Instructions on how to change Vietinbank card PIN on iPay in detail

To be able to ensure customer's ATM card is safe. Everyone needs to know how to change Vietinbank card PIN. But for some customers who are new to the bank's card service, they still don't know how to change their PIN.

To be able to answer this question for you. Today will bring everyone information on how to change the PIN code of Vietinbank ATM card. Please join us to learn more details below.

What is Vietinbank PIN code?

Vietinbank ATM card PIN is also known as ATM card password. This is a sequence of 6 numbers and is issued by the bank to the cardholder when registering as an ATM card at the bank. When you want to make a transaction with your ATM card, you need to fill in your PIN. Only then can people trade.

If you do not have the card's password for transactions such as withdrawing money, transferring money or paying by ATM card. It will not be possible. ATM card PIN is considered as a layer of protection. It avoids the intrusion of bad guys to the customer's ATM card.

Why change Vietinbank PIN?

Why does a customer need to change their PIN? Here we will introduce to everyone the reasons why you need to change your Vietinbank ATM card PIN:

  • Everyone needs to change the ATM card PIN to be able to activate the card. If you don't activate your card, it won't be usable.

  • When you forget your password and get a new PIN from your bank.

  • If you suspect your ATM card PIN has been exposed, you need to change the PIN.

  • When you lose or leave your ATM card, everyone needs to lock the card and then change the PIN to ensure safety.

Instructions on how to change Vietinbank PIN

Currently, Vietinbank supports customers to change the card's PIN in many different ways. Here we will guide you in detail of each method. Specifically, please refer to the detailed instructions below.

How to change Vietinbank ATM card pin code at ATMs

When you get your ATM card at Vietinbank. The bank staff will notify you to go to the bank's ATM to change the PIN. And for this way is also used by many customers. And to proceed, everyone can refer to the following steps:how to change Vietinbank card PIN

  • Step 1: Take your ATM card and then go to the nearest Vietinbank ATM to make it.

  • Step 2: Then proceed to insert the card into the arrow card tree printed on the customer's ATM card.

  • Step 3: Select Vietnamese language then enter everyone's old PIN to enter the system.

  • Step 4: After you have entered the system at the interface, please select the "Change PIN“.

  • Step 5: People proceed to fill in new PIN information. Then confirm by entering the new PIN again.

  • Step 6: Please click confirm to complete the process of changing Vietinbank PIN.

How to change Vietinbank ATM card pin code on ipay

Next is how to change the PIN code through the bank's Vietinbank iPay service. This method is for those who are using the Banking service of Vietinbank. To change your PIN on Vietinbank iPay, follow the instructions below:how to change Vietinbank card PIN

  • Step 1: Proceed to log in to Vietinbank Ipay application installed on your phone.

  • Step 2: Then at the interface of the application, please select "Pandemic card service“.

  • Step 3: Next, choose to continue on the "Level/Dumpi THE BATTERY".

  • Step 4: There enter your new PIN and enter the new PIN again to confirm the change.

Is there a fee to change Vietinbank PIN?

Many customers wonder when changing PIN code of Vietinbank, is there a fee? As far as we will directly change the PIN code of Vietinbank. Currently, Vietinbank does not charge customers for changing PIN. You will not need to pay any fees during the PIN change process.

Why can't Vietinbank PIN be changed?

Why in the process of changing PIN many customers wondered that it cannot be changed. Here are some reasons why customers cannot change their PIN.

  • The first reason may be because you have changed your PIN at another bank's ATM. ATMs of other banks do not support customers to change PIN codes.

  • Because people do not follow the instructions on the treenl side. Please review those steps and do it correctly.

  • Because the bank's ATM is experiencing an error or maintenance. You can go to another ATM to change your PIN.

  • Because the customer has entered the wrong PIN code beyond the wrong number prescribed by the bank. This makes your ATM card locked and unable to log in to the ATM.

Some notes when changing Vietinbank PIN code

When changing Vietinbank PIN, customers should note the following issues. To avoid unexpected problems:

  • It is not recommended to set PIN codes in easy sequence of numbers, which reduces the security of customers' ATM cards.

  • PIN code can only be changed at Vietinbank's ATMs. Other ATMs do not support customers to change PIN codes.

  • When conducting a certain transaction, you must not enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times in a row. This will cause your ATM card to be locked.

  • When entering the PIN code, you need to cover it with your hand to avoid the bad guys from placing the camera.


The above article is a guide for everyone how to change Vietinbank PIN on iPay in detail. Some notes for customers to change their PIN for the first time. Hope the above information will be helpful to everyone. If you have any questions, please leave feedback for free answers and support.