Instructions on how to activate Smart OTP Techcombank on your phone

Techcombank Smart OTP service is an important service in customer transactions. This is a type of security code when customers conduct a certain transaction need to enter this code to confirm. Only then can the transaction be made. So how to Activate Smart OTP Techcombank?

To be able to answer everyone about the above question. Today will guide everyone. About how to activate this service on your phone through the article below. Please feel free to join us for details below.


Find out what is Smart OTP Techcombank?

Smart OTP is a confirmation method of Techcombank. Integrated by the bank on the bank's [email protected] Mobile application. With this confirmation code, customers can conduct online transactions safely and easily.Activate Smart OTP Techcombank

Smart OTP Techcombank will generate a one-time confirmation. For example, a customer conducts a money transfer on the [email protected] Mobile application. You need to enter the Smart OTP code, then this code will generate a confirmation code. People need to enter this code then they can transfer money.

Benefits of using Smart OTP Techcombank

So in the process of using, what benefits does Smart OTP Techcombank bring to customers? When using Internet Banking service with Smart OTP code. You will receive the following benefits:

  • With Smart OTP code is considered a 2-layer protection layer to make your transactions safer and more accurate.

  • In order to trade, this confirmation code is required or it will not be able to trade. This helps to protect your account absolutely.

  • This code will get money automatically without taking much time like SMS Banking and Token service.

  • Customers when registering and using will be completely free.

Instructions on how to activate Smart OTP Techcombank

So how can I activate the Smart OTP Techcombank verification code? That is the question of many customers who want to use this service. Don't waste everyone's time. Following are the steps on how to activate Techcombank Smart OTP verification code. Specifically, we invite you to consult with us below:

Step 1: Everyone logs in to the [email protected] Mobile app on their phones.Activate Smart OTP Techcombank

Step 2: Then at the main screen interface, select the 3 dash mark on the corner of the screen.Activate Smart OTP Techcombank

Step 3: In the Menu section, find and select the item "Smart OTP settings“. Then an introductory interface will be displayed, everyone choose to continue.Activate Smart OTP Techcombank

Step 4: At the next interface, please enter the application's login code. Then enter the confirmation code sent to everyone's registered phone number.Activate Smart OTP Techcombank

Step 5: Proceed to create a 4-digit Smart OTP confirmation code. Then proceed to confirm by entering the confirmation code you just created.Activate Smart OTP Techcombank

After successful confirmation, you have activated the Smart OTP confirmation code. When you transact, you will need to enter this code to be able to confirm.

Note to use Smart OTP Techcombank code safely

With the confirmation code Smart OTP is the code used to conduct your transactions. Therefore, you need to keep a few things in mind when using this type of code to be safe. The following are some notes for customers using the verification code service:

  • Smart OTP verification code should not be disclosed to anyone.

  • Do not log into your Banking account on strange devices. It is very easy to expose your account information.

  • Customers should change their PIN regularly to ensure the safety of their accounts.

  • Do not give your phone to other people, they steal the information you have stored on your phone.

  • If you lose your phone, you can immediately notify Techcombank's switchboard. Then the staff will assist you and guide you on how to fix it.


Today's article shows you how to activate Smart OTP Techcombank on your phone. Some notes for customers when using Smart OTP Techcombank verification code service. Hope the above information will be useful to you. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for us to answer and support.

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