Loan from VPBank's Car Cavet Loan Up to 90% of Car Value Safe Low Interest

People have gradually gotten used to new loans of good quality and more prestige. There are many credit institutions that offer car loans. Many people have been entangled in black credit, and the tricks of the loan sharks are very sophisticated and difficult to detect. For the prestige and quality of the car loan, VPBank has many absolute advantages. Let's find out important information about the loan.

What is VPBank car loan?

About VPBank's credit

Let's first go through some concepts. Cavet is a very familiar document to Vietnamese people. That is the vehicle registration that everyone uses every day. Based on the actual needs of the people, VPBank has added another loan package with attractive incentives.Borrowing under the hood

The biggest success when opening loan packages of VPBank is the mortgage mortgage, but not keeping the corner cave. VPBank's car loan is the most supported and chosen by customers. Right from the first days of opening a VPBank car loan, there have been many interested customers. A genuine car loan is a loan provided by VPBank with the most necessary documents being a driver's license.

Why is VPBank car loan so popular?

Using a driver's license (cavet) as collateral when borrowing money is a new and very convenient service. Chosen by a large number of customers, this loan has many factors that are suitable for Vietnam.

In this market, motorbikes are still the main means of transportation for people. The age to register motorbikes is not less than 18 years old, a lot of potential customers. No need to mortgage any large assets, just a motorbike registration certificate, you can hold hot money in your hand.

Borrowing money but the car is still rolling on the road, very convenient for borrowers. Especially, using a VPBank car loan provided by a large and reputable bank. This is considered the most attractive loan in the credit market.

Things to know about VPBank car loan

Procedure to apply for a loan

Currently, based on the necessary documents when applying for a loan, loans are divided into 2 groups.

Group 1: Borrowing according to the cavet (vehicle registration certificate) for the owner's car

With this loan, the bank will be sure of the vehicle's history. From there, complete the loan documents for borrowers faster. For genuine cars, the borrower's name needs to be exactly the same as the person's name on the vehicle registration paper.

The loan information has clearly raised the value of the loan. According to VPBank's regulations, the loan limit of the main cave is from 80% to 90% on each registration. In some special cases, the maximum loan amount is up to 95% of the car value.

Group 2: Borrowing according to cavet (vehicle registration certificate) car without owner

In fact, there are many cases of using unregistered vehicles, motorbikes to change names, problems with documents transferring to car owners, etc. To support these cases, the bank has a mortgage loan package that doesn't need a car. must be the original car.

In comparison, the limit of this form of unsecured loan is not high. The loan limit is usually only in the range of 30% to 45% of the value of the motorbike.

Documents to bring

⦁ VPBank loan application form
⦁ Cavet (vehicle registration certificate) by owner or not by owner depending on customer loan requirements
⦁ Identity card/citizen identification chip with photocopies and originals for comparison.
Just have money and have a car to go safely and securelyBorrowing under the hood

Some notes when applying for a motorbike loan at VPBank

⦁ Car cavet must be real papers, right papers, right cars.
⦁ Borrower must be at least 20 years old as confirmed or stated on his/her identity document
⦁ The value of the car corresponding to the registration certificate must be worth 15 million or more
⦁ Loan support for all types of Honda, Yamaha, SYM,... on the market today
⦁ Vehicle registration period must be from one month or more
⦁ Notarized copy of vehicle registration certificate and ID card/citizen ID with chip of the vehicle owner.

Why should you choose a car loan from VPBank?

⦁ VPBank is one of the famous big banks in Vietnam market
⦁ Prestige, quality and safety from large bank loans avoid black credit risk
⦁ High loan limit, up to 95% of the car's value
⦁ Borrowing age from 20 years old and above without a guardian
⦁ Long term loan with the most attractive preferential interest rate in the market
⦁ After completing the registration procedure, you can bring the original vehicle registration certificate back
⦁ You don't have to mortgage your car, you can still use your motorbike if you have capital
⦁ Simple and fast registration proceduresBorrowing under the hood


Above is the basic information about VPBank car loan. Customers who need to borrow money under the cave need to carefully study the information. The most important thing is to borrow at reputable credit service providers. To avoid black credit, please choose credit services from big banks.

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