Instructions on how to cancel SMS Banking Agribank via SMS

Way cancel SMS Banking Agribank are being used by many customers. What if the customer does not want to use this service of the bank anymore? For many people still do not know the card cancellation like. Then here we will guide and answer you information about this issue. Please refer to the article below.

Should I cancel Agribank SMS Banking service?

SMS Banking service of Agribank is one of the convenient services provided by the bank to customers. With this service, customers will receive notifications of balance fluctuations on your bank accounts. Especially with the service that people can use when there is no connection to the Internet.cancel SMS Banking Agribank

And now Agribank is also providing customers with utilities such as: Internet Banking and E - Mobile Banking, with these two services, will also return account information. Or notify about your account balance like SMS Banking service. But there will be more functions and easier to use.

Back to the question should I cancel the bank's SMS Banking service? For each customer object, there will be a specific need and thought on this issue. But we will advise you as follows, with SMS Banking, everyone who does not use Internet services should use it. As for customers who often use the Internet, they can cancel to experience more other services of the bank.

Reasons to cancel Agribank SMS Banking service

So why do customers have to cancel Agribank's SMS Banking service? There are many different causes, but the following will be one of the main reasons. Specifically, you can find out below:

  • Customers no longer use accounts at Agribank.

  • People want to cancel SMS Banking service to register and use another service of the bank.

  • The bank's SMS Banking service fee is high, so people want to cancel the service to save costs.

  • This service does not fully meet the needs of customers.

Detailed instructions on how to cancel SMS Banking Agribank

Here we will guide you in detail on how to cancel SMS Banking service of Agribank. For detailed information about the steps, you can refer to the step-by-step instructions below.

How to cancel SMS Banking Agribank at transaction counters

Agribank's transaction counter is the place where you can answer questions related to the bank's services. And for those who are worth using SMS Banking and want to cancel. People can go directly to the bank's branch or transaction counter to make it.

When going, everyone needs to prepare ID/CCCD, then go to the nearest branch or transaction counter of Agribank to do so. Go and meet the bank's counselor and request to cancel the SMS Banking service. The staff will proceed to confirm your information by issuing you a completed form. cancel SMS Banking Agribank

Everyone will need to fill out the bank's form completely. Then return it to the staff including identification documents for confirmation. Once you have confirmed that the information you provide is correct. Bank staff will assist people to cancel SMS Banking service quickly.

How to cancel SMS Banking Agribank via SMS

The next way that we want to introduce to you is to cancel the SMS Banking service at home. No need to go directly to the bank's branch or transaction counter to do it anymore. To proceed, compose a message with the following syntax:

VBA HDK 5 to send 8149

And below we will give you some more syntax to cancel the service as follows:

  • If you want to cancel the A-transfer service, compose: VBA HDK 5 to send 8149.

  • If you want to re-register the composing service: VBA DK 5 to send 8149.

  • Check compose service cancellation: VBA XDK to send 8149.

  • Canceling balance change notification service: VBA HDK 1 to send 8149.

  • Cancel the query for information and the last 5 transactions compose: VBA HDK 2 to send 8149.

Is there a fee to cancel SMS Banking Agribank?

If everyone is wondering how much is the bank's SMS Banking cancellation fee. The following are regulations on SMS Banking service fees of Agribank. Cancellation fee for SMS Banking service of the bank is as follows:

  • Cancel by text message: 1,000 VND / 1 message.

  • Cancellation of SMS Banking service at the transaction counter: VND 10,000

Note when canceling SMS Banking Agribank service

When canceling SMS Banking service of Agribank. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Everyone needs to be reminded to sign when canceling the bank's SMS Banking service. Because this is a service that supports account management when you do not need to connect to the Internet.

  • If you want to go directly to the branch, the bank's transaction counter to cancel the service. Everyone needs to be aware of the bank's working hours. To avoid disrupting the process.

  • If, after canceling, you want to use the service again, you can still register again.

  • If you have any problems, you can directly contact Aagribank's switchboard for support.


The above article guides you on how to cancel SMS Banking Agribank on the phone. Some notes for customers when they want to cancel Agribank's SMS Banking service. With the above ways to cancel the service, we hope it will help everyone. Thank you for reading the article of