How to register for Vietcombank ATM card online at home

Vietcombank's ATM card is a card used by many customers. Because of many advantages and utility features to support customers when using. For new customers who don't know how to register yet make a Vietcombank ATM card how.

What are the conditions and procedures that Vietcombank has regulated to open a card. Know the questions of new customers using the bank's services. Today we will guide you on how to register as an ATM card of Vietcombank. Please join us to learn more about the information below.

Find out information about what is Vietcombank ATM card?

Vietcombank ATM card is a card issued by Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam. With a lot of features to support customers to use in the most convenient way. When using Vietcombank's ATM card, people will be able to perform functions such as withdrawing money, making payments, etc. with an ATM card.make a Vietcombank ATM card

These to be able to use the bank's ATM card. People need to register for the service before they can use it. ATM cards are used to support payment instead of cash. Bringing unmatched benefits in today's developing era. So how can I register? Please continue to find out the information below.

Introduction of current Vietcombank ATM cards

Currently, Vietcombank is providing customers with many different types of ATM cards. To ensure that it is suitable for the needs of each customer. Vietcombank currently offers 3 main types of cards: domestic debit cards, international debit cards and international credit cards. Please refer to the details of each card type below.

Vietcombank domestic debit card

  • Vietcombank Connect24.

  • Vietcombank – Aeon co-branded card.

  • Co-branded card CO.OPmart – Vietcombank.

Vietcombank international debit card

  • Vietcombank Visa Platinum Debit card.

  • Vietcombank Mastercard/Unionpay card.

  • Vietcombank Connect24 Visa card.

  • Vietcombank Takashimaya Visa card.

  • Vietcombank Cashback Plus American Express® Card.

Vietcombank credit card

  • Vietcombank Visa Platinum Card

  • Vietcombank MasterCard World card

  • Vietcombank American Express® card

  • Vietcombank Visa/JCB/Unionpay/Mastercard

  • Vietcombank co-branded card – Vietravel Visa

  • Vietcombank Cashplus Platinum American Express Card

  • Card Saigon Center – Takashimaya – Vietcombank JCB

  • Card Saigon Center – Takashimaya – Vietcombank Visa

  • Vietcombank Vietnam Airlines Platinum American Express® Card

  • Vietcombank Vietnam Airlines American Express® Card (Golden Lotus Card)

In addition, Vietcombank also has a number of co-branded ATM cards. People can get many incentives when using the card when paying for shopping at that brand.

Learn the advantages of Vietcombank ATM card

It is not natural that Vietcombank's ATM card is used by so many customers. Because when you register and use Vietcombank's ATM card, you will receive the following advantages:

  • Reputation: Vietcombank is currently one of the largest banks in Vietnam. So people can be assured of the security and safety when using the card.

  • Utilities: Customers can use the bank's ATM card to pay instead of cash. No need to carry too much money in person to avoid risk.

  • Feature: When using the card, people can conduct transactions such as withdrawing money, transferring money, etc. at the ATM.

  • Link: Currently, Vietcombank is affiliated with many other brands and banks such as: payment for electricity, water, Internet, train tickets, air tickets, etc. In addition, people can also withdraw money at ATMs of many banks. banks associated with Vietcombank.

Benefits of Vietcombank ATM card when using

Because of the above advantages, Vietcombank's ATM card is used by many customers. So when using Vietcombank ATM card, how will people receive benefits? Here are the benefits that Vietcombank ATM card brings:

  • Withdraw cash when necessary at Vietcombank's ATM or affiliated bank's ATM.

  • Support customers to pay in lieu of cash at places that support card payments.

  • Compact, easy to carry and many useful features for customers.

  • Make payments for electricity, water, phone, etc. bills quickly.

  • Use more utilities such as Internet Banking, Mobile Banking. Will bring more convenience when using.

Conditions and procedures to apply for Vietcombank ATM card

To be able to register and use Vietcombank ATM card. Everyone needs to find out about the conditions and documents that the bank has prescribed when applying. So here we will introduce to you the regulations when making ATM cards of Vietcombank.

Conditions of registration for Vietcombank card

  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens and are 18 years of age or older.

  • Be conscious of your own responsible behavior when using the card.

  • Have a current account mined at Vietcombank.

  • Having a personal phone number so that the bank can contact customers when necessary.

Procedure to register for Vietcombank card

  • Application form for card delivery according to the form of Vietcombank.

  • Application for registration of opening an account for customers who do not have a bank account.

  • ID/CCCD or Passport with expiry date.

  • Some other types of documents depending on the type of ATM card that customers register to open.

Instructions on how to register for a Vietcombank ATM card

When fully meeting the conditions and procedures prescribed by Vietcombank. Here we will guide everyone in 2 ways to be able to register as an ATM card of Vietcombank. For detailed information on the steps, please refer to the link below.

How to register for a Vietcombank ATM card at the counter

To proceed, you can bring your ID/CCCD and then go to the nearest Vietcombank branch. There, meet the bank staff and ask to register as an ATM card of the bank. Bank staff will accept customer's request to register as an ATM card.make a Vietcombank ATM card

The staff will then issue you a card registration form according to the bank's form. Everyone needs to fill out the form completely. Then return it to the bank staff including identification documents for confirmation. If the information you provide is correct, the bank staff will conduct the application for everyone.

After completing the procedure, the application for registration card. Bank staff will issue you all appointment papers. There will be time, date and time for you to go to a bank branch to get an ATM card.

Instructions for registering to open Vietcombank card online at home

Now to be able to support customers with the best utilities. Vietcombank has launched VCB - Digibank service. With this service, people can register to open a Vietcombank account and open a Vietcombank card at home. Here are the step-by-step instructions for everyone:

Step 1: You proceed at the Vietcombank application to your phone on 2 current application stores.

Step 2: After successfully downloading, you proceed to access the application. And at the login interface, please select the "Open an account for a new customer“.make a Vietcombank ATM card

Step 3: Enter the customer's personal phone number. And confirm with the OTP code sent to the phone number you registered.make a Vietcombank ATM card

Step 4: Select the type of your ID card to confirm some information. Everyone please follow the instructions to photograph the front and back of your ID.make a Vietcombank ATM card

Step 5: Confirm the face of the registered customer. Please follow the instructions below the application to confirm.make a Vietcombank ATM card

Step 6: Customers proceed to choose account number, account type and accompanying services, note: People can choose one of the following two types of cards:

  • VCB Connect24 domestic debit card

  • International Debit Card (Visa/Master)make a Vietcombank ATM card

Step 7: The screen will show the customer successfully registered the service. Then the system will send a message containing the account and password for you to use. ATM card customers need to go to the bank branch during office hours to be issued.make a Vietcombank ATM card

Is there a fee to register for a Vietcombank card?

Many customers wonder, is there a fee when registering for an ATM card of Vietcombank? To answer everyone about this question. The following is a table of ATM card delivery fees of Vietcombank:

card typeDelivery fee
Domestic debit card50,000 VND/card
International Debit CardVietcombank MasterCard
Vietcombank Connect24 Visa,
Vietcombank UnionPay: 50,000 VND/card
Other cards: Free.

How long does it take to receive a Vietcombank ATM card?

So, how long will it take for customers to receive the card after registering as an ATM card of Vietcombank? As far as we know, the time you can receive your ATM card is from 7 to 10 days after registration. And the bank has also provided you with an appointment ticket to receive the card on which the date and time are clearly stated.

And even the bank staff will send a notice to you. Please go to the branch, transaction counter of the bank to get the ATM card. Avoid the situation that customers forget the time to pick up the card.


The above article guides people on how to register make a Vietcombank ATM card fast online. Find out information about Vietcombank's ATM card delivery fee. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free answers and support by