How to register, use and fee schedule

With Agribank's SMS Banking utility, customers can easily receive notifications of account balance changes quickly. So do you know how to register yet? How much is this service fee? The following article will guide you in detail on how to use and Register for SMS Banking Agribank year 2022.

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What is SMS Banking Agribank?

SMS Banking Agribank is a utility service issued by Agribank to help customers easily capture information about their account's transaction log, balance fluctuations, etc.

sms banking agribank
SMS Banking Service Agribank.

When a customer makes a withdrawal at a transaction counter, or at an ATM, transfers money, receives money from another account, etc., the system will notify the user by sending a message to the registered phone number. previously signed.

Functions Of Agribank SMS Banking Service

Registering for SMS Banking Agribank is easy and used by many customers, but not everyone understands the function of this service to take advantage of it effectively. Following are the main functions of Agribank SMS Banking service:

  • Notify the user of the amount in the account.
  • Remove reports of balance fluctuations when customers transact such as: receiving money, transferring money, etc.
  • Query financial information of Agribank: exchange rate, foreign currency conversion, ...
  • Easily find the address of the nearest bank branch when you need to make a transaction.

Advantages of Using SMS Banking Service of Agribank

It is not too difficult to understand when SMS Banking is developed and used at more than 30 banks in Vietnam by the advantages of the service as follows:

  • Check the remaining amount in the account through quick messaging.
  • The service has high security, avoiding cases where customer information is copied.
  • Easily manage your account through balance fluctuations notifications.
  • Checked 5 transactions have occurred recently.
  • Provide quick OTP confirmation code when making transactions or linking other applications.
  • Helping customers save time and effort by being able to capture account information quickly without having to go to the bank.

Conditions and Procedures for SMS Banking Agribank Registration

When wishing to use and register for SMS Banking Agribank, customers need to meet some of the following conditions and procedures:

  • Customers have an active Agribank bank account.
  • There are phone numbers belonging to Vietnam's telecommunications businesses such as Viettel, Vinaphone, Vietnammobile, etc.

Instructions for Registering Agribank SMS Banking Service

Below are detailed instructions for registering for Agribank's SMS Banking service.

Register at a Bank Branch/Transaction Office

To Register for SMS Banking Agribankcustomers bring their original identification documents and go directly to AgriBank's branch/transaction office to register.

register sms banking agribank
Register for Agribank SMS Banking at Agribank branches and transaction offices.

Here, the teller checks if you are eligible and supports registering for SMS Banking for customers.

Note Agribank working hours When it comes to trading!

Register at the ATM

In addition to going directly to the bank, you can register right at the ATMs. This registration method is used by few users but brings initiative to customers. The transaction process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Customers go to Agribank's ATM, put the card linked to the account they want to post the service into the card reader slot.
  • Step 2: Select the language to use then enter the correct PIN.
  • Step 3: Click “Register for service” on the ATM screen.
  • Step 4: Next, select the “SMS Banking” box and follow the instructions to complete the registration process.

Register Via Mobile Phone

Registering for Agribank SMS Banking via mobile phone is a quick and easy registration method used by many customers. Just by composing a message SET VBA and send to 8149 is that you can easily sign up for the service.

After sending the message successfully, the switchboard will resend the login password to use the service for the customer.

Agribank SMS Banking User Guide

Syntax of Using SMS Banking Service Agribank Bank

To use Agribank's SMS Banking service safely, after receiving the password provided by the system, you need to change a new password to keep your information secure. The message syntax is as follows:

VBA [Mật khẩu mặc định] [Mật khẩu mới] send 8149

In there:

  • [Mật khẩu mặc định]: This is the initial password sent by the switchboard.
  • [Mật khẩu mới]: Password selected by the customer, note that the password must be 8 characters or more.

Automatic Balance Fluctuation Notification

Account balance fluctuations are notified by default via SMS when customers successfully register for SMS Banking service. When a customer's account has any balance variables, the switchboard will send a notification message.

Information Lookup and Account Inquiry

To look up information and inquire about accounts, customers do the following:

Look up information about ATM locations, customers compose messages:

VBA ATM [Tỉnh/Thành phố] [Quận/Huyện] send to switchboard 8149.

Inquiry about Agribank bank accountthe customer composes the message:

register sms banking agribank
Look up Agribank account information.

  • Default account balance: VBA SD to 8149.
  • User account balance: VBA SD [Số Tài Khoản] send to 8149.

Check 5 recent transactionsthe customer composes the message:

  • Default account: VBA GD to 8149.
  • User account: VBA GD [Số Tài Khoản] send to 8149.

Phone Recharge

When needing to top up the phone, customers can use the following methods:

Top up for the phone number registered for the service.NAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Mật khẩu] send to 8149
Pay for the phone number.NAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Số điện thoại] [Mật khẩu] send to 8149.

Top Up E-Wallet

When needing to top up the e-wallet, customers can use the following methods:

ServiceSyntaxReturn message
Top up the VNMART e-wallet of the phone number registered for the service.NAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Mật khẩu] send to number 8049VNMART : Compared with ………… increased ………… VND due to Agribank luc HH:MM immediately DD/MM/YY. Contact number 1900555577.
Top up other VNMART e-wallets according to the phone number connected to the e-wallet.NAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Số điện thoại] [Mật khẩu] send to number 8049
Top up other VNMART e-wallet accounts with VNMART card number.NAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Số thẻ VNMART] [Mật khẩu] send to number 8049
Top up another VNMART e-wallet account by the nickname of the e-wallet.NAP [Mã sản phẩm] [NickName] [Mật khẩu] send to number 8049

Pay and View Bill Information

After Register for SMS Banking Agribank can help pay and view invoice information, customers do the following:

Pay the bill:

VBA TT [Mã nhà cung cấp dịch vụ] [Số điện thoại]/ [Số hợp đồng]/ [ Mã khách hàng] send to 8149.

View bill amount information for the month:

VBA HD [Mã nhà cung cấp dịch vụ] [Số điện thoại]/ [Số hợp đồng]/ [ Mã khách hàng] send to 8149.

Transfer In Agribank

To make a quick transfer with Agribank SMS Banking service, customers do the following:

ManipulationSyntaxReturn message
TransferVBA CK [Số tiền] [Số TK nguồn] [Số TK đích] [Nội dung] and send to 8149.VBA CF [Khoa*OTP]. Replace * with th character [x] in the password and send to 8149 to transfer [Số tiền]give [Tên người nhận] (TK: [Số Tài khoản])
Customer replaces * in OTP Key with th character [x] in the previously registered password and forward the entire message to 8149 for confirmation.NAP [Mã sản phẩm] [Mật khẩu] send to number 8049Disclosure of official information. The drilling transaction is done. Thank you for your satisfaction with our service. Compare the DT 1900555577.

Agribank SMS Banking Service Fee

The fee that customers need to pay when using Agribank SMS Banking service is regulated by the bank as follows:

  • The fee is 9,500 VND/month/account for 3 telecommunications networks: Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone. This amount is deducted directly from the main account.
  • The fee of 7,500 VND/month/account is applied to the remaining carriers.

Fee Schedule When Using Agribank SMS Banking Service

The fee schedule customers will need to pay when using Agribank SMS Banking service is as follows:

1. Service maintenance fee
Individual10,000 VND/account/month
Organization50,000 VND/account/month
2. Transaction fee
2.1. VNTopup, ApaybillFree
2.2. Atransfer
a) 10,000,000 VND2,000 VND/transaction
b) > 10,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND5,000 VND/transaction
c) > 25,000,000 VND7,000 VND/transaction
2.3. Message fee (sent to number 8049, 8149)According to the message fee charged by the carrier


3. Information change fee10,000 VND/time

How to Cancel Using Agribank SMS Banking Service

After register for SMS Banking Agribank, In case customers no longer need to use the service, they can completely cancel at any time. Here are some ways to cancel SMS Banking service at Agribank.

Cancel SMS Banking AgriBank at the transaction counter

Customers only need to bring their ID card, ID card directly to Agribank and ask staff to support SMS Banking service.

Cancel SMS Banking via call center

No need to waste time going to the bank, customers can contact the number Agribank switchboard: 1900558818 or 02432053205 to cancel the service.

register sms banking agribank
Cancel service via switchboard.

The staff asks you to provide the information to check and confirm then cancel the service upon request. Please note that you should use the registered phone number to contact the switchboard.

Cancel SMS Banking via SMS

You can also cancel SMS Banking via text message with the following syntax: VBA HDK 5 to 8149.

Confirm whether the cancellation is successful or not: write the VBA XDK and send it to 8149.

Notes When Using SMS Banking Agribank

After registering for SMS Banking Agribank, you should note the following issues when using the service:

  • SMS Banking can be registered for multiple accounts with the same phone number with the same account holder condition.
  • Normally, for transactions less than 10,000 VND, the system will not notify you via text message.
  • In case of change or loss of phone sim, customers need to notify Agribank for timely adjustment.
  • Do not access spam links to avoid customer information being copied.


Above are detailed instructions on how to use and Register for SMS Banking Agribank latest updated. Hopefully with the information the article will help you easily register and use this utility service! Good luck with your service registration!

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