pour in the chicken, mushrooms, corn, and carrots and cook until boiling. While cooking, remove the foam to make the soup more delicious and beautiful.

While waiting for it to boil, you Put 3 tablespoons of tapioca starch in a bowl, add a little water and stir until dissolved. Then you turn on the low heat, slowly add the tapioca starch into the soup while stirring to avoid lumps.

Note: If you find the soup is too liquid, you can mix a little more tapioca starch with water and then pour it in until the soup is as thick as you want, then stop.

Cook delicious corn chicken soupCook delicious corn chicken soup

Finally, you proceed to pour the beaten eggs into the soup pot. Continue stirring the soup until it boils, then turn off the heat. So you have finished the delicious corn chicken soup.

3Finished products

Young corn chicken soupYoung corn chicken soup

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On cold days, there's nothing better than tasting a bowl of soup with the bar of chicken mixed with sweet corn, adding a little more herbs and pepper.

So Bach Khoa XANH has shown you how to make delicious and nutritious corn chicken soup that is extremely easy to make. Hope you will spend some time making this dish for your family, I'm sure everyone will love it.

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