Pearl hard to do? How to properly store pearls? How to make simple pearls at home? Currently, pearl milk tea is becoming a strong culinary trend of young people. They are a popular beverage of all ages. You can also make delicious milk tea for your loved ones. However, not boiled pearls left in the refrigerator can be eaten smoothly. You need to know how to preserve delicious soft pearls like new. Know how to make pearls, but not everyone knows how to preserve them. With Le Gia ingredients, learn the secret of preserving pearls from hardening!


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How to preserve pearls from hardening?

Pearl hard to do?

Pearl is an indispensable topping in milk tea that is loved by many young people. An inseparable duo when combined with pearl milk tea. This topping has been around for 2 decades and was introduced to Vietnam 7-8 years ago. Someone often jokes: "Drinking milk tea without pearls is like a wedding without a bride".

Pearl and milk tea today become more and more popular and abundant. A series of milk tea shops sprang up like mushrooms from the traditional milk tea shop to the sidewalk milk tea, etc. Pearls too, there are many types of pearls that can be mentioned such as: traditional pearls, black sugar pearls, white pearls, morning dew pearls, etc. The two most popular and oldest types of pearls are black pearls and white pearls.


Delicious chewy pearls

Making pearls is quite simple. But to keep the pearls for a long time and not harden is something not everyone knows. Here, we would like to suggest some simple ways to preserve pearls.

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How to store boiled pearls for overnight?

As mentioned above, pearls are mainly made from glutinous rice flour mixed with tapioca flour, adding a little coconut. So pearls, even when not boiled or after boiling, their shelf life is extremely short. In particular, for white pearls, after being boiled, it is more difficult to keep for a long time. So you should limit cooking too much because they are easy to spoil and it will be a waste to throw them away.

To preserve the best pearls right from the steps of making pearls. You should pay attention during the process of boiling the pearls, you have to wait for the boiling water to flare up before you drop the pearls in. The lid of the pot must be tightly closed, you should open the lid from time to time to check to avoid the problem of water overflowing.

The correct way to cook pearls is to boil the pearls with high heat until the pearls float to the surface, then take them out immediately, the pearls will lose their inherent toughness when you accidentally boil them too much. When the pearls have begun to ripen, we will start with the following basic preservation steps.

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First step

Prepare a basin of cold water while the pearls are boiling. When boiling with kitchen equipment, you need to pay close attention to which pearls are ripe, floating on the surface of the water, then take them out with a ray to avoid it being overcooked. Then, directly drop the pearls into a bowl of cold water. Put all cooked pearls for about 5 to 10 minutes in cold water.

This not only works to make the pearls flexible but still tough, not soft, but also so that the pearls do not stick together.


Storing boiled pearls is easy

Second step

After boiling, you need to use a sieve to remove the pearls. Soak the pearls in cold water or rinse them under the tap so they don't stick. Take out the pearls to dry and then put them in a box or preferably a stainless steel saucepan to dry. This method can preserve pearls for about 1 day.

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When you want to use it, just put it in the microwave for 1 minute. Or boil the pearls and then make milk tea according to your preferences. By making it as simple as this, you can make and preserve your pearls without hardening easily. Thanks to the above tips, you can make delicious milk tea cups for the whole family without fear of unsanitary and damaged.

With this approach, it is best to ensure that the pearls are not hard. Helps the pearls to be flexible and delicious, as tough as when freshly cooked.

Last step

And in case you accidentally cook too much and can't use it all, you can use some of the following tips. As soon as the pearls are drained, put them in an airtight container. Any container as long as it comes with a lid. If you don't have a lid, you can use plastic wrap to cover the mouth of the box and then put it in the refrigerator. With this method, you can rest assured that the pearls can be kept for 3-4 days without fear of damage.

When you want to bring it out to make milk tea or cook with tea, you should boil the pearls again. With this preservation method, you can make pearls with many different ingredients. You can create many different shapes according to your preferences without worrying about how to preserve them. Those of you who are addicted to milk tea, save this recipe right away so you can make the most delicious and nutritious cups of buffalo milk tea.


A cup of milk tea will be twice as delicious if the pearls are not hard

How to preserve unboiled dried pearls for a whole year without fear of mold

Instead of making your own pearls with familiar flours at home. Then many of you will choose to buy the types of pearls available at the store to be quick, save time and effort. It is recommended to buy quality pearls from famous brands such as Hoang Kim pearls, Taiwanese pearls, etc. to cook better.

Besides buying reputable and quality products, there will be many people who choose to buy or buy the wrong ones that have no brand or reputation. They can be harmful to family members, loved ones and yourself when enjoyed. Therefore, you should pay attention to buy from genuine and familiar places.

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Unboiled pearls versus boiled pearls

Unboiled pearls are much easier to store than boiled pearls. But if we do not pay attention to buy and use, then leave it, there will still be mold cases as usual. So you should do to preserve dry pearls without mold.


Preserving unboiled pearls is super simple

How to make dry pearls not hooked

– First, if you buy a pack of dried pearls that have not been peeled and have not been used right away. You need to use another bubble bag wrapped around the bag of dried pearls. Then immediately store it in the refrigerator to avoid being perforated by beetles and moldy.

If you have peeled it off and used it 1 or 2 times, you need to pay more attention to the preservation process than when you have not peeled it. Tie the mouth of the bag of pearls with an elastic band or pin to ensure that the outside air does not get inside. Finally, wrap them in bubble wrap and leave them in a cool, dry place indoors.

– If the pearls are moldy, you should not regret washing and using them. You should throw it away immediately because moldy food is harmful to human health. In general, if the item is already broken, there is no need to regret it. Protecting health is the best, isn't it?


How to preserve dry pearls without hooking?

Where to buy quality pearls and get a "bargain" price?

On the market today, there are many places selling pearl milk tea with all kinds. Black pearls, white pearls, morning dew pearls, black sugar pearls or golden pearls, etc. You can find it and buy it at the market or at the shops selling ingredients for beverage processing, supermarkets. Some e-commerce sites like tiki, shoppee, lazada, etc. also sell. However, to ensure safe quality as described, reputable quality or not, you should consider carefully.

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A sincere advice for you. If you want to buy pearls from a reputable place, try to come and buy at the company LE GIA. To buy at Le Gia's ingredients, you don't have to think about whether the product is safe and of good quality. Because we always ensure product quality is always put on top.

Ms. Hong in Tan Phu district, a snacking milk tea business, has bought and commented: “I have bought it in many different places, but when I bought it at Le Gia, I felt that I had found the right place. The staff here are very friendly, the goods always go quickly, the products are labeled and of good quality, so I am very reassured.”

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