How to see bank account numbers that are suitable for age, suitable for Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, and Tho

The concept of feng shui, fate and age has always been associated with the Vietnamese mind for generations. Therefore, with the decision to open a bank account related to money, people are even more interested in this topic. This article, nganhangnongthon will guide you How to see a bank account number that matches your age and destiny? Kim, Moc, Thuy, Fire, Tho 2022. Let's follow all the content below to find out the account number containing prosperity and fortune!

What is an age-appropriate bank account number?

A suitable bank account number is a sequence of numbers provided by a bank to a customer to store account information and perform transactions. Each customer will receive a unique account number. Normal account numbers will range from 9 -14 non-duplicate numbers.

The main function of a bank account number is to transfer, receive, withdraw money, pay bills, shop online, etc. Today, it is not only the numbers arranged that have no meaning, but the series of numbers. It is also arranged with the meaning of bringing luck and fortune to the owner.

What is Destiny Kim, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth?

According to ancient Chinese philosophy, from the Zhou Dynasty in the 12th century BC, it was determined that Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth were the 5 natural elements that were born on earth. These 5 elements are called the Five Elements, applied to all things and humans are no exception. The characteristics of the five elements are circulation, rotation and constant change. Therefore, the destiny of Kim, Moc, Thuy, Hoa, and Tho have logical correlations with all human activities.

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In the Five Elements theory, there are two groups:

  • The Five Elements of Rebirth: The factors mutually support and promote each other to develop.

  • The Five Elements of Reincarnation: The elements are contrasting, overlapping each other.

Why choose an age-appropriate bank account number?

For those who do business and trade, they will often focus on whether the account number is beautiful or not, suitable for age or not. Because they think that those factors also affect the success or failure in the business process. Like a phone number, owning a beautiful bank account number will bring the following benefits:

  • Beautiful account numbers will often arrange numbers that are easy to remember, the sequence of numbers has an impressive meaning so it will be easier for users to remember, no need to take notes like regular account numbers.

  • Beautiful account numbers are often chosen by account owners to carry a certain meaning in their lives, especially related to the feng shui element meaning fortune and money.

  • Many people think that having a feng shui bank account number will help them "money in like water", doing business smoothly.

  • Brings positive energy to the owner.

Types of account numbers that match destiny and age

The following are the types of account numbers that are popular today:

Bank account number in line with destiny

A bank account number in accordance with the zodiac sign is a series of account numbers containing numbers that have the meaning of being in harmony with the destiny, support and mutuality with the account holder. Those numbers can contain meanings: good luck, change luck, attract luck, etc. help the owner to achieve more success.

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Account number for consolidation and settlement of term

In addition to numbers that bring luck, there are also account numbers with the meaning of helping owners to neutralize bad luck, prevent difficulties and challenges in life and work. At the same time, owning an account number to resolve the term also helps people feel secure, have more thoughts and motivation to live.

Age appropriate account number

When doing anything, people often consider whether it is age appropriate or not. Bank account numbers, too, are related to money, so users will often consider carefully to choose the right number sequence, compatible with their own age.

The account numbers are combined into the number of personal and professional attacks

Because it is frequently used information to receive and transfer money, account numbers must often be chosen as lucky numbers, promoting career advancement. In particular, those who operate in the field of business and do big business will consider buying this account number.

How to see the bank account number of the right age and destiny

How to understand the fate of numbers

Each number corresponds to a different destiny. You can refer to the following table for a brief overview of the fate of the numbers.

Five ElementsHow to hold
The person destined for Kim

  • Earth born Kim, should choose numbers related to Kim and Earth. For example: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8.

  • Kim et Moc, Fire should not choose STKs related to these 2 pars. For example: 3, 4, 9.

People of the Wood destiny

  • Aquatic Wood, should choose numbers related to Water and Wood. For example: 0, 1, 3, 4.

  • People with the Wood destiny sign Kim and Tho, should not choose STK related to these 2 pars. For example: 2, 5, 6, 7, 8.

People destined for Thuy

  • Kim born Thuy, should choose numbers related to Kim and Thuy such as: 0, 1, 6, 7.

  • Water carved Earth, Fire should avoid choosing numbers like: 2, 5, 8, 9.

People destined for Fire

  • Wood gives birth to Fire, so choose the corresponding numbers like: 3, 4, 9.

  • Fire engraved Thuy, Kim should avoid choosing numbers like: 0, 1, 6, 7.

People destined for Earth

  • Fire gives birth to Earth, so choose the right numbers like: 2, 5, 8, 9.

  • Tho carved Moc, Thuy avoid choosing engraved numbers such as: 0, 1, 3, 4.

Instructions for viewing account numbers according to the balance of yin and yang

Yin and yang are the premise for all feng shui rules. Any things have yin and yang, so do account numbers. If yin and yang are not balanced, it is a bad number, otherwise if yin and yang are balanced, it is called a good number. Odd numbers are positive and even numbers are negative.

For example:

  • Nice account number: 012314328. Because there are 5 numbers with negative luck, 4 numbers with positive luck.

  • Bad account number 012314319. Because there are 3 negative numbers and 6 positive numbers.

Instructions to see the account number according to the five elements of the destiny

As mentioned above, according to ancient philosophy from China in the world, there are 5 basic and core elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth called the Five Elements. When looking at the account number according to the five elements of the destiny, we will rely on two basic rules:

  • Five elements of mutual birth: Beautiful account number.

  • Five elements are incompatible: Bad account number.

Instructions to see the account number according to the five elements of the destiny according to the following steps:

  • Step 1: Determine your destiny.

  • Step 2: Grasp the law of the five elements that are related to each other and the five elements that are incompatible (mentioned in the table above).

  • Step 3: Grasp the destiny, the meaning of the numbers corresponding to the destiny (mentioned in the table above).

  • Step 4: Make a conclusion and choose the account number that suits your destiny.

For example: You have the destiny of Water > Water Harmony of Wood > Choose a number related to Water and Wood as 0, 1, 6, 7 and avoid the opposite number as 2, 5, 8, 9 > Choose an account number there are 0, 1, 6, 7 > That's the number of accounts that match your destiny and age.

Instructions for viewing account numbers according to folk beliefs

In Vietnamese life, folk experiences are considered valuable lessons that many people follow. See how good or bad the account number is, it also has some notes that were left by grandparents.

Instructions for viewing account numbers according to folk beliefs are as follows:

  • Beautiful account numbers must contain numbers with auspicious meanings, put together to bring fortune and luck to the owner. Those are numbers: 2, 3, 6, 8,

  • The combined numbers mean the god of fortune and prosperity such as: 68, 86, 83, 79, 39, 38, 78, ...

  • Many people also think that the numbers put together into a special structure as follows also bring good meaning: Number of repetitions: 6868, 8989, 789789; Quarter numbers: 6666, 8888, 9999; Advances: 1234, 56789; Mirror number: 6886, 2552; Double triple flowers: 888333, 888666.

  • Account numbers are considered bad if they contain the following numbers: 49, 53, 13, 78, etc. These numbers often mean unlucky, unlucky.

The list of banks that provide the best matching STK

Capturing the need not only to own a number of ordinary accounts, but now many banks have added the registration service to create beautiful and attractive digital accounts. Here is a list of banks that provide the best matching account numbers for your reference:

Military Bank MBBank

MBBank is a pioneer bank in the field of creating beautiful digital accounts with age-appropriate numbers. When opening an account at MBBank, customers will have the opportunity to choose their favorite account number, free of charge and great incentives.

When participating in the registration of a beautiful digital account, everyone will be able to actively choose an account number according to their own needs, making business activities easier, more convenient and with their own unique elements.

The utilities when registering a beautiful account number at MBBank such as:

  • Easily choose an account number according to your needs, interests, age, and destiny to achieve success in life.

  • Diverse account warehouse, many types of beautiful numbers such as: four quarters, five quarters, three flowers, progress numbers, lucky numbers, account numbers that coincide with phone numbers, anniversaries, etc.

VPBank Bank

VPBank also supports customers to open beautiful digital accounts, account numbers are unique to each person. The opening procedure is quick, not too cumbersome, everyone can open it right away:

  • Account numbers by date of birth, phone number, license plate number, anniversaries, etc.

  • After successfully opening an account, you have the opportunity to own an international payment card, free domestic and foreign money transfer, free annual fee, etc.

VIB . Bank

VIB also supports customers to choose a beautiful digital account as they like.

  • Feel free to choose an account number that brings fortune and convenience at work.

  • Support to choose numbers with the same date of birth, feng shui numbers, fortune numbers, quarter numbers, duplicate numbers, progress numbers, etc.

  • VIB has many preferential programs to open beautiful digital accounts to support customers' business.


With TPBank, you can sit at home and open a beautiful, age-appropriate digital bank account with just a few simple steps through eKYC identification technology.

  • Support choosing favorite numbers for free.

  • Free money transfer inside and outside the system.

  • Feel free to choose the account number according to the date of birth, according to feng shui.

Conditions for opening a matching account number

To open a good number account, people need to meet the following conditions:

  • Age 18 and up.

  • Having identification documents such as ID card, CCCD, Passport, ...

  • Meet the regulations of each bank when using the account.

  • Have a mobile device connected to the internet, a smartphone to receive account information.

Frequently asked questions in beautiful digital accounts

How do I know what my destiny is?

Up to now, there are two ways for you to know what destiny you belong to to choose the right bank account number.

Method 1 – See the fate of Kim, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth according to the year of birth

Instructions on how to calculate the zodiac sign based on the year of birth according to the lunar calendar are as follows:

  • Step 1: Sum the numbers in the date of birth.

  • Step 2: Take this total to be divisible by 9. If you have a balance, compare this balance with the table below to find your destiny. If there is no excess, then the results will be compared directly with the table.

*Note: The zodiac signs of men and women are different, just compare with the table below.


Method 2 – See the fate of Kim, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth according to age

The calculation of Thien Can by age is based on the last number in the lunar year of birth to compare with the table below.


Calculation of Dizhi by year of birth: divide the last two digits of the year of birth by 12, the balance is compared with the table.


Is there a fee to open a bank account of the right age and age?

Opening a suitable bank account is an extension of banks. Each bank will have a different fee schedule. However, if you open an account on the occasion of the bank's incentive program, it will be free. If you open on a weekday, you have to pay a fee of 20k - 100 million depending on the type of account. To know exactly, please contact that bank for specific advice.

So above is How to see a bank account number that matches your age and destiny? that Nganhangnongthon has just guided to readers. Hope the above content is useful to everyone. Wish you have a nice and lucky account number.

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