Instructions on how to activate ACB card online via SMS

For new customers who register for an ATM card at ACB. When receiving the card, the bank staff will notify you that you need to activate the ATM card before it can be used. So how to activate ACB card How is still quite strange for new customers to use. Understanding the mood of the following customers, we will answer and guide everyone on this question.

What is ACB bank ATM card?

ACB ATM card is issued to users by Asia Commercial Bank (ACB). For the use of cash for transactions. ATM card of ACB bank brings many different benefits such as Withdrawal, money transfer, payment in lieu of cash, etc. At an ATM or a POS to activate ACB card

Currently, ACB is providing customers with 3 main cards to use the service. Suitable for each object who wants to use the bank's ATM card service as follows:

  • Debit card.

  • Prepaid cards.

  • Credit.

Instructions on how to activate ACB card for the first time

So when receiving an ATM card, what should customers do to activate the ACB card? Here we will guide you 4 ways to activate the card quickly. Specifically, please refer to the detailed instructions below.

How to activate ACB card online

To activate ACB ATM card online, please follow the instructions below:how to activate ACB card

  • Step 1: You proceed to log in to ACB's website here.

  • Step 2: At the interface of the service, please go to the "Card service“.

  • Step 3: At the card service section, continue to select “Card lock/unlock“.

  • Step 4: If your ATM card has not been activated. The system will display a message that your ATM card has not been activated.

  • Step 5: Then, everyone, please select the ATM card activation section to be able to use it. Proceed to select the confirmation and confirmation method to activate the card.

How to activate ACB card at ATM

The activation of ATM card at the bank's ATM is chosen by many customers after receiving the card. And to proceed, please hold the card and then go to ACB's ATM to activate the card. People can refer to the steps below:how to activate ACB card

  • Step 1: At the bank's ATM, you proceed to put the card in the tree in the direction of the arrow printed on the card.

  • Step 2: Then select the language and enter the PIN you were given when you received your ATM card from the bank.

  • Step 3: At the interface of the ATM, you choose the "Change PIN“. Then re-enter your old PIN.

  • Step 4: Proceed to fill in the PIN you want to change. Then confirm by re-entering the PIN code again.

  • Step 5: Select confirm to complete the steps to change PIN at ATM.

Note: Changing the bank's ATM card PIN also helps people to activate their ATM cards.

How to activate ACB ATM card via text message

Currently, ACB supports customers to activate their ATM cards through SMS syntax. And to do this, compose a message with the syntax below:

ACB_KHT_16 ATM card number_ID number/CCCD/Passport to send 997

In there:

  • 16 ATM card numbers: Is the number printed on the customer's ATM card.

  • ID/CCCD/Passport number: Everyone will fill in the information in turn according to the instructions.

  • ACB_KHT: This is the syntax specified by ACB.

  • "' is an empty space.

Activate AMT ACB card via switchboard

Finally, how to activate ACB ATM card through the bank's call center. To do this, please call the phone number: 1900 54 54 86 or (08) 38 247 247. Then meet your bank's counselor and ask for help activating your ATM to activate ACB card

At this point you will need to provide some information to the bank's advisor. The staff will then proceed to verify the information you provide. If the information is correct, the bank staff will assist the customer in activating his ATM card.

What's wrong with not activating ACB ATM card?

Currently, many customers wonder what to do when receiving a bank's ATM card without activation? With this question, we would like to answer you as follows. Upon arrival at the branch, the bank's transaction counter. The staff will notify you that you need to change your PIN to activate your ATM card.

If you do not, you will encounter the following problems:

  • Unable to conduct transactions at ATMs such as withdrawing money, transferring money, looking up account information, etc.

  • Unable to make payment transactions with shopping ATM cards,…

  • If you do not activate the card within the specified time, your ATM card will be locked one way. If you want to reopen, you have to go to the counter, which is very time consuming.

Some notes when activating ACB card

When changing the PIN to be able to activate the ACB ATM card, you need to note a few things as follows:

  • Activate the card immediately after receiving the card so as not to affect everyone's transactions.

  • Do not change PIN codes with a sequence of natural numbers such as 000000, 123456,,….

  • After changing the PIN, everyone needs to save the information to avoid forgetting it.

  • If you encounter any problems during the activation process, you can leave feedback for us to advise. Or contact ACB directly for support.


The above article will guide you on how to go about how to activate acb . card via message. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone. Thank you for reading my article