Instructions on how to activate Vietcombank card on the phone

Currently when you are signing up for an ATM card of Vietcombank. Bank staff often ask you to Activate Vietcombank card to use. So why is it necessary to activate Vietcombank's ATM card? And how to activate the card? Let's find out with below.

Why is it necessary to activate Vietcombank card?

In fact, your Vietcombank ATM card can still operate transactions such as: Receive money by wire transfer, but for transactions such as card withdrawals or payments, it will not be possible. Therefore, this is the reason why customers need to activate their ATM card.Activate Vietcombank card

When you receive your bank's ATM card, you will be given a random PIN code. The first is that the security of ATM cards is not high. And the random 2 PIN code is very difficult to remember. Customers also need to change the code and activate their ATM card to use. People note that PIN activation is a must. After activation, everyone can use my ATM card.

Detailed instructions on how to activate Vietcombank card

Currently, Vietcombank supports customers to activate ATM cards in many different ways. If you do not know, you can refer to the instructions below.

Activate your card at Vietcombank's ATM

The first way that most customers use is that. Activate ATM card at Vietcombank's ATM. To be able to proceed to activate Vietcombank ATM card. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions below:Activate Vietcombank card

  • Step 1: Hold the ATM card then go to the nearest Vietcombank ATM to activate.

  • Step 2: At the ATM, you proceed to insert the ATM card into the tree in the direction of the arrow printed on the card.

  • Step 3: Select a language such as Vietnamese and enter the PIN your bank has given you.

  • Step 4: At the interface of the screen, select the "Change PIN" section. Then everyone enter the old PIN again,

  • Step 5: The PIN change interface displays, please enter the new PIN you want to change. Then confirm by entering the new PIN again.

So you have completed the process of changing your Vietcombank ATM card PIN.

Activate Vietcombank card on your phone

Now, to be able to support customers, it is easier to manage accounts and cards. Vietcombank has launched VCB - Digibank service. With this service, people can quickly activate ATM cards. Following are the detailed instructions:Activate Vietcombank card

  • Step 1: Proceed to log in to VCB Digibank application on your phone.

  • Step 2: Then at the login interface, people scroll down and find the "Card service management“. Select next to "Other card services“.

  • Step 3: Then a Menu will be displayed on the screen and please select the "Activate the card“.

  • Step 4: Fill in additional information including: The first 6 digits of the card and the last 3 digits of the card. Click on agree to terms and conditions and select continue.

  • Step 5: Then the system will notify you successfully that the ATM card activation process is completed.

But regulations when activating Vietcombank ATM card

When you make an ATM card of Vietcombank. What will the bank stipulate when activating the ATM card? The following are the regulations of Vietcombank when people activate the card to use.

  • Card activation time: Each ATM card after being delivered to customers will have its own specified time. If you don't activate your card within 1 month, everyone's ATM card will be locked one way.

  • Great points of card activation: When activating ATM card at ATM, customers can only stay at Vietcombank's tree. ATMs of other banks do not support customers to activate cards.

Is it okay to not activate Vietcombank card?

Many customers have wondered what to do when receiving an ATM card and not activating the card? With this question, we would like to answer everyone as follows. For card activation and mandatory requirements. So if you do not activate the card, it also means that you will not be able to use the card.

With the rules that we will introduce to you above. The required time to activate the card is 30 days from the date of issuance. Otherwise the card will be locked and have to go to the branch to be able to unlock it. It takes a lot of time and effort of the customer.

Is there a fee to activate Vietcombank ATM card?

Finally, the issue of cost is also questioned by many customers. Is there a fee to activate the bank's ATM card? To this question we would like to answer no. Everyone will be supported free of charge to activate the bank's ATM card.

But in case the customer loses the PIN and goes to the bank to get it reactivated. You will pay a fee as follows:

  • Domestic ATM card: 9,909 VND/card/time.

  • International ATM card: 27,272 VND/card/time.


The above article guides you on how to Activate Vietcombank card on the phone. What is the regulation on people's ATM card activation process? If you have any further questions. You can leave feedback for free support and answers.

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