Ly Son Garlic: Uses, ways to distinguish, where to buy [Kèm giá]

Ly Son Garlic is a unique and long-standing specialty in Quang Ngai land. Over the years, garlic in Ly Son island has retained its inherent nature and flavor. Please read the following article of Vi vu Ly Son to learn more about the uses, how to distinguish and where to buy garlic here.

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1. What's special about Ly Son garlic?

Common Ly Son island tourism Quang Ngaiit is impossible not to mention Ly Son garlic. This is the only type of garlic grown in Ly Son Island district. The reason the soil here is fertile and fertile is thanks to the lava of the crater that erupted millions of years ago. Combined with the favorable climate here, it has created a characteristic pungent flavor that makes diners unforgettable. Through many years of traveling with the Ly Son people, this type of garlic still retains its distinctive character and unique flavor.

What's so special about Ly Son garlic?

2. Sorting garlic in Ly Son

Currently, garlic in Ly Son has many types and is very diverse. Each type of garlic has its own flavor and characteristics, but in general, their taste is mildly spicy, not too strong like other types of garlic.

2.1 Regular garlic

This is the most common type of garlic and is very popular with tourists. This common garlic bulb is not too big, medium and small in size. Each white clove is as small as a pea, so there are many more cloves in 1 garlic compared to other types of garlic. In addition, when touching you will see that the garlic is quite firm and very easy to peel.

Where is Ly Son garlic?

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2.2 Lonely Garlic

Hearing the name, you must have wondered why it is called "lonely", right? The reason is because there is only 1 clove in garlic and they are mutated during growth and development. Currently on Ly Son island this type of garlic is very rare and does not seem to be sold anymore. However, this "orphaned" garlic carries a lot of medicinal substances because they only focus on 1 clove of garlic. Therefore, when you come here, it is very difficult to find it because only 1 ton of garlic is grown in a year.

selling Ly Son garlic

2.3 Garlic 3 cloves Ly Son

Unlike other types of garlic, Ly Son 3 cloves garlic is fermented for 30-45 days. Just like black garlic 1 clove (lonely garlic) 3 cloves garlic is small and has about 3-5 cloves. The great advantage of this type of garlic is that there are no small core cloves inside, so it is easier to peel and more effective than garlic with many cloves. Compared with 1 clove garlic, the price of this garlic is cheaper, and they keep longer. In addition, you can also use this garlic to soak in delicious wine, but it is also quite rare in Ly Son Island.

buy Ly Son garlic

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3. Where is Ly Son garlic grown?

Ly Son Garlic grown in Ly Son Island district of Quang Ngai province. This place was formed from volcanic lava millions of years ago with a lot of fertility and natural landscape, soil, and interesting. The land for growing garlic here is mixed between the red volcanic soil and the fine sandy coastal soil in a certain proportion. In the garlic field, people use land from 1 to 2 crops, instead of this, it helps to avoid reducing the quality and flavor of garlic.

Where to buy Ly Son garlic?

4. What is the garlic season in Ly Son?

Usually, people will plant in winter-spring. After 4 months, the people here have fun and enjoy the spring, then they can start the garlic harvest season and select the garlic plants that have just arrived in the garlic field before mass harvesting. In the garlic fields, people have begun to harvest high-yield planting areas.

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Where is Ly Son garlic grown?

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5. What effect does Ly Son garlic have in life?

The most common use of Ly Son garlic is used as a condiment in the processing of daily dishes to stimulate the taste buds, making the dishes taste delicious. In addition, garlic in Ly Son also has very good health effects such as strengthening the immune system, fighting cancer and improving health thanks to the essential oils in it. Garlic contains iallye disulphide and s-allystein, which have the effect of preventing the formation and development of carcinogens and other types of cancer.

How much does Ly Son garlic cost?

For patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular symptoms, eating garlic regularly can help lower bad cholesterol and stabilize blood pressure. Garlic, garlic bulbs have long been present in many traditional medicine remedies for blood circulation disorders, antibacterial, detoxification, improving male physiology and limiting risks during pregnancy. women's pregnancy. Today, garlic is also used for beauty, acne, anti-aging by using natural or cosmetics extracted from garlic oil.

6. How to distinguish Ly Son Quang Ngai garlic from regular garlic

6.1 Chinese Garlic

Chinese garlic is a type of garlic that has quite a few cloves and each clove is usually very large. The taste is quite pungent and the like, compared to the garlic in Ly Son island, this garlic is less fragrant. Externally, the tuber is very large with a yellowish white color but is easy to peel. However, people here rarely use this garlic.

What's so special about Ly Son garlic?

6.2 Regular Vietnamese Garlic

In Vietnam, garlic is often difficult to peel and the tubers are quite small but have a lot of cloves. The outstanding feature of this type of garlic is its beautiful white or purple-brown color. Like other garlic, Vietnamese garlic has a characteristic pungent and pungent smell, however, they have a more pleasant and fragrant aroma.

Where is Ly Son garlic?

6.3 Ly Son original garlic

The 3 cloves of Ly Son garlic was formed during volcanic activity along with red basalt soil and vascular water source that was carved out of the coral reefs of the sea. Therefore, they have a pleasant taste, less spicy and more intense than the above two types of garlic. The main feature of this type of garlic is that it is white, not yellow, less spicy and less intense. General Ly Son garlic It will be suitable for most people's tastes, so it is very popular

selling Ly Son garlic

7. Some ways to use Ly Son garlic to its full potential

7.1 Ly Son garlic wine

Long ago, alcohol Ly Son garlic was used by our forefathers in traditional family remedies. In particular, they are effective in treating diseases such as bone and joint diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal diseases and hemorrhoids, diabetes with few side effects.

buy Ly Son garlic

Usually you can use dried garlic to peel (about 40g) put in a bottle to soak with white wine about 40-45 degrees. Shake slowly so that the wine changes from white to yellow. Soak in wine for about 10 days, then you can enjoy and use it for effective treatment.

7.2 Sugar pickled garlic

A unique combination to add more beneficial effects is to use garlic soaked in sugar. In this way, you can use 50g of garlic soaked with filtered water for 7 days, remember to change the water once a day. Then peel the garlic and let it dry. Continue to dissolve 600g of white sugar with cooled boiled water. Put the garlic in the jar, pour the sugar water to cover the garlic. Soak for 1 month, then you can use delicious, sweet, sugary garlic mixed with the pungent taste of garlic.

Where to buy Ly Son garlic?

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Every day you eat about 1-2 cloves is enough. In this way, you can reduce the pungentness of garlic and still cure digestive diseases, help beautiful skin, ...

7.3 Garlic pickled vinegar

Garlic pickled in vinegar is a dish that many people love at family meals. The reason is because vinegar helps stimulate digestion and bring positive energy to the body. When you have a sore throat or flu, using a little garlic soaked in vinegar will work very quickly in reducing this disease. In addition, women can use this garlic in beauty and improve weight gain very effectively.

Where is Ly Son garlic grown?

The method is very easy, you just need to use 500 grams of Vietnamese garlic or Ly Son garlic soaked and 1 liter of rice vinegar, pounded, then soaked in a glass jar and dried. Note that this step needs to be washed and peeled. Should choose medium garlic, not too young and soaked in vinegar with a moderate concentration. This will help prevent the garlic from turning green.

7.4 Garlic pickled with honey

For a long time, garlic soaked in honey has been favored by many women in the family because it helps the skin become more beautiful, and at the same time, it is also very good to lose weight. Basically, garlic and honey are two things that contain many nutrients for the body, when combined, the effectiveness is increased many times. When children or anyone has a sore throat or a cold, you can also take a little garlic soaked in honey for 1-2 hours to help. In addition, they also cure diseases of the stomach, blood circulation, heart, ...

What's so special about Ly Son garlic?

The method is not too fussy, you have to peel the shells clean and then smash or chop them. Next, put garlic in a glass jar and pour honey in the ratio 15g garlic: 100ml honey. Finally, the jar should be covered and kept for about 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator, then the mixture can be taken out and used with a pleasant sweet taste that is not too difficult to eat.

8. How much does Ly Son island garlic cost?

Currently, there are many places to sell on the market Ly Son garlic with commitment and quality guaranteed 100%. In addition, the price of garlic 1kg depends on the weather, fluctuations of the market and the buying needs of customers. Therefore, the price will fluctuate from year to year, but in general, the original garlic will be from 90,000 VND - 150,000 VND / 1kg.

9. Where to buy Ly Son garlic to ensure quality?

9.1 Ly Son Garlic OLVIS

  • Address: West Village, An Vinh, Ly Son, Quang Ngai

  • Phone number: 02553 879 179 – 0377102962 – 0377102962

  • Business hours: 7:30 a.m. - 23 p.m

OLVIS is a famous brand specializing in providing quality garlic specialties in Quang Ngai. Some specialties here are: Ly Son OLVIS Garlic, OLVIS Honey Garlic, Ly Son OLVIS Black Garlic, Ly Son OLVIS Garlic Honey Vinegar, Ly Son Purple Onion OLVIS, Ly Son Black Garlic Mahogany. The types of garlic here are processed in combination with fermented wild honey, which is very good for the heart and for colds and flu, sinusitis, etc. With the motto always being a guideline for all actions and activities of the restaurant. Volcano, then this is the choice and trust with the most visitors.

Where is Ly Son garlic?

9.2 Buy garlic at DORI Specialties

  • Address: Ly Son fishing port, Tay Hamlet, An Vinh, Ly Son, Quang Ngai

  • Phone number: 0255 655 959

  • Business hours: 6:30 - 22:00

Another place that sells quality garlic in Ly Son that Vi vu Ly Son would like to introduce to you is DORI Specialties. This place has the best and most prominent specialties such as Dori Ly Son black garlic, Ly Son black garlic wine, Ly Son black garlic extract, Ly Son garlic, etc. Besides garlic, DORI also sells some delicious seafood in Quang Ngai. such as: squid ink, seaweed, etc. This is definitely the perfect place for gifts for loved ones, isn't it?

selling Ly Son garlic

9.3 Huu Thien Black Garlic

  • Address: Tay Son village, Ly Son, Quang Ngai

  • Phone number: 0903 578 538

  • Business hours: 6:30 - 22:00

Famous for Ly Son black garlic soaked directly combined with pure glutinous wine from Binh Dinh stone village with an alcohol content of 450. This has created a unique, sweet, and delicious taste of both ingredients that makes it hard for people to forget. In addition, the black garlic here has no additives and preservatives, so users are completely assured.

buy Ly Son garlic

Above is how to use, use, how to distinguish, along with buying address Ly Son garlic Quality that you cannot ignore. If you have the opportunity to visit this place, hope you do not miss this useful specialty.


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