Instructions for making Vietinbank credit cards online

Making Vietinbank credit card customers will own a cashless spending tool with many incentives. Vietinbank issues many different types of credit cards for customers to choose from. If you do not have information about these cards and how to apply for a card. In the article below, let's go with to learn about the conditions, procedures, and how to apply for a Vietinbank credit card.

About Vietinbank credit card

Vietinbank credit card is a card that allows the holder to pay, spend, shop and withdraw cash in advance according to the limit set by the same bank. Customers who spend first and then refund later are exempted from interest on the amount spent within 45 days.

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Each customer when Register for a Vietinbank credit card will be granted a spending limit in accordance with personal income. You can use the amount within this granted limit for transactions such as: swiping a card, paying bills, shopping online, cash advance from a card... With so many different incentives, this is definitely one Great tool to help customers spend comfortably.

Conditions and procedures for applying for a Vietinbank credit card

To be able to register and use Vietinbank credit card. Everyone needs to meet the conditions and documents as prescribed by the bank. The following is information about Vietinbank's regulations on registration.

Conditions for making Vietinbank credit card

Credit cards are not like regular debit cards. When customers want to own a card, they need to meet all the conditions set forth.

Conditions set forth by Vietinbank are as follows:

1/ For customers who open a card in the form of a mortgage

  • Customers are Vietnamese citizens aged 18 and over.

  • Are working and have a stable source of income to ensure repayment ability.

  • There is a household registration book at the bank office of Vietinbank providing the card.

  • Working time at the current unit must be at least 3 months.

  • Require income from 5 million 1 month or more and receive by bank transfer.

2/ For customers who make cards in the form of credit

  • Card opening age is 18 or older and aware of civil acts.

  • Working in mass organizations, companies, state organizations and earning an income of 2.5 million a month or more.

  • Working time must be at least 12 months or more.

  • No bad debt history.

There are also some other special conditions for each type of card you register.

Procedure to open Vietinbank credit card

The application file for card opening registration will include the following documents.

  • Application form to open a card: This is the type of paper provided by Vietinbank at the counter, you go to the bank for staff to provide and guide you to fill in information.

  • Identification: Customers can prepare photocopies of one of the documents such as identity card, identity card. In addition, a copy of household registration book or KT3.

  • Proof of personal finances Proof of personal income is very important. It determines whether you will successfully open the card or not so be well prepared.

    • If opening in the form of unsecured will need: Statement of salary of the last 3 months, labor contract, appointment decision...

    • Opening a mortgage card: A passbook with a minimum value of 120% of your credit limit or certificate of deposit.

Instructions on how to register for a Vietinbank credit card

Many customers want to register and use Vietinbank's credit card service. But I don't know how to register. So here we will show you 2 ways to register for a Vietinbank credit card.

Register for a Vietinbank credit card at the counter

For those who are not sure about the banking technology and online services. Then you can proceed to register as a credit card of Vietinbank at the transaction counter. When you come to the bank, please prepare the documents according to the regulations of the bank.

Go and meet the bank staff and tell them you want to apply for a credit card of the bank. The staff will then proceed to check the customer's registration file. It depends on the type of credit card the customer wants to apply for. Then, if there is a shortage of staff, the bank will notify you to supplement.

After that, the bank staff will support and advise everyone to fill out the necessary information to sign the card.

Instructions on how to sign and open a Vietinbank credit card online

Customers who register to open a card on Vietinbank's website will not have to pay any fees. Please follow these steps.

Step 1: Access the address HERE

Step 2: Fill in your personal information, in the product / service section, click "Card".

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Step 3: After successfully filling in, click finish.

Step 4: After 24 hours, Vietinbank's staff will call and advise then help you complete the card opening application.

Find out about interest rates and annual fees for Vietinbank credit cards

Credit card interest rates of Vietinbank will be regulated by the bank according to each card type. Currently, the average interest rate of Vietinbank is 18%/year. With this interest rate will be lower than some other banks today. People can refer to the table of Vietinbank card interest rates below:

Name cardInterest rate (month)Annual fee
Vietinbank Cremium JCB Standard1.5 – 2.5%250,000 VND (125,000 VND for supplementary cards)
Vietinbank Cremium JCB Gold1.5 – 2.5%300,000 VND (125,000 VND for supplementary cards)
Vietinbank Cremium MasterCard Standard1.5 – 2.5%VND 90,000 (45,000 VND for supplementary card)
Vietinbank Cremium MasterCard Gold1.5 – 2.5%300,000 VND (125,000 VND for supplementary cards)
Vietinbank Cremium Visa Standard1.5 – 2.5%VND 90,000 (45,000 VND for supplementary card)
Vietinbank Cremium Visa Gold1.5 – 2.5%300,000 VND (125,000 VND for supplementary cards)
Vietinbank Premium Banking1.5 – 2.5%No specified


Making Vietinbank credit card too simple with just a few simple steps, you already own the card. The offers that the card brings will help you enjoy a better life. Good luck.